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i. Note to self: no more Sopranos right before bed.

This message brought to you by a weird-ass dream where aliens invaded and my band of refugees ended up having to team up with Tony's crew for safety. What even.

ii. Work stuff. )

iii. Apparently May 1st will be Blog About Disablism Day! I don't know, I've been wanting for awhile to do a post about mental illness, but I still am not sure exactly what thoughts I'm trying to pull together for that hypothetical post. Mostly what it comes down to at the moment is that I am still really, really angry and hurt over WarningFail (no, fuck you, I refuse to call it a wank for much the same reasons that we stopped calling RaceFail a wank).

iv. I'm sort of thinking about moving more of my activities over to DW? I don't really know what else there would be to move there, though; I already crosspost and AO3 is pretty much my permanent home for my fic. I think I just like the look of my journal there better and want to read everything from it instead of from LJ. Whatever, I'm shallow. Anyway, in case anyone didn't know, I'm [personal profile] sohotrightnow there, so feel free to add me there, but I'll definitely continue crossposting for the foreseeable future.

v. I still need to get better about time management. I haven't written shit in so long and I hate it, plus I feel like I'm just not in the fannish groove at the moment, as a side effect of the "not having a lot of time to do more than read my flist once a day" thing. :\ Plus hopefully I will move further in soon, and that will shorten my commute and put me closer to my friends; just getting to them takes a ton of time because I'm so far out. And after the Intro to Judaism class ends that will free up an entire day of the week! But right now it is super-busy and that is not awesome.

Other than that, though, I'm feeling pretty okay, so really it could be worse. And soon I will get a paycheck and that will be super-great!
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i. Happy birthday, [ profile] austen!

ii. I will probably be scarce for awhile, on account of my hours are 8:30-5:30 and my sleep schedule has been a bit odd lately and also I seem to have developed something resembling a social life sometime in the past few months, so that gets a lot of my free time? But with an hour for lunch (with plenty of restaurants and stores nearby, and the handbook prohibits only "excessive" drinking during office hours), just to start with. It is still too early to say for sure, I suppose, but I am filled with cautious optimism. I'm not sure how to feel about cautious optimism. It's weird. Probably I will be aiming to move around June or July, too! In short, everything's coming up Jules.

iii. [ profile] redbrickrose and I watched "Eleventh Hour" and "The Beast Below" yesterday. To paraphrase a flister, I resent that I had to sit through all those years of Tennant to get from Eccleston to Footface Smith. I seriously have not been this jazzed about Who in ages, if ever, oh my goodness. I like Amy lots, and I like Eleven lots, even if his face does look like a foot. Also also, Character ) was amaaaaazing. *_____* Ugh, getting this excited about a show is going to lead to horrible pain, isn't it? Especially this early into Eleven's run -- with shows where I come in pretty well into things, or even after it's ended, I have some warning of "okay, around this point it starts to suck, and the ending is really stupid, and this character will make you angry", even if I haven't sought out spoilers, but with current shows, there is lots of time ahead of you for things to go horribly wrong and break your heart.

iv. Also I heard a rumor that SPN was misogynistic on Thursday! My goodness, that is a shocker.
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i. Got pulled over on my way home last night; my registration's expired. >:( The ticket itself is only for $25, but there's another $62 in processing fees. The cop was super-nice and said something suggesting that if I renewed it before then and just brought the paperwork with me on the court date, it might get thrown out, but it may not even be worth it. I need to find out if I get a point on my license, is what I need to do, since that's my main concern; the money is a pain but that's what I've been saving for. Since it's not a moving violation, what I've been able to turn up in researching suggests that there won't be points, and tbh if I get one of these jobs I might just say screw it and pay it online, because really, my registration was expired, I can't argue with that.

