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FUCK YES, DADT. I have a whole hypothesis where this is going to be not only a big step on the road to marriage equality, but quite probably a direct cause of it. I'll spare you dudes the entire thing, but suffice it to say my money's on ten years at the absolute outside.

Less significant things that happened yesterday: the roommate and I saw The Tempest (which is playing at only one theater in the area so far)! It was really excellent and really dark and upsetting and very very clearly about how you can never really win against the kyriarchy, and while it was every bit as grim and depressing as that makes it sound, it was also very cathartic, too. Gorgeous-looking (weird music-video bits with Aeriel notwithstanding) and, of course, fantastic acting from all concerned.

I was sort of planning to go to Nellie's today, because they show all the football games and we're playing Dallas (I am not particularly invested DC's team -- I really hate the name and generally don't use it -- or Baltimore's, but I hate the Cowboys with every fiber of my being) and Sundays they have Drag Brunches, $20 for all you can eat (and first mimosa's free!) and if it's anything like Drag Bingo it will be amazing. Mostly today I am feeling kind of lazy and antisocial and crampy (ugh IDEK what the deal was, for some reason my PMS wasn't that much fiercer than usual, but it was spread out a lot longer so it seemed much worse, and it was such a freaking relief yesterday when my period finally fucking started) and not really wanting to leave the apartment anymore after my Big Epic Quest across the street for a hot water bottle and a bagel. Plus it was looking like I'd be the only one going, and these things are always more fun with other people.

But then I remembered that not only is it a DC sports bar when we're playing Dallas, but it's a gay DC sports bar and not only are we playing Dallas, but, at least as relevant to the patrons of a gay sports bar in DC, DADT is in its death throes as of yesterday (seriously, don't underestimate how much we hate the Cowboys). That might be just the pick-me-up I've been needing. Off I go, will report back later.

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