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Hello, hello! I had a pleasant weekend and hope you all did too.

Saturday was the returning registration for SDCC. But since Mom had scheduled lunch with Rita and Doug had work, I was in charge of logging us in on three different browsers and trying to get us tickets, which was a bit nerve-wracking. But I prevailed! I managed to get in on one of our accounts (mine, I think, actually) in time to get everything but Preview Night. So that brightened everyone's weekend, even Dad's, since he's always glad for an excuse to spend some time in San Diego, particularly if my aunt and uncle let us use their enormous condo a few blocks from the convention center again.

Sunday, I worked on upgrading my gaming computer, which was a mixed bag. The new processor went in fine, but I was also moving it to a new case, and that was far less successful. Currently nothing happens at all when I plug it in and turn it on -- no fans, no beeps, just absolute silence, as if it's not getting any power. I know for a fact that the power supply and motherboard are fine, because I'd just used the computer Sunday morning. It's possible one of them broke in the few hours between turning it off and moving everything to the new case, but that'd be a hell of a coincidence.

It's slightly more likely that I broke something in the transfer process, but I was careful, and didn't see anything obviously wrong. Cables and connections are always the worst part for me, so that seems like the most likely problem, but I've septuple-checked everything at this point. The next step is to put everything back in the old case so I can more easily match it all up to the photos I took before taking it all apart, to see if the problem still happens there, which might indicate motherboard or power supply failure/damage, but I just didn't have the energy for it by the time I'd finished all the other testing I could think of.

That said, I've been planning to get a new motherboard at some point in the not-too-distant future, since I'm approaching the limits of CPU/hard drive upgrade possibilities with my current one. Since I'm getting a larger-than-expected tax refund (#ThanksObama), and I found out on Friday that I'm getting a pretty great bonus and a 2% pay increase, the new motherboard may be more immediately achievable than I'd anticipated.

I'm surprisingly not-frustrated about the whole thing? It's annoying, particularly as I suspect I just messed up something extremely simple and once I figure it out it will be embarrassing, but one of my favorite ways to spend a weekend afternoon is sitting down to install a new piece of hardware, so it was still a pretty good day by my standards. The most annoying part at this point is just that I wanted to finish my complete replay of the Mass Effect trilogy before Andromeda comes out (A WEEK FROM TOMORROW!!!!!) and that's looking less and less likely.

(I know the whole point of MEA's being set six hundred years in the future and a couple million light-years away is that they can start fresh rather than having to account for each of the several different possible endings for the original trilogy, and that they've stated explicitly that Shepard's story is done, but I needed someplace to channel all my excitement while waiting, and now that I've started I want to finish, dammit!)

Also: ughhhhh stupid time change. Now it's all dark in the morning again and my sleep will be off while I adjust.
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It would probably help if I'd included the link to the story in that fic post. /o\ This is what happens when you get out of practice posting fic, kids!
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Hello Internet! I had a lovely Fangirl Afternoon yesterday, with me forcing Happy Endings onto several friends after talking it up to anyone who would stand still long enough for a few weeks. Plus I made burgers, although I haven't been able to do any proper grilling yet. SOON.

(Then I attempted to continue my bra shopping endeavors of the past couple of weeks, but this ended terribly, as I have come to expect. It would be super-exciting to find my band size in anything larger than an A cup, guys. SUPER-exciting.)

Also, important point! I have a paid Flickr account, because I've got tons of pictures on it and with a free account you can only view the 200 most recent, but I really need to justify paying for it as something other than a social storage tool. Specifically, I've got to start taking more pictures, especially since I've got not only my DSLR but my parents' Chanukah present of a handy little point-and-shoot that is a lot easier to just carry around in my purse than the DSLR (plus my iPhone, which as phone cameras go is fairly decent). So give me suggestions of things you'd like to see pictures of from my life! I love experimenting with textures -- fabrics, animal skins/furs/shells, etc. -- but every time I think "I should take more pictures" I promptly get overwhelmed and just end up getting a couple pictures of my cats with my iPhone. Admittedly, what's the Internet FOR if not pictures of cats, but I feel like I could stand to stretch out at least a tiny bit more. So: suggestions or requests, go!

