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Okay, so as I've mentioned, I'm working on selling stuff to Tumblr to try and clear some clutter and get a little extra money. Books have been a massive challenge facing me, because lordy-loo does my family hoard books. But [personal profile] schmerica needed some help getting a ticket back home, and I'm not in completely dire financial straits just yet, but job-hunting is...what it is, so the long and short of it is that I would definitely breathe a little easier with a few extra dollars, besides clearing the extra space on my shelf. So here is a first attempt!

There is a used bookstore in town that I'll probably end up taking stuff to if this doesn't sell in a week, but I've got a fair amount of credit with them already, and their cash offerings will end up being a bit less than this (plus they don't take ARCs), so I'd rather do this first.

Shipping info and long-ass list of books under the cut )

I'll probably put this all up on my Selling Stuff Tumblr shortly, too, but at the moment, I wanted to start with DW. Links would be completely rad, but I am going to be putting up posts for comics, BPAL, and possibly DVDs in the next couple of days, so holding off until I get those up is cool too.

(So is not linking, too, obvs, just, you know, if you DO want to link and don't want to spam your own lists, know that there will be more. Man I'm bad at this. ANYHOO.)

Comment if you're interested in anything, and I'll let you know my PayPal email address!
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In the name of a) clearing some of the clutter out of my closet/bookshelves (lololololol most sisyphean of endeavors) and b) maybe earning a couple extra bucks here and there, I am working on selling some of my stuff. My few experiences as an eBay seller have taught me that I loathe doing that, so I was putting things off something terrible, and then I read a great blog post advising Tumblr, and said "hmm". So here is Jules Sells Her Stuff.

It turns out that the challenge of producing content for a microblog thing is actually the motivation I needed, because now I'm like "WHAT ELSE CAN I CLEAN OUT?????" and having fun photographing everything. GAMIFICATION. Okay, that's not actually what gamification is, but it's sort of making a game out of it, for me anyway. Whatever, I just really like that word. Also, of the four items of clothing posted or in the queue, one is leopard-print, so.

Things are mostly in the under-$15 range, but there are a couple of items of clothing (an XL alpaca sweater, a Donna Morgan dress) that are more, and I anticipate that if I put more clothing up, that's going to be about the pattern: mostly gently-used stuff under $15 with a few like-new, more expensive, items. Slim pickings book-wise, so far, but I have a lot of shelves to go through. A LOT. Plus there's a bunch of stuff in the queue -- I don't want to spam anyone who might be following. At the moment I'm going with stuff that's still in good-to-like-new condition, although I may put some textbooks up if they're not horribly out of date, but if there's interest I may put up some ARCs or more beat-up books and give them to whomever pays for shipping.

Locals, if something catches your eye and you're willing to come pick it up (or, let's be honest, trade for beer and/or chocolate -- or, since it's getting to be that season, cherries), I'll of course waive the shipping costs!

Also, is BPAL still a thing? I've got a shit-ton of Imps sitting around from before I forced myself to accept the fact that I am just allergic enough to most perfumes that they're not an option. TRAGIC. If that's still a thing, maybe I'll throw them up on there, too.

(Public, so please do feel free to share this around/reblog on Tumblr/mention it on Twitter. Having got my federal refund, my financial situation isn't desperate at the moment, but it's definitely not fabulous, either, and a few extra dollars to tuck away toward medication refills in the future won't go amiss. Besides which, clearing some space in my room would be lovely; accumulation of clutter is probably my single most frustrating habit and I'm really jazzed about having possibly found a method by which I can clear it, as well.)
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Internet, I am concerned that when I say that I AM HAVING ALL OF THE FEELINGS, what you hear is "I'm having a lot of feelings". That's not what I'm saying.

What I am saying is that I AM HAVING ALL OF THE FEELINGS.

