Apr. 10th, 2017 11:38 am
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I'm not sure I actually remember my LJ password, so until I do I won't be deleting, at least, but in the meantime I will no longer be crossposting. I think most of you are already over at DW anyway, but if not, I'm sohotrightnow! I'm also on Tumblr as musicforswimming (although I almost never use it and pretty much just occasionally look at it long enough to build up my queue) and Twitter as juleshastweets.

EDIT: aaaaaaaaand crosspost failed because I haven't yet logged back in to LJ and accepted the new ToS. WELL OK THEN.


Dec. 21st, 2011 11:26 am
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okay so I actually didn't mind the new site scheme all that much -- I mean, it was ugly, but whatever, I can deal with that -- but after about five minutes I could actually feel the beginnings of a migraine. I've seen some workarounds, but don't have the time at the moment to mess around until I get something that works, and frankly I'm pretty irritated about the fact that something that causes me migraines is now the default, so for the time being, I'm turning off commenting at my LJ and it'll only be available on DW. I'm sorry to do it, but holy crap. I have several invite codes for DW laying around, but registration is currently code-free, so even if you just want to get an account and use it for comments only, that's fine! I'm happy to continue reading and commenting on your journal at LJ if it's what you prefer. Just, oh my gosh, I can't believe how much my head was starting to hurt after only a few minutes.

I am a contrarian by nature so I can understand those of you who've been irritated by some of the Browncoat-level DW evangelism! Believe me, I am a big fan of spiteful action. But when we reach the point of actual physical pain being the default, yeah, no.
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Apparently I have magic powers, guys! I present the following evidence:
  • A couple of weeks ago, a crazy, crazy storm (lightning that turns the sky PINK!) happens first thing in the morning. "It's the Elder Gods," [personal profile] redbrickrose says glumly, by way of explanation when I comment on how weird the timing is (the storms -- which aren't normally that intense anyway -- usually don't roll in until late afternoon/evening). "Or meteors."

    "It's not meteors," I say.

    "Yes it is," she says. "They're going to destroy us."

    "I can pretty much promise you that there are no meteors," I tell her. Then I get to work and discover that the Perseids were reaching their peak that day.
  • While Wiki-trawling one night out of boredom, I somehow end up on the pages about the DC sniper attacks (I think I started out looking at...the Lincoln Catafalque, maybe?). The next day, a hostage situation two blocks from my apartment gives me flashbacks to that and my sexual abuse.
  • I mention that I don't mind traffic between my fannish and offline identities, as long as it's one-way (eg, you can get from this journal to my Facebook account without too much trouble, but it's a lot harder to go from my Facebook account to my fannish journal), and LJ pulls this stunt.
Unfortunately, my powers mostly just seem to extend to bad things, but I can try it the other way around, I guess. I definitely will not get a million dollars, you guys. No way. I promise you that.

For the record: I will absolutely not be crossposting comments, because my Facebook and my fannish journals serve different purposes for me and I have no desire to get a free flow of traffic going between them in both directions, and I ask for the same reason that you not crosspost stuff from this journal, particularly not if it was locked. Like I said yesterday, I don't mind if you end up at my FB or my pro-blog from here, but I'd rather the traffic didn't come in the other direction. (My Twitter is sort of a halfway point between the two; most of my offline friends don't use it, and I normally just talk about fandom stuff here, so while people can get to it from either my FB account or my fannish ones, people can't generally get to the other from there.)

I may end up locking comments to my Dreamwidth again before too much longer, depending on how LJ handles the fallout from this and addresses the issue (see below for more), though maybe the plus side of the reinstatement of pingback functionality is that I'll get links if people do crosspost their comments from my locked posts to FB, and thus I'll be able to tell if I need to! I prefer to read from Dreamwidth anyway, just because I like my layout there best (I'm DEEP, guys), so if you're crossposting, let me know and I'll follow you there instead of here.