Ugh I need caffeine. All the caffeine.
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Just today finished S3 in my DS9 rewatch. I was explaining to the fangirl contingent on Sunday that leaving aside my more srs bzns issues with the "Cardassians = SPACE NAZIS!!!!" thing (not least that most of the time it seems much more like they're going for the Romans, hence my inability to not refer to internal Bajoran issues as People's Bajoran Front vs. People's Front of Bajor, and the SPACE NAZIS!!!! thing just seems really jarring and clumsy), there's also the part where Cardassia is basically a planet of Bluths. Dukat especially is like 50% GOB and 50% the other Bluths. "The one thing I will never do is not tell Ziyal I have a cabin in the woods and then not take her!" Dukat was learning life lessons all over the place.

Also I am mostly having fun with how he seems to be hitting on Sisko all the time. I mean mostly he seems to be into EVERYONE, which is part of the comedy of Dukat (I know I shouldn't find it hilarious AND YET I REALLY DO, possibly specifically because no one takes it seriously), but the majority of his interactions are with Sisko and they go on multiple road trips together and there was the time they were stuck in a cave, which I haven't yet reached in my rewatch but I remember it as being pretty glorious. Mostly the reason I'm lamenting my inability to write comedy fic this week is because I really want fic where Dukat's SUPER INTO Sisko, and finally Sisko goes for it a couple of times because what the hell, he needs to get laid, and then Dukat gets really overinvolved and starts drunk-dialing him all the time, and obvs since Cardassians court by arguing, Sisko's barely managing to be civil is just evidence of how badly he wants Dukat. LOOK AT BANNER, BENJAMIN.

(Also: AU where Ziyal and Alexander meet and end up getting together and Worf and Dukat are in-laws and it's glorious.)

DS9 is kind of exciting this time around because I'm not used to being into pairings where I need more than the fingers on one hand to count the people who are into it, but somewhat troublingly, the character I project all the fuck over in DS9 appears to be Garak, and I was mostly just kind of amused by how blatant the Garak/Bashir was until "The Wire" happened and then, like, I realize it doesn't take much to send me into fits of capslocky FEELINGS to rival those of Prince Zuko, but holy shit, Internet. My OTP dynamic appears to be I Am A Spectacular Untrustworthy Trainwreck And You Are Buying A First Class Ticket Anyway, and that episode was like "ALL ABOARD, MOTHERFUCKERS" and holy shit, feelings everywhere. So it's all super-exciting because usually it's me and like two other people who are into a pairing, but instead I have tons of fic to roll around in, and I'm sitting here going "oh my God, is this how Erik/Charles people feel ALL THE TIME? *_______*"

ugh I should probably get ready for work now. Hi Internet hi, I'm alive and the DS9 kick is still going strong. Everyone should continue to talk to me about the prospect of a Buffy/DS9 crossover, too, because in my head that is still completely fucking glorious, and I have actually ended up writing a few snippets that, with the serials filed off, might end up as an original thing I've been toying with? IDK IDK.
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Internet, I am concerned that when I say that I AM HAVING ALL OF THE FEELINGS, what you hear is "I'm having a lot of feelings". That's not what I'm saying.

What I am saying is that I AM HAVING ALL OF THE FEELINGS.

A lot of you have been hearing that Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band will be on tour in 2012. That is absolutely correct.(source)


That's not even the FIRST super-exciting thing that happened this weekend! AHHHH I had a whole ramble about my FEELINGS and how clearly the E Street Band is going to feature heavily in several of the major relationships/emotional turning points of my life and I need to get that into my head and roll with it, but it was a little too ridiculous even for me. Suffice it to say that [ profile] pearl_o has dubbed our forthcoming household "The House Where FEEEEEEEELINGS Go To Die" and she's not wrong.

Also also clearly the band are trolling me personally, since this is the first year in several where I made my peace with the fact that it was ~over~ and was trying to ~move on~ and didn't request it for Yuletide, and then hours after signups close, they announce that fuck no, NOTHING WILL EVER REALLY KILL THE E STREET BAND. Internet, seriously, I can't even. HEARTBREAK AND ELATION, ALL IN ONE. Basically that is what the E Street Band does to me though, IDK why I'm surprised.