A lot of you have been hearing that Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band will be on tour in 2012. That is absolutely correct.(source)


That's not even the FIRST super-exciting thing that happened this weekend! AHHHH I had a whole ramble about my FEELINGS and how clearly the E Street Band is going to feature heavily in several of the major relationships/emotional turning points of my life and I need to get that into my head and roll with it, but it was a little too ridiculous even for me. Suffice it to say that [ profile] pearl_o has dubbed our forthcoming household "The House Where FEEEEEEEELINGS Go To Die" and she's not wrong.

Also also clearly the band are trolling me personally, since this is the first year in several where I made my peace with the fact that it was ~over~ and was trying to ~move on~ and didn't request it for Yuletide, and then hours after signups close, they announce that fuck no, NOTHING WILL EVER REALLY KILL THE E STREET BAND. Internet, seriously, I can't even. HEARTBREAK AND ELATION, ALL IN ONE. Basically that is what the E Street Band does to me though, IDK why I'm surprised.

In conclusion, FEELINGS
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Chag sameach! For some reason I am feeling talky this week, I guess.

Fannish stuff: [personal profile] inlovewithnight did a great post in response to [personal profile] happydork's recent posts re: writing the stories we say we want to read, fandom and the logic of collective action, or, as she puts it, "the issue of 'we have this discussion over and over, why is it so difficult to make anything come of it?'".
The short version: if behavior X is predicted to give a high COMMUNITY benefit, but INDIVIDUALS will benefit more immediately from behavior Y, individuals will tend to choose Y, and assume that someone else will pick up the slack of X and/or that X wasn't really all that important anyway. (See also: the American social-welfare system or lack thereof; nuclear proliferation.)

The logic of collective action is: don't have it. Someone else out there will take care of the collective good, and I need to take care of me.
Really, really interesting.

TV: Non-spoilery, just kind of long. Short version: EVERYONE WATCH UNDERCOVERS. )

Books: I also seem to be on an Indian (well, generally more Indian-American, though I'm trying to figure out how to get my hands on You Are Here) chick-lit kick; after For Matrimonial Purposes I'm now on The Hindi-Bindi club. Which opened with loving descriptions of proceeding from the Victoria's Secret in Georgetown Park out through Georgetown and driving over to Potomac, Maryland from there, and even if the narrative voices aren't as engaging as Anju there are some great turns of phrase and engaging stories, such that I was even willing to break my "no stories that regularly cycle through a lot of first-person narrators" rule (IDK, I just get confused and lose interest). I may also need fic about this incident (a character whose family had to flee their home in Lahore after the Partition):
Biji had an intricately carved walnut jewelry box Bauji gifted her on a family holiday in Kashmir. She emptied it, selling her wedding jewelry to finance our new start. Bauji spent the next decade filling it back up again.

I remember watching Gone With the Wind with my girlfriends in college. How I related to Scarlett O'Hara! I loved the end when, after surviving the Civil War, she lifts a handful of the earth and vows never to go hungry again.
I WANT FIC ABOUT THAT MOVIE NIGHT SO MUCH. And beyond; possibly I will end up requesting "Saroj goes through a Gone With the Wind phase" fic, because I really really love stories about how people relate to other stories when they're done well (see also my Wednesday Wars reaction, although it looks like that's flocked/filtered so I won't link to it, but trust me, I LOVED IT). H-BC is very Joy Luck Club, but honestly I like it a lot more than I liked that.

Writing: I've been terrible about it lately; I think I'm going to start shooting for writing every day. I signed up over at [community profile] origfic_bingo, and I'm going to get going on my [ profile] help_pakistan fic, but I've had a bunch of fantastic original ideas starting to finally gel, I think, after several frustrating months of percolation, so I'm going to start trying to work on those as well, or at least get more ideas written down. Possibly I will talk more about this, maybe not. IDK. Again, scarceness might well continue while I'm trying to focus my energy on this.
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Reminder: I'm making a few different offers over at [ profile] help_pakistan: a 500-word ficlet, a 1500-word fic, and three cookie-ficlet combo packs.