I have 16 unused Dreamwidth codes sitting around, so if you want one, they're under here! )

To be honest, I don't think this is a categorically bad decision, at least in theory. My standpoint is that of someone who's unofficially become her company's Social Media Person and so spent a lot of the past few weeks in a social media crash-course, inter-site functionality is more and more an expected feature from social media platforms. So I actually see the logic and think it's a decent idea (arguably even a necessity if they want to stay competitive as a social media platform), but they've ignored that inter-site functionality is not so much a universal requirement as a widely- (maybe universally-) expected option, and it was implemented without respect to a huge part of LJ's extant functionality (that is, the "lock" feature).

Basically I think it was a good idea whose implementation needed to be planned out a lot more carefully -- what I suspect happened was that they just rushed through the roll-out without actually looking at the implications re: flock. Which in and of itself isn't an unforgivable mistake, for me personally, but once my privacy gets dragged into the equation it becomes a much bigger problem that makes me start thinking about locking comments to DW again. :\ And given that the staff position is that "[we] would not want our LiveJournal usernames, FO comments, etc., published on Facebook or Twitter", I have no idea what the fuck possessed them to think their userbase would. Which is what makes me think the explanation is "rushed roll-out where no one bothered to think through all the possible effects". Again, not that I'm saying this is something that's A-OK just because there was no malice aforethought, just that I'm waiting to see what they do to address this. So far the silence they've maintained (one comment and an edit to the News post) is a lot more problematic, IMHO, than the initial screw-up.

...sorry, I just got out of a Social Media Strategy meeting -- my company had basically no social media presence before I was hired, and I've become the de facto person responsible for it, so I'm having to dedicate a lot of time to the issues involved there recently and now it's ~on my mind~.

ETA: Also, since we're on the subject, [personal profile] inlovewithnight has a great post about cross-platform fandom here!

Also I have a cold. :( But on the bright side, this weekend I am going to Philly with [personal profile] redbrickrose to drink and watch Flugtag, and tonight I am going out for happy hour with the Cabal. \o/
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Cleanup of the flist on LJ. You should've only been removed because I know for a fact you're crossposting from Dreamwidth; if you're not, then I've removed you by mistake, so let me know and I'll re-add you!
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Argh. That thing where people can't get to LJ? It's happening to me. >:(

Also, for the people just following me on DW, the next round of Home Team is up. I'd link to it, but, again, can't access LJ.


In part of my time-killing today, though, I watched the first few episodes of Burn Notice. Basically everyone who told me I should watch this show was totally right. Well done.
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HEY [livejournal.com profile] zvi_likes_tv I HEARD U LIEK PINGBACKS SO I GOT YOU THIS PINGBACK.

Unrelatedly, I'm starting to think that think JDM-as-the-Pigeon is my spirit animal. I keep wanting to type a :( here, because intellectually I suspect that's the appropriate emotion, but it turns into a :D instead. IDK, LET'S HAVE A HOT DOG PARTY!
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i. I spent $60 on clothes today, but thank god for thrift stores, because I ended up getting a skirt, a pair of pants, two nice-ish dresses (ugh, I can't wait for it to get warm so I can wear this blue dress I got, because it's so pretty), and like four tops. I desperately needed more business-casual-type stuff to wear to work, and I've been really good about spending less in general and seem to be in a rare not-too-crazy period, so I'm not quite as anxious as I might normally be over this. \o/

ii. I would just like to state for the record that [livejournal.com profile] cruisedirector, not I, was the first one to suggest that the world needed Buffy-in-Camelot Merlin crossover fic when we were watching yesterday.

iii. I got this, and holy shit, you guys, it's so stunning. Like I've told a few people, I've come to love Watchmen because it rewards multiple readings the way very few things I've read/watched have done: like, only with Arrested Development is there such a level of detail and craftsmanship gone in that I can genuinely watch it over and over and find something new every time. It's never really clicked for me emotionally, though, beyond the glee I get from being able to take something apart and fully appreciate everything that goes into the whole* so I'm pretty much in the perfect place for the movie, fannishly, because as long as it looks cool I'll be happy. This book, to say the least, basically reassures me that the movie will deliver. I'd flipped through and considered a couple making-of-/art-of-the-film books, and they were okay, but nothing thrilling, but then I stumbled across it and holy shit, it's exactly what I wanted.