In conclusion, FEELINGS
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This week's P&R was a bit boring, with the best part, naturally, being April and Andy. I really love the return of their Janet Snakehole & Burt Macklin, FBI roleplay, that's kind of the best. Also I got really projecty and had a lot of FEELINGS and got angry at Ben, it was ridiculous. /o\

But more importantly, last night when I had stopped drinking but in the six hours while I was sobering up to go to work, I spent some time yelling at Twitter about how this week's Community, which was largely...whatever, made me really really want fic where Troy is a Chameleon Arch'd Time Lord, and possibly even the Doctor himself. It started as a stupid joke about this last shot pre-credits gag, but then it just, um, got away from me. Spoilery for Troy's subplot of this week's episode, and a little bit for this season in general, but mostly just unspeakably ridiculous. )

Fortunately [personal profile] lizbee gamely chatted with me on Twitter about this, and the various things that needed to happen, like River enrolling (or taking a job as an archaeology professor?) because she's tired of waiting for Troy to figure it out and wants to take matters into her own hands, Britta vs. Daleks, and Jack Harkness falling in love with Shirley and being completely bewildered when the usual ~Harkness charm~ doesn't work on her, and so following her around the campus all starry-eyed. Also Annie/Amy(/Rory). Britta/River would be pretty great, too, upon consideration. Basically this is ridiculous and stupid and also may be my new personal canon, precisely because of how ridiculous it is.

ETA: Now I'm just picspamming )
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Hello, Internet! I am kind of sad and lonely lately. 'Tis the season and all, I guess. This morning I listened to loud music, mostly Beyonce and Joan Jett and some Clash and Ramones on the way to work. That helped. Also with [personal profile] inlovewithnight gone for the weekend, the cat always becomes super-affectionate with me, which is fun.

Plus apparently we are sharing our Yuletide letters in anticipation of Yuletide Madness! Mine is here. Also, my birthday is two weeks from tomorrow, I'm just putting that out there.

I have spent lots of time on Tumblr lately. It fits my attention span better, I feel like. At the moment mine mostly consists of Serena/Blair, Bruce/Steve, and some occasional Simpsons quotes, "Sophie Okonedo *_____*", and Harry Potter/Mean Girls macros, because for some reason Harry Potter/Mean Girls macros are always funny to me. Also, today I posted these two pictures in separate posts, one right after the other, and didn't notice until later.

Mostly I walk away wanting to do a Serena/Blair vid, about Serena running off pre-show and Blair hurting over it, set to "Bobby Jean". Maybe once I get my bonus + tax return and buy the new computer I'm planning on, I will vid more than once every two or three years, who knows?

I also started a gender-swapped and race-bent BtVS casting, but mostly it was an excuse to talk about Donald Glover as Buffy and Sophie Okonedo as Giles. THINK ABOUT IT. Or just talk to me about Sophie Okonedo in general. Q: how gorgeous is she? A: All of it. She is ALL OF THE GORGEOUS. Dear Sophie, we should have a gay Jewish wedding and then have lots of tiny babies, yes? Yes. Okay, glad we've got that settled.

Okay, back to cleaning; the fam is coming up to visit tomorrow, plus I have a bunch of baking to do. Happy Friday to all!
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i. I'm not dead (it's been a week since I last posted, so I thought you might be wondering, because we all know how hard it is to shut me up normally)!

ii. Holy shit it is September.

iii. There really isn't a whole lot going on, and I haven't been feeling particularly connected to fandom lately, and have mostly been doing writing over at the non-fannish blog I'd started with a couple of friends, since two of us are social media professionals -- well, one of us is, but while I don't officially do that yet, I've become the de facto social media coordinator for Generic Publisher and I'm probably going to push in the future to transition that to my official title, since I think it's where I'm contributing the most and where I have the potential to make the biggest difference -- and it seemed like it might be helpful to actually have a social media presence. I would link it, but it's under our real names, and while I don't mind one-way traffic from my fannish journal to my real name, the co-bloggers might not be comfortable with the same. But if you're interested, let me know and I'll point you towards it!

iv. Holy shit it is September.

