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It occurs to me that I haven't made any posts in two months, and a non-flocked personal post in even longer! Honestly, this is largely because I have been super-boring recently.

BUT JULES, WHEN HAS THAT EVER STOPPED YOU BEFORE? Good question! I think I've matured somewhat. I mean, not a LOT, but somewhat. Also, my schedule is just...not that ridiculous, really -- my work week is pretty normal, about 45 hours a week (and I get overtime \o/), but add another 2+ hours' commute each day, and I'm generally pretty drained by the time I get home. I've been going to the gym more, and now that the pools are open I'm jazzed about getting in some swim time after work. I learned last summer that even a handful of laps could make a huge difference to my post-work mood.

I am occasionally on Tumblr but mostly I go check it every few weeks, fill up my queue, and then forget about it for another few weeks, because I like the pictures I find on Tumblr but so much about its functionality is annoying. My public Twitter is [ profile] juleshastweets, also, if you feel like chatting during the day, also! But really I have not felt particularly fannish about much of anything for awhile. Or rather...I hadn't felt particularly fannish about much of anything for awhile.

YESSSSSSS. I am currently pretty deeply sunk in Mass Effect. There are a couple of fics I'd like to write, even, but every time I think about writing fic I either get really exhausted (which is what happens to me w/r/t writing in general at the moment, and which is annoying and frustrating and I am trying to figure out a way to work through, because I am fully aware that my writing is not particularly special but it was really fun and satisfying for me and I do miss it) or I just end up deciding to play through again. THAT GAME THO. I seriously wasn't aware that I could still have fannish feels like that. Not exaggerating, I have not felt this kind of visceral fannishness about something in years. I got spoiled for the ending of ME3 and was grateful for it because I legit had to stop playing for about a week to deal with my rage. It's just so great.

My current favorite thing is the Indoctrination Theory, which is one of those things that I think is giving the text waaaaay too much credit but which I love anyway. It's like the Ron-is-Dumbledore theory. Y'all should share your favorite theories of that ilk with me, actually, where you know there's no way they're what's actually there in the text but they're so elegant and weird that you love them anyway and love that someone made the connections and came up with them. I just find them invariably delightful. I am not mocking here, I legit love shit like that and admire people who can think it through, because I do not generally have the patience for that kind of analysis. (Also the Indoctrination Theory DOES make more sense than the actual ending, so.)

N E WAY if there is anything you would like to hear me talk about in particular, as I make more of an effort to post here again, go ahead and let me know! I think there are a bunch of prompts from this meme I still need to fill, also. /o\ Whatever, as long as I get them done within a year of getting the prompts, it counts, right? Right, good, glad we had this conversation.
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Today's good things:
  1. I have cider and a cheese sandwich, om nom nom.
  2. I had a good workout this morning! I really did get completely lost in what I was doing for a few laps there while I was swimming. Although good heavens, I really need a new workout suit. This one is just way too big at this point.
  3. I have been doing some pretty freaking great reading lately, I have to say. I wish I had confidence in any of my own ideas at the moment, but whatever, I'm working up to it.
Now [personal profile] schmerica and I are watching more DS9, hooray! \o/
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i. Buffy scenes that, it turns out, can still make me cry:
  • The end of "Becoming Part II"
  • The 'Class Protector' scene in "The Prom".
ii. I've been making a bunch of icons lately! I made some stock icons for [ profile] austen and [ profile] inlovewithnight as part of the Fall Fandom Free-For-All, and then I made a ton of fandom ones, mostly Buffy and Eastwick with a couple each of SPN and Zombieland.

iii. Other folks doing [community profile] polybigbang, have you gotten a posting date yet? I turned mine in a little over a week ago and haven't heard anything yet, but if no one else has posting dates then I won't worry.

iv. Maybe today I will try and write something. IDK. I'm feeling kind of sad and anxious for no apparent reason, it's good times.