The cop was adorable, though; I couldn't really get too irritated about it. It was like getting a ticket from Winnie the Pooh. He was like three years old, and was vaguely apologetic about it (and probably relieved that I wasn't crying, swearing at him, or embarrassing us both by trying to flirt my way out of it); when he ran my license he came back with it all "your record is excellent! :D? :D?" I was this close to just being like "bb, it's okay, you have a legit reason to pull me over, just give me the ticket and I'll go home and go to sleep".

ii. I've got an interview for next week! It's for one of the jobs I'd mentioned earlier this week, the one I had the big phone interview for.

iii. Sunday I'm off to NYC for a few days for Passover! \o/ My mother is apparently planning to put something together with my father, seder-wise. &Mom;

iv. As mentioned, I've been rereading the Gemma Doyle Trilogy, and UGH I LOVE IT SO MUCH DUDES, SERIOUSLY. Probably it is not all that surprising that I love Felicity Motherfucking Worthington as much as I do, on account of her being a queer girly-girl who wants to be a warrior and is super-fierce and angry and complex over the abuse in her past. Also this time around I am totally picturing Leighton Meester as Pippa and Blake Lively as Felicity.

v. I'm thinking about starting up a monthly challenge thing sort of modeled after [ profile] femslash_minis, except probably it would be over on AO3 and it would not be fandom- or style-specific every month? It would be sort of "whatever the hell I feel like this month", like one month it might be Gemma Doyle Trilogy fic, and the next month it might be all ATLA, and the next month it might be one of the challenges me and [ profile] inlovewithnight keep talking about, maybe the Tech Support AU. IDK. It would work better if I was a BNF, but whatever, my flist is varied enough that whatever I do, there will probably be at least a couple of people interested, and they will know who to pimp it to. Maybe one month will be Dean/Henricksen, because I have had several conversations with people who wish there was more of that pairing. &Henricksen;

vi. Speaking of SPN, I came downstairs this morning and "In The Beginning" was on TNT. GUYS YOU KNOW WHO I LOVE? HINT: IT IS MARY WINCHESTER. Even if she is way too orange in the daylight scenes and needs to lay off the tanning. Jensen has the same problem often, really.
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i. Johari window, Nohari window. A couple of flisters were doing this, and oh man, I don't think I've done it since...shit, since I was in London on the internship, I think. Wow.

ii. At about 1800 words on The Lambs. I'm currently going for about 600 words per day. At that rate, if I never have a magical day where I write several thousand words and things are easy and wonderful, I still have a first draft done by June, since 60k is my tentative goal. And 600 words is enough to not make me want to kill myself if it's a really bad day and whatever I come up with is terrible. Maybe I will step that up by a couple hundred words every now and then, we'll see.

iii. [ profile] austen spent the night last night! \o/ We drank and went out for Italian food and watched DVDs. Plus [ profile] inlivewithnight stopped by on her way back up from Richmond, which was also great! &fangirls;


v. Okay, I am going to try to write the thing I claimed for [ profile] het_idcrack tonight, or at least some of it. I found a nice little picture while trawling through Tumblr that gave me ideas, so that's good. I ended up grabbing one of the SPN prompts, which was originally requested as John/OFC, but the requester :D'ed when I asked if it was okay to do it as a crossover instead, so three guesses where I'm thinking about going with that. Then maybe I'll try my hand at something for [ profile] ladykink, because there are a lot of prompts there and not a whole lot of stories so far. GO, DUDES, GO.
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i. SPICE GIRLS MUSICAL. I have nothing rational to say about this.

ii. I only saw half of Leverage last night because I was super-sleepy and finally gave up and went to bed at 10:30, figuring TNT would rerun it at some point (plus don't they usually stream it online after it airs?). What I saw, I liked!

iii. Since I finished Gossip Girl S1 and don't have S2, I needed something new to watch while I worked out in the morning, so I watched Doctor Who for the first time in ages, namely "Girl In The Fireplace", which I love but whose ending is so fucking stupid that it ruins the whole thing. Ten is irritating me a little less this time around on the whole, though, so that's all to the good, and also I was delighted by seeing Angel Coulby.

iv. I'm working on a chromatic casting for National Treasure, and now I'm so delighted by the cast I've got that I suspect I will be disappointed in the future when I put the DVD in and realize that cast is just in my head. :( I'll have to get into Photoshop at some point today so I can post that.

v. Returning to the subject of Gossip Girl, I really want a Serena/Blair vid to "23rd Street Lullaby". Also, I was thinking about how the show is really obviously the tale of their epic tempestuous love and was like "is this how McShep people feel all the time? Or Wincesters?" I really like this feeling!

vi. Things I have enjoyed reading this Porn Battle:Maybe I'll try to write some more for that today.
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i. I posted a whole mess of icons yesterday, including 30 ESB, 40 LotR, and 20 Simpsons. Using one of them led to this exchange:
ME: I think Bruce/Steve might be the #1 pairing represented in my icons at this point. Granted, that's only two, three if you count the one of the two of them + Patti.