v. Most interesting thing happening lately, fannishly, is probably either the teaser-clip that's been released from the upcoming Darkness anniversary set (WORDS ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!!!) or the dream I had last night where Cobra Starship, various 70s-era E Street Band members, and [personal profile] redbrickrose and I all went to some kind of Hogwarts-esque school together. Victoria, [personal profile] redbrickrose, and I were roommates. There were a lot of make-out parties. It was pretty rad.

vi. A lot of my energy at the moment is actually going towards religious stuff -- I met with Rabbi L. last week and she said she thought that at our post-High Holy Days meeting it'll be time to sit down and figure out a hard timeline for the Official Conversion Things -- the paperwork and the beit din and the mikveh. I have a couple of different posts, about connecting to the community and how moving to a part of the DC area with a huge Jewish population has helped, and about the High Holy Days, coming up, but I will save those for the conversion filter and spare you dudes who aren't interested (if you ARE interested, of course, just let me know that you want in on the conversion filter).

vii. Holy shit it is September.
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i. A kinkmeme for ~Disney Animated Classics~. Which is to say, any 2-D major motion pictures and their assorted sequels. Basically anything in the Princess franchise. Possibly allowing non-Disney ones so that the Anastasia fans have somewhere to go. I have sort of wanted to do this for aaaaages. I even have a title! It would be called "Ow! My childhood!" Great idea, or GREATEST idea?

ii. Chicken. I have this really tasty-looking lunch featuring a new kind of yogurt that I am excited about! Also cucumbers! And pretzels! But all of a sudden I'm just like "you know what would be great? Roasted chicken." Thanks a lot, stomach, where the hell am I supposed to get roasted chicken?

iii. Following a conversation with [personal profile] inlovewithnight yesterday, Zhao/Azula babyfic. I don't know how it would even work, but it would be amazing. They would have the hottest, evilest babies ever. And the two of them being parents would be beautiful. They would be confused at first, and then all of a sudden they would just get SUPER INTO IT, because they are the GREATEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD and that means this is the GREATEST BABY IN THE WORLD and obviously they are great parents, what do you mean there are too many stuffed animals? LOOK IF SHE DOESN'T WANT THEM SHE CAN USE THEM FOR TARGET PRACTICE. Comedy gold. And then their child would rebel by running off and joining up with the Earth Kingdom Hippies.

iv. Books to read! I got some good recs yesterday from you guys, thank you! But here is more of me yammering about books, and also me having an absurd plotbunny. )

You're all totally proud to have me as a friend, don't even front.

* Oh man, the amount of time [personal profile] mimesere and I spent at the urban fantasy panel we went to at CCI making fun of the person who got up just to tell the authors how much they wanted to see more books about dudes, I can't even. Y'all know who is really underrepresented in literature? Men.
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Crossover bingo. People sign up with one central character (maybe fandom), and name a few other fandoms they can write from, and get a bingo card featuring characters or elements from those other fandoms (elements meaning, like, ships or fandom-specific items; Serenity from Firefly or the Colt from Supernatural, for instance). There might also be some random things thrown in there along with specific-to-their-fandoms, like "a female character is a Slayer!" or "adventures in the TARDIS".

Y/N? I might need help from people familiar with more fandoms than I am, otherwise everyone will just be reduced to whatever I can pick up from Wikipedia, but I feel like this could be hilaaaaarious.

In other non-ragey news, we're at the ALA convention all this week. I got so many ARCs, it is amazing. I walked away with like twelve today and I might go back tomorrow morning for more, since the Scholastic one wasn't walkable yet and I only got a couple from Penguin because they were in the middle of setting up but I gasped over Sapphique and they gave me the ARC of it. YAAAAAY NEW BOOKS TO READ. Ugh guys I loved Incarceron so much, I don't even.

Also tonight Mom came over and I made chicken soup and we had a nice Shabbat dinner, and tomorrow there is fangirl cookout time! I love fangirl cookout time. But right now it is sleep time, which I love more than many other kinds of times.
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From [ profile] inlovewithnight, The remix meme for those of us who can't handle actually participating in Remix: If you could remix any of my stories from any of my fandoms, which would it be and how would you remix it?


I can't be bothered to track down the post and put my name in, but tell me what my fic tells you about my id. I can't generally be bothered to work hard at disguising my tendency to idfic, so I'm curious if what you guys feel like you've learned about my id matches up with the image I have of myself as a writer.