v. I had a dream last night set in the SPN universe. I was a hunter, and I was investigating all these disappearances by little kids in some small city in California, and then the Winchesters showed up and we were butting heads a lot and trying to beat each other at the case. Like, I was simultaneously me-the-character and a viewer, so as a viewer I knew we were both on the same side, but as a character/participant in the dream I was suspicious of them, like they were of me, and we kept trying to catch each other and give each other fake leads. And then about halfway through John showed up, except he and I were working together and he didn't want me to tell them that he was around, but because Sam and Dean are idiots, they of course ran into trouble and we had to save them, and there was a big ~reveal~ when they piled into my SUV and saw that he was driving. IDEK. Possibly my renewed interest in BtVS is going to mean a resurgence of the dreams where I fight monsters, and this is evidence that my Buffy/John shipping has gotten out of hand.

As fandom dreams go, though, the ones where my subconscious decides I'm Buffy are a lot less troubling than the ones where my subconscious decides I'm the Comedian.
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I should work on the Big Bang story, but for some reason I cannot motivate myself on it at all. Mostly it's just so close to being done I can taste it, except I keep saying it'll only be another thousand words and then two thousand words later I'm saying that again. I swear it was only at 16.5k yesterday morning, and I thought I only meant to do a little polishing before I left to go to Maryland and hang out with Night, and yet somehow when I got up to leave I was at 18k. JUST END DAMN YOU. :( I mean, I'm jazzed, because I've never written fic this long before, but man, this is probably why I've never written fic this long before: after only, like, a week and a half of it I'm just like "NUTS TO THIS".

I'm not feeling motivated for much of anything today, though. I have a bit of a headache -- not strong enough to qualify as a migraine anymore, but localized the way they get and it was pretty bad earlier -- which might be why. After those I just generally feel lethargic for awhile. Maybe I'll make icons instead? I made a few last night and that was good times. Maybe make some of that mojito green tea I've got stashed away and see if that helps any, and then set to work on the fic.
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i. I spent $60 on clothes today, but thank god for thrift stores, because I ended up getting a skirt, a pair of pants, two nice-ish dresses (ugh, I can't wait for it to get warm so I can wear this blue dress I got, because it's so pretty), and like four tops. I desperately needed more business-casual-type stuff to wear to work, and I've been really good about spending less in general and seem to be in a rare not-too-crazy period, so I'm not quite as anxious as I might normally be over this. \o/

ii. I would just like to state for the record that [ profile] cruisedirector, not I, was the first one to suggest that the world needed Buffy-in-Camelot Merlin crossover fic when we were watching yesterday.

iii. I got this, and holy shit, you guys, it's so stunning. Like I've told a few people, I've come to love Watchmen because it rewards multiple readings the way very few things I've read/watched have done: like, only with Arrested Development is there such a level of detail and craftsmanship gone in that I can genuinely watch it over and over and find something new every time. It's never really clicked for me emotionally, though, beyond the glee I get from being able to take something apart and fully appreciate everything that goes into the whole* so I'm pretty much in the perfect place for the movie, fannishly, because as long as it looks cool I'll be happy. This book, to say the least, basically reassures me that the movie will deliver. I'd flipped through and considered a couple making-of-/art-of-the-film books, and they were okay, but nothing thrilling, but then I stumbled across it and holy shit, it's exactly what I wanted.

It's an enormous book, easily a foot and a half high and a foot wide, and the only text in it is Zack Snyder's introduction, which is only a couple hundred words, if that. Basically they had a set still photographer, and he took portraits of everyone and everything, standing them up against a white backdrop and just taking black and white photographs of them. He put this book together and just let the photos speak for themselves, and my lord, do they ever. There's the cast, obviously, but there's also crew, stunt doubles, extras, props, and costumes. The photos themselves, like I said, are gorgeous: just black and white, very high-resolution and sharply focused: you can see where real hair ends and fake begins, the stitching on costumes, the state of people's pores. The simplicity of the pictures themselves lets the stunning detail shine. I walked away from it wishing that, like, Lord Of The Rings had done a book like this, so we could just fully appreciate all the detail and work that went into every aspect of creating Middle-earth.

