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Apparently the only reason the LA Times can come up with for women to be at Comic Con is for the dreamy boys. Ugh, this is like when Snyder did that awful interview with EW or whatever it was about how Watchmen is totally a great date movie, it has ~a romance for the ladiez~. Yes, Zach, because the only reason I, a woman, might possibly enjoy your movie is if there is romance for my female brain with its wacky hormones to enjoy (and right, the only reason I might possibly dislike it is because I am a silly girl who just wants more romance, but that is another story altogether).

For that matter, I would not be too offended by the "go to Comic Con because hot celebrities will be there!" angle (which is kind of dumb, IMO, given the cost and crowds and everything, but still valid) if they weren't so openly sexist about it. To return to Watchmen, given the number of men's magazine covers Malin Akerman was on, or the number Megan Fox is on now in anticipation of Transformers -- hell, given the number of cons I have been to where the dudes have been creepy at the ladies -- I would say there is plenty of "don't mind me, I'm just here for the hotties" across the genders.

(Well, that said, if it were "guys, just go because there are going to be hot chicks there!", I would probably be offended for different reasons, mostly because see above where I've been to several conventions where the guys were really creepy at the ladies who were there, but in theory I am totally okay with just going for the hotties.)

This is the same issue I am having with Marvel Divas, basically; this notion that obviously girls could only like something if it's like -- not even Sex In The City, but like some bad caricature of Sex In The City, where all anyone cares about is shoes and ~landing a man~. Hell, I love Meg Cabot and romance novels; shallow trashy romance has its place in my entertainment, I just hate the implication that because I'm a woman that's all I can like, or that the only way any woman could possibly like something is if it's shallow trashy romance. Like, Marvel Divas, as I have explained to a few people -- it's not that I wouldn't fucking love some kind of hilarious combination of chick lit and superheroes, because I totally would. It's that there are few, if any, people I trust to write that well, and the language that has been used to describe this so far does not convince me that the dudes doing this are going to surprise me. And that, further, if/when it bombs, its bombing is undoubtedly going to be used as proof that ~girls just don't read comics~ and that they therefore don't have to try to appeal to women, and everyone is going to miss the fact that it's a clumsy, offensive attempt that assumes that just because sometimes I want to read about romance and shoes, then a) romance and shoes must be all I want to read about, b) every single romance-and-shoes product is the same and thus no actual craft has to go into it, and c) that is all any woman wants to read about.

In conclusion: I should have been in bed almost an hour ago, especially considering all I have to do tomorrow, but I got into rawr mode. Rawr. Just be glad I didn't get into how SPN fits into my gender-related irritation with the entertainment industry.

(Like, I fully realize that there are actual things to be angry about right now, like Obama and DOMA, but right now I am sort of just barely keeping it together, and so I cannot deal with more than comic book fail.)

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