Because traffic was super-light today, I got here about forty-five minutes early. I stopped in at the Giant across the street, discovered they were having a massive sale on ice cream, and now I am a hero in the office because I bought some for everyone. \o/
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i. There is a commentfanwork meme going on over at [community profile] ladyslash! You should all go play, because it has the potential to be pretty freaking amazing.

ii. This month is insanely busy and it keeps getting busier. Nobody ask me to do, like, anything for the rest of it especially if it involves something happening on a weekend (next weekend, for instance, I'm going down to North Carolina, and the weekend after I spend the morning of the 22nd in Richmond for my sister's graduation, then come back up to NoVA for a friend's wedding in the evening, ahhhh so much driving). Possibly I will shortly put up a poll to figure out who's going to be the focus of the next [community profile] avatar_minis round, and I have to finish my [ profile] femslash_minis thing, and apart from that, there's basically no way I will be able to fit anything else into this month. Especially not on the weekends. So if I seem more scatter-brained than usual, this is why. I'm not really all that stressed about it, so no worries on that score; it'll get done and a lot of it's stuff I'm looking forward to, I'm just busy, and everyone deserves fair warning. If I drop a ball here and there, my apologies.

iii. People who call/text as a means of getting in touch with me -- IDEK what my deal is lately, but the past week or so I have been really awful about remembering to bring my phone with me when I leave the house in the morning or get out of my car in the evening, and taking it out of my purse so it can charge, and basically I have been failing at mobile communications this week, is what you need to know. So if you've been texting/calling, my apologies; they weren't unanswered because I hate you, just because I'm ridiculously forgetful re: the phone recently.

iv. Apparently in the few weeks I have been working here I have already gained a company-wide reputation for being the person you come to with problems, because I can make them go away and remain completely calm while doing so! Given that I've been here for all of three and a half weeks and much of the company is located in China and England, I think my being a bit weirded out by this is pretty understandable. Plus I don't really know what to do with the fact that I am perceived as competent; mostly I just sit at my desk, make terrible jokes and curse a lot, lol at my bosses' ~feelings~ and ~concepts~ (they are so many millions of miles away, mentally, guys, and they have so many ~feelings~ about things, it's precious) and use the money they pay me for doing this to have beer with lunch and fund my horrible fashion choices. Sometimes I answer phone calls, do some web design, or write press releases. Or make spreadsheets! FUCK I LOVE MAKING SPREADSHEETS.

It seems I am also gaining a reputation for my amazing clothes, though. RED KNEE-HIGH HIGH-HEELED BOOTS AND A CHARTREUSE FAUX-SNAKESKIN PURSE, WHAT.

v. I think I've settled on an apartment; I'm going up to view it this weekend but IDK, it's in a building that I've been looking at for a month or so now and I keep coming back to it. I just have a gut feeling about it. The size is decent, the location is fantastic (right across the street from a Metro stop), cats are allowed, and there's in-unit laundry. Unless it's absolutely horrifying when I actually go to view it on Saturday (doesn't look like it from the pictures, but you never know), I'll probably go with it. I may need a roommate for a few months come August? I don't know, we'll see how things shake out. Commute yammering. )
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Today [personal profile] redbrickrose and I went thrifting. I'm wearing this jacket unironically, and got more excited than I care to admit over it when I saw it.

Anyone who doesn't want to be friends anymore, I completely understand.
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i. Note to self: no more Sopranos right before bed.

This message brought to you by a weird-ass dream where aliens invaded and my band of refugees ended up having to team up with Tony's crew for safety. What even.

ii. Work stuff. )

iii. Apparently May 1st will be Blog About Disablism Day! I don't know, I've been wanting for awhile to do a post about mental illness, but I still am not sure exactly what thoughts I'm trying to pull together for that hypothetical post. Mostly what it comes down to at the moment is that I am still really, really angry and hurt over WarningFail (no, fuck you, I refuse to call it a wank for much the same reasons that we stopped calling RaceFail a wank).

