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i. This week is kind of busy for me, and also every time I sit down to start yammering about something fannish my mind seems to go blank! And there's even less interesting stuff going on in my non-fannish life, I'm just busy this week. So if I am not around much in the next few days, I'm not dead or anything, I just don't have a whole lot to say at the moment.

ii. Took the roommate situation to Craigslist at last, and now it is resolved! \o/ She seems very nice (moving down here from Michigan to start a DoS job; wants a temporary place while she figures out where she wants to live long-term), and I think we'll get along pretty well. Hooray for Craigslist encounters that don't end in murder! Oh man I cannot wait to move. It's going to be awesome.

iii. Economist, there is something here that ruins your srs bzns article about the al-Qaeda presence in western Saharan Africa.
But AQIM [al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb] is plainly rattling several governments. It plays on local grievances. Its bountiful cash is a lure to young men living in poverty in the desert. The authorities of northern Nigeria are especially worried. The country was the original home of the young man with explosive underpants who tried to blow up an American airliner over Detroit at Christmas.
Admittedly I'm no journalist, but I think it might be the phrase "explosive underpants".

iv. Suddenly I am super-nervous and I have no idea why! Like, my heart is going really fast and really hard (that's what she said?) hard enough that my entire chest is moving with it. Aaaaaaah do not want. >:( Maybe I'll have some green tea or something ("I DON'T WANT ANY CALMING TEA!!!!!").
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This post started as a post for Blog About Disablism Day, but obviously it didn't end up being ready in time for that. I'm posting it anyway, though, because, IDK, I've mentioned to other people that I've been wanting to talk about mental health and privilege relating to it for awhile.

WARNING: this post contains some sexual content and graphic discussions of triggers, especially as they relate to sexual trauma. It may be triggery.

There's also some talk about mental health and privilege, and some of my residual anger over last summer's AbilityFail, aka WarningFail, and no, I still refuse to call it WarningWank. )

Comments are screened because I really do not have the spoons to deal with starting the warnings debate up again. I'll unscreen stuff as it comes (so if there's something you'd rather stayed between us, make a note of it and I'll leave it screened), but anything that looks like it's headed in the direction of AbilityFail Part Deux will stay screened, I will not respond to it, and if it comes to it I will not hesitate to ban people. I can't promise that this entire journal is a safe space, but I'm going to try and make this post, at least, one. If you want to have that discussion in your own journal, knock yourself out, and if you link me to posts where you've discussed it, I will unscreen those comments. Link to this post all you like, but please include some kind of warning resembling the bolded one at the top.

I feel like I should tell everyone that I am not actually feeling super upset or angry or freaked out right now! I am feeling pretty good right now, as a matter of fact. That's another thing -- it's taken me awhile to figure out what it was about the happiness of the past few weeks that feels different from the way it has in the past. I finally put my finger on it a few days ago, and that, more than anything, was what inspired this post: the new element was that, for the first time in years, I feel safe. I am surrounded by people who I trust and love, and who respect and love me in return. So ♥, guys. I'm getting there. For the ones who had a notion/A notion deep inside/That it ain't no sin to be glad you're alive.

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