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Oh, realizing I have kind of a massive crush on someone, and trying to work out how to tell them without sounding like a massive douche.

(Oh, ex who didn't think telling me you'd been ~pining~ for more than a year since we first got together would do a fucking number on my self-esteem, thanks for leaving me with the need to qualify any single expression of interest I have in someone else.)

YES IT'S FOUR-THIRTY IN THE AFTERNOON AND I'M A LITTLE TIPSY, I DO WHAT I WANT. Unemployment will only last so long, I gotta make the most of it while I can. Also I have a post for later regarding the original thing I am working on at the moment, look for that. This is the best kind of crush, at least, the kind where it just kind of makes me feel giggly and amused at myself, and there's not even that stupid sadness that comes with some of my celebrity crushes. I don't know, have I mentioned lately that I have issues?

EDIT: ~Significant~ email sent. That is the second one of those I have sent in a few months, do you guys think I might actually be maturing, emotionally, to the point where I can express feelings? Because that is pretty cool.

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