iv. I'm sort of thinking about moving more of my activities over to DW? I don't really know what else there would be to move there, though; I already crosspost and AO3 is pretty much my permanent home for my fic. I think I just like the look of my journal there better and want to read everything from it instead of from LJ. Whatever, I'm shallow. Anyway, in case anyone didn't know, I'm [personal profile] sohotrightnow there, so feel free to add me there, but I'll definitely continue crossposting for the foreseeable future.

v. I still need to get better about time management. I haven't written shit in so long and I hate it, plus I feel like I'm just not in the fannish groove at the moment, as a side effect of the "not having a lot of time to do more than read my flist once a day" thing. :\ Plus hopefully I will move further in soon, and that will shorten my commute and put me closer to my friends; just getting to them takes a ton of time because I'm so far out. And after the Intro to Judaism class ends that will free up an entire day of the week! But right now it is super-busy and that is not awesome.

Other than that, though, I'm feeling pretty okay, so really it could be worse. And soon I will get a paycheck and that will be super-great!
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[community profile] avatar_minis[community profile] avatar_minis[community profile] avatar_minis[community profile] avatar_minis[community profile] avatar_minis

Maybe the free-for-all was not the way to start? Mostly I was too lazy to try and set up a poll, but I also thought it could be a good way to open things up. IDK. Whatever, if nothing else I'll try again next month and run a poll. Or start with someone really minor, like Haru or something.

I should sign up myself; maybe that's what's holding people back. I'm not sure what I want to request, though! Maybe I should do an exemplary sign-up, though, just to get it started. UGH MODDING IS HARD.

It is already super-hot today. Apparently it is a day for lounging around the house in my underwear! Feelings about this: pretty good. Look, I have to put on a suit for my follow-up interview later; I already took a shower and if I put a suit on now I'm just going to get all sweaty and gross. W/E W/E I DO WHAT I WANT. As [ profile] inlovewithnight can attest; apparently she was horrified by various mental images I provided her with last night. You'd think she'd've learned better than to think I won't go there.
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i. Got pulled over on my way home last night; my registration's expired. >:( The ticket itself is only for $25, but there's another $62 in processing fees. The cop was super-nice and said something suggesting that if I renewed it before then and just brought the paperwork with me on the court date, it might get thrown out, but it may not even be worth it. I need to find out if I get a point on my license, is what I need to do, since that's my main concern; the money is a pain but that's what I've been saving for. Since it's not a moving violation, what I've been able to turn up in researching suggests that there won't be points, and tbh if I get one of these jobs I might just say screw it and pay it online, because really, my registration was expired, I can't argue with that.

The cop was adorable, though; I couldn't really get too irritated about it. It was like getting a ticket from Winnie the Pooh. He was like three years old, and was vaguely apologetic about it (and probably relieved that I wasn't crying, swearing at him, or embarrassing us both by trying to flirt my way out of it); when he ran my license he came back with it all "your record is excellent! :D? :D?" I was this close to just being like "bb, it's okay, you have a legit reason to pull me over, just give me the ticket and I'll go home and go to sleep".

ii. I've got an interview for next week! It's for one of the jobs I'd mentioned earlier this week, the one I had the big phone interview for.

iii. Sunday I'm off to NYC for a few days for Passover! \o/ My mother is apparently planning to put something together with my father, seder-wise. &Mom;

iv. As mentioned, I've been rereading the Gemma Doyle Trilogy, and UGH I LOVE IT SO MUCH DUDES, SERIOUSLY. Probably it is not all that surprising that I love Felicity Motherfucking Worthington as much as I do, on account of her being a queer girly-girl who wants to be a warrior and is super-fierce and angry and complex over the abuse in her past. Also this time around I am totally picturing Leighton Meester as Pippa and Blake Lively as Felicity.

v. I'm thinking about starting up a monthly challenge thing sort of modeled after [ profile] femslash_minis, except probably it would be over on AO3 and it would not be fandom- or style-specific every month? It would be sort of "whatever the hell I feel like this month", like one month it might be Gemma Doyle Trilogy fic, and the next month it might be all ATLA, and the next month it might be one of the challenges me and [ profile] inlovewithnight keep talking about, maybe the Tech Support AU. IDK. It would work better if I was a BNF, but whatever, my flist is varied enough that whatever I do, there will probably be at least a couple of people interested, and they will know who to pimp it to. Maybe one month will be Dean/Henricksen, because I have had several conversations with people who wish there was more of that pairing. &Henricksen;

vi. Speaking of SPN, I came downstairs this morning and "In The Beginning" was on TNT. GUYS YOU KNOW WHO I LOVE? HINT: IT IS MARY WINCHESTER. Even if she is way too orange in the daylight scenes and needs to lay off the tanning. Jensen has the same problem often, really.
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What the heck, it's been over a year since my flock was broken, maybe I will try making some non-fannish entries public again.