DC, I am fond of you: Last week was Restaurant Week, and [personal profile] redbrickrose and I went to Acadiana, which was amaaaaaazing, and while it's a bit pricey for regular visits, you can totally make a meal out of the much-cheaper appetizers (seriously, I got soup, and figured it'd be a little cup with four spoonfuls in it, but instead got a full-size bowl, and was so full I wasn't able to eat more than half my entree) or split an entree, and then you have room for dessert, too, which is good, because the desserts are freaking magical. Plus they have great Happy Hour deals, and seeing as it's about three blocks from [personal profile] redbrickrose's apartment I suspect we will be taking advantage of those deals not infrequently.

But even more excitingly, this week is Beer Week! The two of us went to a place near Nats Stadium, Justin's, which was doing a deal where for $10 you got a pint of beer and a slice of pie. The beer was delicious and the pie was delicious, but the combination I got -- a very hoppy beer and banana cream pie -- was terrible, which was tragic. Ah well, it was in the name of science. The science of finding out what beers go with what kind of pies. And now I can all share my wisdom with you: don't mix banana cream pie and hoppy beer. You're welcome. They also have good Happy Hour deals, too, so that's another one I suspect I'll be spending more time at in the future; it was a really nice little place with excellent food and really good beer.

If I don't laugh I will be filled with rage: In more local news, the Tea Party is in town this weekend. The warnings they have issued their members about what Metro lines to stay off of are amazing (why are they taking the Metro at all, anyway? Isn't using public transportation basically funding further socialist nonsense like infrastructure?). Yes, you all need to stay off the Green Line and out of Southeast; I totally felt like I was in horrible danger wandering around last night and surrounded by scary office buildings and apartment buildings, in a bar full of middle-class professionals having a drink after work, young couples out for dinner and Beer Week specials, and bros killing time before heading over to the stadium for the Nats-Cubs game. It was like being in a war zone. The three beers I had were to get over the trauma.

Books: I read Mockingjay! Cut for length and spoilers. )

Less serious conversion news: I filled out my Leave Request form for Rosh Hashanah today! I am kind of considering photocopying the form to keep in my folder of other conversion stuff, the first time I took a holiday off for religious reason.
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Happy Friday, Internet! Here, have a meme that I lifted from [personal profile] newredshoes.!
If you were writing RPF about me, what characteristics (either physical or personality) would you harp on, and what purple prose would you use to describe them? (Note: The more superficial and cliched, the better. We all like to think of ourselves as intelligent, but it's not what sells the muffins, if you know what I mean.)
Last night the Metro only went as far as my stop, because there was a power line down on the tracks. My heart sank as I left the train station and saw that the busy intersections around my building had cops directing traffic because the lights were out. You might be saying to yourself, 'no way', but I assure you, this story is going exactly where you think it can't possibly be going. ) Good times, good times!

I really want a donut.
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+ One day, I will finish the meta-vid I keep starting (and then getting too depressed to continue work on for more than an hour or so), to "Nice Guys Finish Last" ("I treat her bad/she loves me good" indeed). In the meantime, this post is good and [ profile] rawles should feel good, because it says all the same things and reading it takes less time than watching a vid.
Because obviously the feminist way to deal with a misogynistic narrative is not to balance out relationships or illuminate and explore the female characters, but to ignore them! Riiiight.

The erasure of female characters from a narrative is never feminist. Period. The end.

- LJ seems to be working only sporadically for me these days! I have to hit reload on things there several times before they'll actually show up. I don't have any particularly fierce loyalty to any one journaling service, but it's not logically possible to have any loyalty to a service that's not actually being provided, LJ.

+ I've been introducing several people in my life to Community, including friends and parents. Mom's favorite characters are Abed and Shirley. To paraphrase something one of my flisters -- I'm pretty sure it was [ profile] baked_goldfish, but not 100% -- said of 30 Rock, it's come the closest of anything to filling the Arrested Development-shaped void in my heart.