...this is the road to tinhattery, isn't it?
[personal profile] inlovewithnight: Oh bb, I love that you still think there's a road ahead of you and you're not firmly settled in tinhatville.
As I said a little later, it's very comforting to take my own advice here, and remember that the most notable resident of E Street Band Tinhatville is and will always be Bruce Springsteen himself, because no one can ever ship Bruce/anyone in his band as hard as he does.

ii. For those planning to do Yuletide Treats, my Dear Author letter is here! Come on, Sophie/Eliot PWP. Or Bruce/Patti/Steve, but I feel like Leverage fic is probably more likely to actually happen ever.

iii. [ profile] austen got me to write about Buffy and Fred sledding on Saturday and now I just want a million stories about characters going sledding. Do it, LJ, it's fun! (A million bonus points for the E Street Band snow day. With Roy just sitting there in the dark, cold studio wondering where everyone else is.)
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i. Buffy scenes that, it turns out, can still make me cry:
  • The end of "Becoming Part II"
  • The 'Class Protector' scene in "The Prom".
ii. I've been making a bunch of icons lately! I made some stock icons for [ profile] austen and [ profile] inlovewithnight as part of the Fall Fandom Free-For-All, and then I made a ton of fandom ones, mostly Buffy and Eastwick with a couple each of SPN and Zombieland.

iii. Other folks doing [community profile] polybigbang, have you gotten a posting date yet? I turned mine in a little over a week ago and haven't heard anything yet, but if no one else has posting dates then I won't worry.

iv. Maybe today I will try and write something. IDK. I'm feeling kind of sad and anxious for no apparent reason, it's good times.

v. I had a dream last night set in the SPN universe. I was a hunter, and I was investigating all these disappearances by little kids in some small city in California, and then the Winchesters showed up and we were butting heads a lot and trying to beat each other at the case. Like, I was simultaneously me-the-character and a viewer, so as a viewer I knew we were both on the same side, but as a character/participant in the dream I was suspicious of them, like they were of me, and we kept trying to catch each other and give each other fake leads. And then about halfway through John showed up, except he and I were working together and he didn't want me to tell them that he was around, but because Sam and Dean are idiots, they of course ran into trouble and we had to save them, and there was a big ~reveal~ when they piled into my SUV and saw that he was driving. IDEK. Possibly my renewed interest in BtVS is going to mean a resurgence of the dreams where I fight monsters, and this is evidence that my Buffy/John shipping has gotten out of hand.

As fandom dreams go, though, the ones where my subconscious decides I'm Buffy are a lot less troubling than the ones where my subconscious decides I'm the Comedian.
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i. So when Sam and Ruby have sex, fandom screams about how it's rape (and all the blame is only on her), but when spoilery for last night's episode ), no one bats an eyelash? Oh, wait, right, spoiler )

ii. My [community profile] polybigbang story seems to have grown another 3.5k in the course of yesterday alone. What. On the bright side, watching a bunch of BtVS S7 has helped me get a better grasp on what Buffy's role in the story is, and how she should be talking/acting, and what makes her special (as compared to John and Castiel, whom, being from the show I've been mainlining the past couple of months, I have a better handle on in terms of where they're going and what they fear/want). I also yammered with [ profile] inlovewithnight about it a lot, which probably helped.

iii. I seem to be one of the few people in SPN fandom who liked Cassie (and liked her with Dean, shock and horror), so I was really excited to find a rec for Cassie fic on my flist yesterday: Crazy Circles, gen about what she does after "Route 666".