- I cannot get going this morning. Ugh. It took me an hour and a half to get out of bed, but any minute now I will manage to make the long trek to the kitchen and get caffeine. Any minute now. And then eventually I will work out. Eventually.

+ Last night when I went to bed I heard a fox screaming outside. It is a pretty creepy sound, but it means that spring is almost fucking here. Plus yesterday when I was outside I saw little daffodil shoots poking up through the mud. SPRIIIIIING ;____;

- I should not be allowed near eBay. I may still be outbid on this dress, though, which would probably be for the best; I didn't bid more than I can afford but I still probably shouldn't be buying it.

Okay, I am starting to get a headache, I guess I should actually force myself to the kitchen for caffeine now. Pray that I have the strength to make the journey, Internets. Oh, but before I go!

+ HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] redbrickrose! I am super-glad that you were born, because twenty-odd years after that I got to know you! \o/ I hope the next year is fantastic.
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i. I posted a whole mess of icons yesterday, including 30 ESB, 40 LotR, and 20 Simpsons. Using one of them led to this exchange:
ME: I think Bruce/Steve might be the #1 pairing represented in my icons at this point. Granted, that's only two, three if you count the one of the two of them + Patti.

...this is the road to tinhattery, isn't it?
[personal profile] inlovewithnight: Oh bb, I love that you still think there's a road ahead of you and you're not firmly settled in tinhatville.
As I said a little later, it's very comforting to take my own advice here, and remember that the most notable resident of E Street Band Tinhatville is and will always be Bruce Springsteen himself, because no one can ever ship Bruce/anyone in his band as hard as he does.

ii. For those planning to do Yuletide Treats, my Dear Author letter is here! Come on, Sophie/Eliot PWP. Or Bruce/Patti/Steve, but I feel like Leverage fic is probably more likely to actually happen ever.

iii. [ profile] austen got me to write about Buffy and Fred sledding on Saturday and now I just want a million stories about characters going sledding. Do it, LJ, it's fun! (A million bonus points for the E Street Band snow day. With Roy just sitting there in the dark, cold studio wondering where everyone else is.)
sohotrightnow: the top of a swimming young woman's torso. ([etc] I like to lol)
[ profile] sink_or_swim mentioned something to me in a recent phone call that had me kind of thinking a bit in the past week, plus there were a couple of comments/posts around LJ that set me off trying to figure this out, and I think I may have hit on an important point: it's not that I have no squee about fandom, it's that all of my squee these days is for fandoms (or pairings) where the rest of the following consists of, like, me and two flisters, or the show has been cancelled!

So if you would all just get into the E Street Band or if Eastwick hadn't been killed (FUCK YOU ABC, FUCK YOU SO HARD), my journal would seem a whole lot less negative all the time. :D? :D?

(Yes, I'm joking. Well, kind of: I do think that the fact that most of my squee goes towards a band that doesn't have a huge following in the way that most of my fandoms do, a cancelled show, and a crack crossover pairing does mean my journal may seem excessively negative sometimes, but I don't mean it when I say you should all get into those just so I seem more tolerable.)

(I mean, you should all get into Eastwick and Springsteen and Buffy/John Winchester! But you should get into them because they are awesome, not because it will make me less irritating.)
sohotrightnow: the top of a swimming young woman's torso. ([etc] jdm has dreams you know)
So last night I stayed at [ profile] austen's! That was good times; we got drunk, saw HP, and watched a ton of SPN. Also today Costco had Rainier cherries.

Plus I was driving home and "Immigrant Song" came on in Shuffle.


This is sort of like that conversation [ profile] austen and I had, where I was like "I don't like to screw around with mixed drinks if they're not gonna get me drunk" and she was like "so that's another thing you and Dean Winchester have in common", isn't it?

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