? I need to make a doctor's appointment in the next few months, I think; my attention span issues have become a lot more noticeable lately, and apparently some of my other behaviors, combined with my general issues, are indicative of something in the ADD/ADHD family. There's also some general health stuff I'd like to address -- nothing life-threatening, just a throat/respiratory thing that's happened to me all my life but finally someone recently told me that no, everyone doesn't react to exercise with intense pain and tightness in the chest and throat, plus horrific-sounding wheezing, and I might want to talk to a doctor about that.

+ Under two weeks until I move! :DDDD

- AHHHHHH UNDER TWO WEEKS UNTIL I MOVE. THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO. Fortunately, since my brother and sister vacated their apartment down in Richmond (brother's staying down there, but moving in with friends; sister's planning to live at home for the time being, until she either starts grad school or finds a job), a lot of the furniture I'd be needing (table, TV, couch) is now just sitting in the garage. My clothing-purge of January, however, was clearly not effective enough, because there's still tons of stuff sitting there that I haven't touched since I decided to keep it then. So that will have to happen again, and probably I'll need to do a book-purge as well.

+ But I am going to worry about that tomorrow, because for today, there is the first Cabal Cookout of the season to prepare for! \o/ I should probably get to work on that, actually. Hmm.
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i. This week is kind of busy for me, and also every time I sit down to start yammering about something fannish my mind seems to go blank! And there's even less interesting stuff going on in my non-fannish life, I'm just busy this week. So if I am not around much in the next few days, I'm not dead or anything, I just don't have a whole lot to say at the moment.

ii. Took the roommate situation to Craigslist at last, and now it is resolved! \o/ She seems very nice (moving down here from Michigan to start a DoS job; wants a temporary place while she figures out where she wants to live long-term), and I think we'll get along pretty well. Hooray for Craigslist encounters that don't end in murder! Oh man I cannot wait to move. It's going to be awesome.

iii. Economist, there is something here that ruins your srs bzns article about the al-Qaeda presence in western Saharan Africa.
But AQIM [al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb] is plainly rattling several governments. It plays on local grievances. Its bountiful cash is a lure to young men living in poverty in the desert. The authorities of northern Nigeria are especially worried. The country was the original home of the young man with explosive underpants who tried to blow up an American airliner over Detroit at Christmas.
Admittedly I'm no journalist, but I think it might be the phrase "explosive underpants".

iv. Suddenly I am super-nervous and I have no idea why! Like, my heart is going really fast and really hard (that's what she said?) hard enough that my entire chest is moving with it. Aaaaaaah do not want. >:( Maybe I'll have some green tea or something ("I DON'T WANT ANY CALMING TEA!!!!!").
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I'll probably take this over to [community profile] dcmetro in a few days, and maybe Facebook, if this doesn't yield results, but I'm trying to expand the circle slowly. So -- DC-area folks, or those who know someone who's in the area or who will be in the area! The goal is to avoid going to Craigslist at all costs.

I'm going to need to sublet a room for the summer, from mid-June (I move in June 12th, so then or later) until around the end of August or the beginning of September (exact dates are flexible). A few paragraphs on the apartment, the neighborhood/building, and me. )

If you're interested, comment here, or email me at cidercupcakes at gmail dot com. And this entry's public, so please do point your flists/circles this way if you think there are people who might be interested.
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i. I began the paperwork for the apartment I saw on Saturday! It is in Silver Spring, and it is just gorgeous, and everyone I encountered in the building was incredibly nice. I have a couple of leads on roommates, but I will keep the Internet posted on that front because I may yet need someone for up to six months.

ii. I saw The Losers with the Cabal yesterday. That movie needs to win all of the awards. ALL OF THE AWARDS. Every Oscar, every Emmy, every Country Music Award, every Nobel prize. We need to cancel the London Olympics and give all the medals to the people involved in this movie. It managed to not offend me! I love action movies like crazy, but for the most part they range from "moderately offensive" to "very offensive". More on that note, spoilery. )