(That also reminds me -- I'm sure anyone who's interested in Cassie will have read this already, but just in case someone hasn't, Lacuna is just stunning. I was skeptical when I saw that it was in second person, but stuck with it, and I'm so glad I did.)

iv. Okay, fine, I'm going to go work out now, stop yelling at me, flist. Geez.
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i. I'm not dead! I just don't have a whole lot to say, or didn't until today. I think the only entry I'd started prior to today was complaining about how much I hate Twittinesis, LoudTwitter, and anything else that crossposts tweets to LJ. I HATE THEM SO MUCH YOU GUYS. If I wanted to read tweets I would use my Twitter account more than once every six weeks or so. There was a CSS tweak that allowed me to collapse LT posts to just empty posts, but then LT went down for a bit and people started using Twittinesis and I haven't been able to figure out how to remove or collapse those posts from my flist yet.

ii. Mom and I finally got S4 of SPN! This means that (after this month, which is crazy-busy with writing and new-job-background-check stuff) I can make that "Thunder Road" vid about John and Mary at long last, and explain the show I am watching, which is a mini-series entitled The Tragedy of John and Mary, and sometimes I tune in with mild interest for the spin-off about their kids.

First of all, Dean Winchester and I have the same cell phone. Given that the first two ringtones I got with it were the intros to "Rosalita" and "Back In Black", this troubles me.

I'm so proud of my mother, dudes. In the first episode, is this still stuff that needs to be spoiler-cut? IDK. ) :D? :D?


iii. On that note, over the course of the past few months, there've been a few *Fail-reaction-posts along the lines of how all of us folks who want to talk about problematic aspects of our entertainment are ruining the fun of fandom. I have a few thoughts on that:
  1. I have said this so many times and apparently fandom does not get it, which I guess is fair because I didn't get it for a long time, either: it is entirely possible to enjoy something and still find it, or aspects of it, problematic and worth criticizing. I dislike a lot of aspects of shows I watch, or books I read, or movies I see, but I enjoy a lot of other aspects of them, and that's why I keep watching/reading/seeing them.

  2. No one is forcing anyone to talk about anything that they don't want to in their journals. I do not judge anyone for just being here for the lulz/sparkly ponies/whatever, and thus for not getting involved in a lot of srs bzns discussion. I certainly don't think anyone's stupid for not getting involved in whatever srs bzns discussion fandom is having now; lord knows I don't think of myself as an aca-fen if only because I am terrible at being an academic anything. But...

  3. You know what ruins my fun? Knowing that, for example, if I were a character on Supernatural the only thing I'd get to do would be to die horribly, because my options on that show, being a lady-type, would be helpless victim or an evil bitch. Srs bzns ruins your fun, fair enough, but being marginalized ruins my fun, and we each have the same right to complain about that in our own journals.

  4. I definitely understand feeling intimidated/alienated by academic language. As far as I can tell, that's part of the point of academese. But if you want to join the discussion anyway, you can do that! You don't have to go super-academic to talk about stuff that you find problematic. You can just say "look, X rubbed me the wrong way". Even following that up with "for Y and Z reasons" is optional; it's your journal. Heck, I tend to feel like that would help a lot, if more people are interested in talking about it without taking it to super-academic levels.
iv. I am so behind on writing this week. Original stuff and fannish; I should probably write more than 2k of the Poly Big Bang story at some point. Especially since I'm 50-50 on whether or not to use that 2k.

v. I'm enjoying Glee pretty well so far! Minor spoilers for 1.01 and 1.02 )

vi. I finished S1 of Leverage and that was delightful. Basically I want everyone/everyone at this point. Especially if Sophie is involved. Or Eliot. Or Hardison. Or Parker. Or Maggie, even! But especially Sophie. Basically the only character I don't care about quite as much is Nate, and I don't dislike him, he just doesn't inspire the same levels of seal-clapping as the rest of them.

vii. I read the latest Buffy S8 and...IDK how I feel about this development. Well, these developments, either the spoiler/spoiler, or the spoilers spoilering. )

viii. I had a great lunch with [ profile] cruisedirector yesterday! We had tasty food and then watched Futurama, and I am never going to call any day involving those activities a fail.
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i. I am tentatively going public again, with the caveat that everything that was locked is staying locked, and most things that concern my non-fannish life will still be locked in the future.

ii. The latest round of RaceFail is making me really sad, because it's finally hit the part where it involves an author I had previously loved. Hell, I'd seen Thirteenth Child at the bookstore previously, and thought it sounded fantastic, because -- fairy tales! The American frontier! Bonus mammoths, for some reason! Holy shit, awesome! Except that the jacket copy didn't make it clear that the mammoths and other megafauna replaced the indigenous peoples of the Americas, and uh. Wow.

