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Hello, Internet! I am kind of sad and lonely lately. 'Tis the season and all, I guess. This morning I listened to loud music, mostly Beyonce and Joan Jett and some Clash and Ramones on the way to work. That helped. Also with [personal profile] inlovewithnight gone for the weekend, the cat always becomes super-affectionate with me, which is fun.

Plus apparently we are sharing our Yuletide letters in anticipation of Yuletide Madness! Mine is here. Also, my birthday is two weeks from tomorrow, I'm just putting that out there.

I have spent lots of time on Tumblr lately. It fits my attention span better, I feel like. At the moment mine mostly consists of Serena/Blair, Bruce/Steve, and some occasional Simpsons quotes, "Sophie Okonedo *_____*", and Harry Potter/Mean Girls macros, because for some reason Harry Potter/Mean Girls macros are always funny to me. Also, today I posted these two pictures in separate posts, one right after the other, and didn't notice until later.

Mostly I walk away wanting to do a Serena/Blair vid, about Serena running off pre-show and Blair hurting over it, set to "Bobby Jean". Maybe once I get my bonus + tax return and buy the new computer I'm planning on, I will vid more than once every two or three years, who knows?

I also started a gender-swapped and race-bent BtVS casting, but mostly it was an excuse to talk about Donald Glover as Buffy and Sophie Okonedo as Giles. THINK ABOUT IT. Or just talk to me about Sophie Okonedo in general. Q: how gorgeous is she? A: All of it. She is ALL OF THE GORGEOUS. Dear Sophie, we should have a gay Jewish wedding and then have lots of tiny babies, yes? Yes. Okay, glad we've got that settled.

Okay, back to cleaning; the fam is coming up to visit tomorrow, plus I have a bunch of baking to do. Happy Friday to all!
sohotrightnow: the top of a swimming young woman's torso. ([buffy] go team?)
I bought the latest Buffy comic today, and it's sitting next to the EW Watchmen issue. On the cover, Buffy has this look on her face like she's deeply personally offended over the hoard of tiny demons attacking her, and something about her D:< face next to the Comedian's >:{D is making me die of lols.

This doesn't really give you a sense of the outrage on Buffy's face, but I can't find my good camera, so it'll have to do. Then it reminded me of the time [ profile] the_wanlorn and I were talking about the prospect of the Slayer's existence in the Watchmen universe.

[ profile] the_wanlorn: So what about Dan, what would he be doing in this?
[ profile] the_wanlorn: Like, Rorshach and the Comedian are fixating on Buffy in creepy ways.
[ profile] cidercupcakes: IDK MAN I have a hard time getting a handle on Dan.
[ profile] cidercupcakes: I'm better at characters who are creepy by default. Dan has, like, actual emotions beyond >:( and >:{D, respectively.

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