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I realized it had been some time since I updated LJ, so here are some things going on with me.

i. Tuesday, [personal profile] baked_goldfish, [personal profile] redbrickrose, and I saw Circumstance, which was excellent. Oh man, Internet, being trapped in a situation, and getting out or even just learning to live with it is a favorite narrative framing device of mine, and this was such a great example of one. A few more thoughts. ) I have a lot more thoughts on it but I just keep adding to them, so maybe there will be a longer reaction post later. Only negative I have is probably the way the subtitles were done; they were only white, with no outlining or anything, so when the text showed up against a window you could lose something like half the line, and while you could typically guess what they were saying it was definitely distracting.

ii. Finally talked to one of my managers about going to part-time or contractor status sometime around the end of the year. I'd been sort of job-hunting for awhile, but I realized that honestly, what I want to be doing is writing, and as it is right now I just don't have the werewithal to manage it around another full-time job. And while I might find a full-time job that I enjoy more than the one I've got currently, I'd still have this same problem. So that will probably happen around December or January, knock wood.

iii. I've had a killer sinus headache for the past ten days and finally gave in and went to the doctor today. He basically told me to keep doing the things I was already doing, but also prescribed antibiotics, so I've at least got that going for me.

iv. I came to a pretty intense realization yesterday as the result of something I offhandedly tweeted, so I'm processing that. Again, possibly there will be a longer post later, but I have been absurdly sleepy all day and am pretty emotionally drained lately besides, so tl;dr-ing is not currently on the horizon.

v. I got a call the other day from a recruiting agent about a web developer job! I ended up passing on it, because it wasn't something I thought I'd like that much more than what I'm doing now anyway, and as said above it wouldn't serve my goal of giving me enough time to seriously devote to writing, and the timing of interviews and all was just too stressful (especially given that it wouldn't have been enough of a pay bump to make the other issues worth it). But it was nice to clarify to myself that writing full-time is, indeed, my goal, and I got a bit of phone-interview practice, and it's always a nice ego boost to have someone contact you for a job, especially a nice-sounding one. I'm not completely unemployable, hooray!

vi. I enjoyed the Community premiere, especially now that spoilers ) And P&R was fun, but I don't have quite as much yammering to do on it; it was just totally enjoyable. Also I kind of want I don't actually think this is a spoiler, but just in case ).

vi. I'm behind on Ringer and Downton Abbey, but the latter I know is and the former I suspect will be great "it's gloomy and I feel crappy and I want to drink wine and eat ice cream and binge on TV" choices, so I actually don't mind saving up a good backlog.

vii. Still not crazy about last week's Who in terms of story, although again, I think it was a very well-done episode. And I loved that minor spoiler ), that was wonderful.

viii. Next week I am going to NYC to spend part of the holidays with [personal profile] fox1013! \o/

UGHHHHHH okay I'm going to finish working on a few batches I brought home with me from work so I wouldn't have to use an entire day of sick time and could instead just use a half-day and scatter the work around to accommodate sleeping/doctor's appointments as necessary. Although possibly I'll take a nap first. And have another beer.
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i. I am sad and hurting and angry, partly as moderate SAD and partly, IDK, ~FEELINGS~, no doubt compounded by the moderate SAD. Fucking feelings, I'm over them, let me tell you Internets. But that is sort of a low-level background thing a lot of the time these days, so instead of me whining about it, have something completely unrelated: [personal profile] sink_or_swim, one of my best friends in the world and someone who has been there for me in some really tough times, needs some help right now with emergency vet bills. I can absolutely vouch for her, having encountered the pet in question multiple times, and I know things are tight for everyone right now and even if you can't spare the money for her I know she'd appreciate the good thoughts.

ii. I seem to have picked up a new hobby of sending [personal profile] inlovewithnight pictures of Little Steven with Anchorman quotes as captions. He owns many leather-bound books and his apartment smells like rich mahogany.