So now pretty much all of Patricia C. Wrede's books have been tainted for me, which is tragic, because you guys know how much I love Sorcery and Cecelia, and the Enchanted Forest Chronicles were my favorites in the world when I was in middle school. And my mother loves Bujold, so basically we're both just really bummed about the whole thing. It's just really disappointing.

iii. Possibly I am seeing Star Trek for a third time today or tomorrow. I took Mom to see it after my first viewing, because she had been apprehensive and sure that it would suck and also it was Mother's Day and she loves ST, so it seemed like the logical choice. She was like "Okay, yeah, that was pretty good," and was fairly :D about it, but the dominant reaction seemed to be perturbation at the fact that Spock, her lifelong Imaginary Boyfriend, is now young enough to be her son, and in general she just did not seem to share my commitment to sparkle motion.

(I mean, don't get me wrong, there were several things I didn't like about it, most to do with gender fail; slightly spoilery. ) But come on.)

So then yesterday before I left for work we were chatting, and had this conversation.

Mom: So...what time are you off today?
Me: About five, I think.
Mom: Doug's off his vancomycin drip now, you know!
Me: Oh, awesome!
Mom: So I was thinking maybe we could go do something after you're done with work, or tomorrow evening.
Me: Yeah, probably, what were you thinking?
Mom: Maybe...we could see a movie? :D? :D?

iv. On a completely shallow note, the number of prompts at [profile] st_xi_kink involving Gaila, Uhura's adorable Orion roommate, brings me a great deal of joy. Gaila: ADORABLE. Also, [personal profile] medie and I were talking about how we have little interest in Kirk/Spock and are generally really picky about which m/m pairings we get into period, except that with a lot of m/m pairings that we'd've passed on before, you turn at least one of the characters into a lady and suddenly we are on that like white on rice. She likes Katee Sackhoff for her girl!Kirk, I am leaning towards Agnes Bruckner. I am basically just a boring het/ladyslash fan, I guess.

* Nitpicking: spoilery footnote to the spoilery bit above. )
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[Poll #1358222]ii. Watchmen meetup: at the moment, I'm thinking Saturday at the Hoffman, either the 3:15 with lunch beforehand or dinner afterwards or the 7:00 with dinner before. Preferences?

iii. Dad: FYI, [JULES'S MOM], Jules's car is blocking you in, just so you know before you leave for work.
Mom: Why are you bringing me problems and not solutions?
Dad: I'm not, I'm just saying.
Mom: You are! Well, I got problems of my own! We're all dying and one day the sun will go black!
[Me and Doug go from snickering at them to laughing hysterically.]
Mom: wonder you guys are so messed up.

iv. On the phone with [ profile] sink_or_swim, discussing my going to see Watchmen.
D: I honestly think you'll probably be okay. That scene is nothing like what happened to you.
Me: No, and I've got plenty of warning. I know it's there, I know how it goes, I know it's intense. Last time I had a triggery incident, I wasn't expecting it, so it was like "LOL HI SURPRISE RAPE".
D: Plus it's Jeffrey Dean Morgan.
Me: Yeah, IDK who looked at him and thought "y halo thar Comedian" because he's pretty much the least threatening dude ever.

vi. It's a snow day, and I'm having cake for breakfast. OH YEAH. Actually, I'm not affected by the snow; I was scheduled to have today off anyway. But I went out and took some pretty pictures and now I have cake while my hands thaw. :D

vii. This weekend, as they seem to do at least once a month, TNT ran LotR, and oh, man. Oh Theoden, why so totally badass? Oh Gandalf, why so fabulous? And oh, Boromir, you are now and forever my Middle-earth boyfriend. &hearthands;

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