TL;DR: if you're interested in the movie and/or the making of movies in general and/or portrait photography, BUY THIS BOOK. I got it for about $32 with my B&N employee discount, but I probably would have paid full price and was sort of tempted to when I first saw it at Borders and wasn't sure whether we carried it or not, because I knew I hadn't seen it at our store. PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY, WHY SO AMAZING. :D :D :D

* In B4 "go to bed, Dr. Manhattan".


v. Oh, right, I made a new header! I'm currently working out a color scheme for the rest of the journal, since it needs something brighter. SHUT UP BUFFY/JOHN WINCHESTER IS NOT MY NEW OTP. That's just...a celebration of three-named actors. I'm going to add Callum Keith Rennie in there for extra effect.

Oh, who am I kidding, it's so my new OTP. :( I guess it could be worse, it could be, idk, Spuffy or anything with characters from Twilight.

vi. While I was getting dressed today, I happened to look over at myself in the full-length mirror and wow, I actually have really nice legs. People have told me this, but I tend to ignore it. Seen as a whole, though, instead of just focusing on the insides of my thighs, which I hate, they're really pretty nice. HOORAY FOR NOT FEELING UGLY.
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More Yuletide Recs, while I wait for dinner!

Whom You Leave Shackled By Love is A Great And Terrible Beauty fic, Felicity-centric, weaving her story in more closely with Gemma's tight narrative. The voices are perfect, and okay, we all know I'm a sucker for Fee anyway, and she gets a happy ending at last, and oh, Fee, baby.

Joie de Vivre is another G&TB story, with Fee coming to visit Gemma in New York five years after The Sweet Far Thing. It starts with Felicity in drag, and gets more delightful from there. Just the right mix of light-hearted fun and srs bzns to be a perfect epilogue to the trilogy.

Reunion is another post-TSFT story, a Yuletide Madness ficlet in which Gemma goes to Paris, and she and Felicity decide that they've mourned enough. A wonderful little firework of a story.

This is how the fire starts. This is how we burn. is the story of how Felicity met Ithal, and also a story about Felicity-the-huntress, Felicity who only wants, for once in her life, to be powerful.

Try/Fail? - False Binary is WALL-E fic, about EVE and her evolution as an individual. It's complicated and elegant and one of the few fics where I've felt like I needed to read it multiple times to really appreciate it, rather than just wanting to read it multiple times because I liked it.

Weather continues very fine is Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, Arabella Strange's life afterwards, and is wonderful. The tone of a period piece is incredibly hard to pull off, and this author manages to, and not only that, but to pull of the voice of the book's narrator besides, which takes even more skill. And it's Arabella Strange, who is awesome, and deserves far more in the way of her own stories.

All Day and All of the Night is Space Cases, and let me just take a second to :D :D :D over the fact that someone wrote Space Cases fic, period. But this is lots of fun besides, with the same gentle silliness of the show.

Kill Claudio, Part I and Part II, is Much Ado About Nothing fic, with a murder mystery, and everyone having to trick each other to find out whodunit, and dirty jokes and stupid Shakespearean puns, and, guys, wow. Just, wow. Also there's kind of threesomey subtext? :D

In other news, I have to go to work tomorrow, first thing in the morning. I'm just hoping enough people will still be on vacation that traffic won't be as bad as usual. I'm off Saturday, though, and then Wednesday I go up to Jersey for New Year's with [ profile] ryoko and company. \o/ On that note, Mom got a sewing machine, and has said she can mend the little hole in the lining of the gorgeous antique gown I got in Australia, so I can wear that for New Year's. I'll have to figure out something to do with my hair -- maybe a simple French twist or chignon, or victory curls.

Also, my sister seems to have gotten hooked on Dinosaur Comics. She also got me a cupcake cookbook. :D

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