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Taking off early today because it's my birthday weekend, and Mom, my sister, and I are going to National Harbor for the night, since Jim Gaffigan is playing the MGM and I got tickets. And then I'm taking Monday off, because I have a pap smear in the morning and screw going back to work after that.

But even more excitingly, I woke up at a quarter to four this morning, and I ain't even mad because I think I have a plot for this space opera/romance thing that's been floating around in my head for months now, which is SO FRIGGIN' EXCITING. I keep having to stop in the middle of outlining to clap my hands and giggle with glee. It's gonna be exactly my kind of fun trash and I'm so jazzed.

TBH the only problem I'm having is that I want the main couple -- why yes, they are in fact a thinly-disguised version of a crossover pairing I have loved for ages (but never actually posted fic about), WHY YES ONE OF THEM IS BUFFY HOW DID YOU EVER GUESS? -- to also sleep with every other character who isn't an immediate family member. Will I just go with it and have the main couple, in the course of punching everything leading a rebellion against the evil kleptocracy, sleep with everyone who crosses their path? MAYBE~~~ At the very least I suspect I know how I'll be dealing with days when I'm stuck or don't want to write the actual plotty bits.

Anyhoo. Hello, Internet! I hope you have a great weekend, if I don't talk to you again before it's over.


Oct. 20th, 2013 11:25 am
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Oh dip, I now have drafts in various stages of completeness for all five squares on a bingo???? This is a big deal for me, guys. Also they're in five different fandoms, which is also mind-blowing, if not more so, because I had not felt that connected to a lot of things, fannishly. (In case you missed it: here is the one that's really complete so far, a very silly Downton AU where Anna and Mary work at a pastry shop in space.)

I mean, some of them are SUPER draft-ish, at the moment, one in particular because it started turning into a whole long STORY, and then I was psyching myself out and convinced that I was ~never~ going to finish it, so I took a break from trying to piece the scenes together and just wrote a vignette version of it, to reassure myself that I could actually complete SOMETHING. And it's very stream-of-consciousness and I was half-asleep when I wrote it so I think it needs a ton of editing, but, you know, that's doable. I think I can get everything edited and posted by the October 31 deadline.

I mean, given that the one I've posted so far has 42 hits and not so much as a kudo, let alone a comment, I am not convinced that even once I've edited them they will be any good, but I am happy with them, which I guess is the most important thing. I mean, mostly, I realize it's probably just that I posted on a Friday evening, which is not a great time for it anyway, and also it's f/f and a weird AU, but the hits going up and still seeing no feedback is a little unsettling anyway. OH WELL. The important thing is just reminding myself that I can write, I think. If what I'm writing is terrible and everyone is too embarrassed to tell me, well, I gotta start somewhere.

Anyhoo, bingos! That is new for me. Usually I just complain about not being able to get anything done, crank out 500 words within the last few weeks of amnesty, and repeat the whole cycle all over again. A bingo period is new, let alone completing one before amnesty begins.

In non-fandom news, yesterday I attended a lovely cocktail party/book discussion at [personal profile] cyprinella's, with special guest Amy Stewart to talk about her absolutely delightful The Drunken Botanist. So things are pretty ok, I think, at the moment. (Knock wood.)

Welp time to go do my weekly cleaning. Later, bbs!
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+ One day, I will finish the meta-vid I keep starting (and then getting too depressed to continue work on for more than an hour or so), to "Nice Guys Finish Last" ("I treat her bad/she loves me good" indeed). In the meantime, this post is good and [ profile] rawles should feel good, because it says all the same things and reading it takes less time than watching a vid.
Because obviously the feminist way to deal with a misogynistic narrative is not to balance out relationships or illuminate and explore the female characters, but to ignore them! Riiiight.

The erasure of female characters from a narrative is never feminist. Period. The end.

- LJ seems to be working only sporadically for me these days! I have to hit reload on things there several times before they'll actually show up. I don't have any particularly fierce loyalty to any one journaling service, but it's not logically possible to have any loyalty to a service that's not actually being provided, LJ.

+ I've been introducing several people in my life to Community, including friends and parents. Mom's favorite characters are Abed and Shirley. To paraphrase something one of my flisters -- I'm pretty sure it was [ profile] baked_goldfish, but not 100% -- said of 30 Rock, it's come the closest of anything to filling the Arrested Development-shaped void in my heart.

? I need to make a doctor's appointment in the next few months, I think; my attention span issues have become a lot more noticeable lately, and apparently some of my other behaviors, combined with my general issues, are indicative of something in the ADD/ADHD family. There's also some general health stuff I'd like to address -- nothing life-threatening, just a throat/respiratory thing that's happened to me all my life but finally someone recently told me that no, everyone doesn't react to exercise with intense pain and tightness in the chest and throat, plus horrific-sounding wheezing, and I might want to talk to a doctor about that.