It's an enormous book, easily a foot and a half high and a foot wide, and the only text in it is Zack Snyder's introduction, which is only a couple hundred words, if that. Basically they had a set still photographer, and he took portraits of everyone and everything, standing them up against a white backdrop and just taking black and white photographs of them. He put this book together and just let the photos speak for themselves, and my lord, do they ever. There's the cast, obviously, but there's also crew, stunt doubles, extras, props, and costumes. The photos themselves, like I said, are gorgeous: just black and white, very high-resolution and sharply focused: you can see where real hair ends and fake begins, the stitching on costumes, the state of people's pores. The simplicity of the pictures themselves lets the stunning detail shine. I walked away from it wishing that, like, Lord Of The Rings had done a book like this, so we could just fully appreciate all the detail and work that went into every aspect of creating Middle-earth.

TL;DR: if you're interested in the movie and/or the making of movies in general and/or portrait photography, BUY THIS BOOK. I got it for about $32 with my B&N employee discount, but I probably would have paid full price and was sort of tempted to when I first saw it at Borders and wasn't sure whether we carried it or not, because I knew I hadn't seen it at our store. PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY, WHY SO AMAZING. :D :D :D

* In B4 "go to bed, Dr. Manhattan".


v. Oh, right, I made a new header! I'm currently working out a color scheme for the rest of the journal, since it needs something brighter. SHUT UP BUFFY/JOHN WINCHESTER IS NOT MY NEW OTP. That's just...a celebration of three-named actors. I'm going to add Callum Keith Rennie in there for extra effect.

Oh, who am I kidding, it's so my new OTP. :( I guess it could be worse, it could be, idk, Spuffy or anything with characters from Twilight.

vi. While I was getting dressed today, I happened to look over at myself in the full-length mirror and wow, I actually have really nice legs. People have told me this, but I tend to ignore it. Seen as a whole, though, instead of just focusing on the insides of my thighs, which I hate, they're really pretty nice. HOORAY FOR NOT FEELING UGLY.
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So, I'm trying to figure out a good balance now that I'm less ANGRY WITH RAGE. I won't be entirely friends-only from now on (although all the past entries, which I locked Sunday, will stay locked). I will, however, be almost entirely flocked -- whereas previously about 70% of my content had been public, now at least that much will be friends-locked. Purely fannish stuff, linkspam, fic, etc., will be public; anything with stuff about my personal life will now be flocked.

If I find out that someone has broken flock, that person is gone.

With all that said, have some lols: "With 20 minutes to go, I'm sitting in my trailer trying to decide what boots to wear. I've got a nice pair of cowboy boots my feet look really good in, but I'm concerned about their stability." HE KEPT A FUCKING SUPERBOWL DIARY. Bruce Springsteen, what the fuck is wrong with you. :'D
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GIP. Snagged it from [livejournal.com profile] cape_in_hand; it was made by [livejournal.com profile] euphoriart. I put that .gif in my userinfo, which is good, otherwise this would probably be my new default.

Actually, so it's not a completely gratuitous post: there are all kinds of great things happening on my flist right now, guys! [livejournal.com profile] fox1013 is hosting a gen fic battle, and [livejournal.com profile] bribitribbit is doing a kisses and cuddles fic battle, and [livejournal.com profile] medie is doing a repeat of her Because We're Awesome female-character-centric fic battle. So there's something for everyone! Or, if you're me, there's everything for everyone! :D I'm going to have so much fun at these.

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