Also, shocking exactly no one, Aisha/Clay is pretty much the hardest I have ever shipped anything since Mulder/Scully. I almost don't need fic, because everything I would want from fic was right there in the movie, although if anyone wanted to write millions of fics about them brawling and doing it and brawling some more and doing it some more I would not object. *_______* My one complaint is that again, just in case )

And just as I gleefully whispered to [personal profile] redbrickrose that this was the greatest movie ever made, they started the recurring musical theme of mildly spoilery ). I don't think I stopped grinning and flapping my hands with delight for the entire rest of the film. Seriously, any movie whose summary concludes with spoilers ) is fucking art. ALL OF THE AWARDS.

Between this and The Runaways, 2010 has been such a great year for movies. DELIGHT.

iii. I woke up pretty early this morning, IDK what's up with that. I had planned to sleep more, but I don't think that's going to happen because I am feeling pretty wide awake. Maybe I'll get my workout done, I've been neglecting it for the past week or so.
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i. There is a commentfanwork meme going on over at [community profile] ladyslash! You should all go play, because it has the potential to be pretty freaking amazing.

ii. This month is insanely busy and it keeps getting busier. Nobody ask me to do, like, anything for the rest of it especially if it involves something happening on a weekend (next weekend, for instance, I'm going down to North Carolina, and the weekend after I spend the morning of the 22nd in Richmond for my sister's graduation, then come back up to NoVA for a friend's wedding in the evening, ahhhh so much driving). Possibly I will shortly put up a poll to figure out who's going to be the focus of the next [community profile] avatar_minis round, and I have to finish my [ profile] femslash_minis thing, and apart from that, there's basically no way I will be able to fit anything else into this month. Especially not on the weekends. So if I seem more scatter-brained than usual, this is why. I'm not really all that stressed about it, so no worries on that score; it'll get done and a lot of it's stuff I'm looking forward to, I'm just busy, and everyone deserves fair warning. If I drop a ball here and there, my apologies.

iii. People who call/text as a means of getting in touch with me -- IDEK what my deal is lately, but the past week or so I have been really awful about remembering to bring my phone with me when I leave the house in the morning or get out of my car in the evening, and taking it out of my purse so it can charge, and basically I have been failing at mobile communications this week, is what you need to know. So if you've been texting/calling, my apologies; they weren't unanswered because I hate you, just because I'm ridiculously forgetful re: the phone recently.

iv. Apparently in the few weeks I have been working here I have already gained a company-wide reputation for being the person you come to with problems, because I can make them go away and remain completely calm while doing so! Given that I've been here for all of three and a half weeks and much of the company is located in China and England, I think my being a bit weirded out by this is pretty understandable. Plus I don't really know what to do with the fact that I am perceived as competent; mostly I just sit at my desk, make terrible jokes and curse a lot, lol at my bosses' ~feelings~ and ~concepts~ (they are so many millions of miles away, mentally, guys, and they have so many ~feelings~ about things, it's precious) and use the money they pay me for doing this to have beer with lunch and fund my horrible fashion choices. Sometimes I answer phone calls, do some web design, or write press releases. Or make spreadsheets! FUCK I LOVE MAKING SPREADSHEETS.

It seems I am also gaining a reputation for my amazing clothes, though. RED KNEE-HIGH HIGH-HEELED BOOTS AND A CHARTREUSE FAUX-SNAKESKIN PURSE, WHAT.

v. I think I've settled on an apartment; I'm going up to view it this weekend but IDK, it's in a building that I've been looking at for a month or so now and I keep coming back to it. I just have a gut feeling about it. The size is decent, the location is fantastic (right across the street from a Metro stop), cats are allowed, and there's in-unit laundry. Unless it's absolutely horrifying when I actually go to view it on Saturday (doesn't look like it from the pictures, but you never know), I'll probably go with it. I may need a roommate for a few months come August? I don't know, we'll see how things shake out. Commute yammering. )

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