+ Under two weeks until I move! :DDDD

- AHHHHHH UNDER TWO WEEKS UNTIL I MOVE. THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO. Fortunately, since my brother and sister vacated their apartment down in Richmond (brother's staying down there, but moving in with friends; sister's planning to live at home for the time being, until she either starts grad school or finds a job), a lot of the furniture I'd be needing (table, TV, couch) is now just sitting in the garage. My clothing-purge of January, however, was clearly not effective enough, because there's still tons of stuff sitting there that I haven't touched since I decided to keep it then. So that will have to happen again, and probably I'll need to do a book-purge as well.

+ But I am going to worry about that tomorrow, because for today, there is the first Cabal Cookout of the season to prepare for! \o/ I should probably get to work on that, actually. Hmm.
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i. I began the paperwork for the apartment I saw on Saturday! It is in Silver Spring, and it is just gorgeous, and everyone I encountered in the building was incredibly nice. I have a couple of leads on roommates, but I will keep the Internet posted on that front because I may yet need someone for up to six months.

ii. I saw The Losers with the Cabal yesterday. That movie needs to win all of the awards. ALL OF THE AWARDS. Every Oscar, every Emmy, every Country Music Award, every Nobel prize. We need to cancel the London Olympics and give all the medals to the people involved in this movie. It managed to not offend me! I love action movies like crazy, but for the most part they range from "moderately offensive" to "very offensive". More on that note, spoilery. )

Also, shocking exactly no one, Aisha/Clay is pretty much the hardest I have ever shipped anything since Mulder/Scully. I almost don't need fic, because everything I would want from fic was right there in the movie, although if anyone wanted to write millions of fics about them brawling and doing it and brawling some more and doing it some more I would not object. *_______* My one complaint is that again, just in case )

And just as I gleefully whispered to [personal profile] redbrickrose that this was the greatest movie ever made, they started the recurring musical theme of mildly spoilery ). I don't think I stopped grinning and flapping my hands with delight for the entire rest of the film. Seriously, any movie whose summary concludes with spoilers ) is fucking art. ALL OF THE AWARDS.

Between this and The Runaways, 2010 has been such a great year for movies. DELIGHT.

iii. I woke up pretty early this morning, IDK what's up with that. I had planned to sleep more, but I don't think that's going to happen because I am feeling pretty wide awake. Maybe I'll get my workout done, I've been neglecting it for the past week or so.
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Hey remember how, while the work environment was super-toxic in general, the straw that broke the camel's back and prompted me to quit the last job 4realz was when they started throwing around anti-gay slurs? Today, in the break room, a couple of people are buzzing around one of the women about "oooh, Sunday's the big day, isn't it?" and it eventually becomes clear that she is getting married this weekend. Then she mentions having to talk to J. in Finance about her tax forms, "because it's only recognized as valid in D.C.", e.g. it is a same-sex marriage. Which is to say that everyone is all getting all excited and congratulating her and asking questions about a gay couple, which is right up there with when my temple had a baby-naming for two guys and their adopted baby in terms of taking my breath away with happiness.

Also, about half an hour ago everyone in the Marketing office took a break to talk about TV, just for the hell of it, mostly what comedies we watch. Plus first thing this morning M. (who is one of the nicest people I have ever met, I can't even) and I had a big discussion of Springsteen and how great he is in concert.

Really, I got no conclusion that is not "I really love my new job and am really lucky to have found it", so there you go. Apparently I am genuinely happy right now, I'm not sure what to do with that and keep waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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I am in an absurdly good mood today, and I feel like writing fic! E Street Band, namely. I had the urge last night, just as I was falling asleep, and then this morning it wasn't gone. Plus I listened to one of the Roxy shows on my way to work and it just improved my good mood and put me in a place of :D that even the stupid traffic and this fucking headache I've got can't kill. So those half-dozen of you who are interested, give me prompts for E Street Band fic!

Those of you who aren't interested in ESB, give me crossover prompts (any of my usual suspects re: fandoms/characters; my icons are a good representation of where to start, plus with IM2 coming out shortly I am in the mood to write more Serena/Blair/Tony). Because I love crossovers, and because [community profile] crossovers is running a 3W4DW contest!

I mean, you know, I could work on my [community profile] avatar_minis ficlet, or maybe my journal entry for class, but whatever.

Some non-fannish bzns; nothing bad, just a bit tl;dr. )

Seriously, though, what the fuck is this headache. >:(

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