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It's been two weekdays since I updated, which is nigh on unheard-of from me, so I figured everyone would want to know I'm not dead. I'm not (...or am I?), I just don't have a whole lot to talk about at the moment. So have some links from my feed or that I've come across during the course of work (my duties now include most of the social media stuff for the company, so I've been trawling Twitter).

Looking back at the fannish reaction to Polanski's arrest last fall, it's actually kind of surprising that consensus seemed so consistently against Polanski, seeing as ~art is not safe~ and fandom believes that a creator not being inconvenienced in any way is more important than viewers'/readers' safety and health. At any rate, the Atlantic had a solid post (about the latest development in the Polanski case, not the warnings debate in fandom) here!
But the equation [that the artist's privilege of testing boundaries and violating conventions only goes as far, and stops at violating another human's rights] seems fairly simple. If we have to decide between culture and a girl's life, the girl wins. And in the case of Polanski, invocations of Art and Culture make even less sense. None of Polanski's films were convicted of "illegal sexual intercourse" with a minor; he was. In fact, Polanski's defenders are doing exactly what feminist critics are always being told not to do; they're confusing art with artist, transferring the praise or blame due one party onto the other.
Also, fuck you, Switzerland.

In less me-being-bitter-about-humanity news, this is super-cool. Maps created by aggregation of geotagged Flickr photos, which are then split into pictures by locals and pictures by tourists (red are tourists, blue are locals, yellow are indeterminate). A lot of major cities, and so freaking cool to look at.

Also, The Man Your Man Could Smell Like has a few words on libraries. Best part of all: I got to post that to Twitter from the company account, after noting that, being digital, our products don't smell like anything in particular, but the Old Spice Guy does. My job does have its moments, I must say.

Finally, here are some familiar horror movie scenes ruined by the new iPhone.

Next week is Porn Battle! But it's at the same time as Comic Con! OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, why must I choose how to devote my time? Clearly I'll just have to devote a lot of this weekend to writing.
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You're damned if you do, as a person with triggers (note: perhaps as people with other ability issues as well, also; I specify triggers more because that's where my own experience lies and I don't want to presume to speak for others whose ability issues take different forms than my own), and you're damned if you don't. If you ask people to warn, to take your issues into consideration, you're playing the victim, you're trying to get attention, you're ruining everyone's fun, you're asking people to compromise their ~art~.

But of course, if you try and read regardless, instead of making the completely unreasonable demand for warnings and spilling your guts out by speaking up, you've got no one to blame but yourself if you get triggered. If you maybe don't have the resources to explain over and over and over so you've given up, or if just speaking up to begin with can be a huge issue for you, then you're being childish.

I'm just saying, fandom, there are a lot of times when your solution really does seem to be "get out of fandom altogether and you won't have to worry about it".

(I am actually in a pretty good mood, and I am decidedly preventing it from getting worse by not reading the rest of responses to this post, many of which are un-fucking-believably offensive. I have no particular investment in VVC itself, but holy shit I am still furious over fandom's behavior re: warnings in general last year, and the discussions on that issue within the context of this debate are really not helping. Turns out it is still the case that there are few arguments guaranteed to get my hackles up faster than "my Brilliant Art takes precedence over your health"!)

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