iii. My mother has adopted a new kitten! I glimpsed him briefly last night; he is still pretty timid and mostly hides. He's a tiny, tiny little guy -- maybe eight weeks old, gray, with only half a tail. SUCH A CUTIE. Apparently whatever room Fry is in, the little guy is probably in as well, tucked away in whatever tiny improbable space he can squeeze himself into while Fry curls up somewhere and naps. THEY'RE BUDDIES, AHHHH.

iv. Like three people commented after Torah study on how I hadn't said anything today. IDK why I am so amused by the fact that my silence is remarkable.

v. Hand-kissing promptathon! I am about to go to bed, but five billion points to anyone who writes me Bruce/Steve handkissing. I didn't get my prompts into the porn battle on time. ;______;

vi. Now I am going to go to bed! I might also get a couple of chapters of the original think I'm working on storyboarded! And I will not cry myself to sleep! \o/ I dream big, motherfuckers, I dream big.
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This post started as a post for Blog About Disablism Day, but obviously it didn't end up being ready in time for that. I'm posting it anyway, though, because, IDK, I've mentioned to other people that I've been wanting to talk about mental health and privilege relating to it for awhile.

WARNING: this post contains some sexual content and graphic discussions of triggers, especially as they relate to sexual trauma. It may be triggery.

There's also some talk about mental health and privilege, and some of my residual anger over last summer's AbilityFail, aka WarningFail, and no, I still refuse to call it WarningWank. )

Comments are screened because I really do not have the spoons to deal with starting the warnings debate up again. I'll unscreen stuff as it comes (so if there's something you'd rather stayed between us, make a note of it and I'll leave it screened), but anything that looks like it's headed in the direction of AbilityFail Part Deux will stay screened, I will not respond to it, and if it comes to it I will not hesitate to ban people. I can't promise that this entire journal is a safe space, but I'm going to try and make this post, at least, one. If you want to have that discussion in your own journal, knock yourself out, and if you link me to posts where you've discussed it, I will unscreen those comments. Link to this post all you like, but please include some kind of warning resembling the bolded one at the top.

I feel like I should tell everyone that I am not actually feeling super upset or angry or freaked out right now! I am feeling pretty good right now, as a matter of fact. That's another thing -- it's taken me awhile to figure out what it was about the happiness of the past few weeks that feels different from the way it has in the past. I finally put my finger on it a few days ago, and that, more than anything, was what inspired this post: the new element was that, for the first time in years, I feel safe. I am surrounded by people who I trust and love, and who respect and love me in return. So ♥, guys. I'm getting there. For the ones who had a notion/A notion deep inside/That it ain't no sin to be glad you're alive.
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Hello, Internet! Apparently it is a day for anger, and even more excitingly, this is for no reason that I can discern! It's not work; work is fine! In fact, my anger was compounded by the fact that I was angry, because it had been a pretty pleasant day so far and then it was ruined by the sudden blinding rage. It was just something on LJ, and not even one of the entries that I should be angry about, like the latest round of "fandom spends two weeks pretending it gives a shit about any character who isn't one cis white dude banging another; things expected return to normal shortly"! It was just someone's entry about her life. And yet it made me super-angry. Admittedly, the tone she affects for LJ has a way of rubbing me wrong, but man, this was all out of proportion. LOL ISSUES, JULES.

Then I read some of the stuff from the latest round of "fandom spends two weeks pretending it gives a shit about any character who isn't one cis white dude banging another" and now I'm angry about that instead. Mostly the comments to this post; possibly next week I will try and do a post about why it is bullshit when people say "but female characters just aren't as interesting!", but possibly I will just say fuck it; my one comment so far illustrates what I am trying to say pretty well, I think, so I'll just link to that for now. Or maybe one day I will make that meta vid I have in mind, the one I can only work on for a couple of hours before I have to walk away for a week or three because it makes me too sad and angry (hint: it is set to Cobra Starship's "Nice Guys Finish Last").

Whatever, it is a nice day, my job is swell, and after work I am going to have ice cream, and then see The Runaways with the DC Fangirl Cabal.

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