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Catching up, as somehow yesterday completely got away from me. Three today, probably! Possibly? Hopefully. Two, at least. Prompts are here!

[personal profile] poisontaster asked about the most comfortable thing I own, which was REALLY DIFFICULT. Comfort is a huge priority for me when I'm buying clothes, so a lot of my wardrobe is really comfortable, and picking a winner was hard! At one point I was considering cheating and doing most comfortable top, bottom, dress, shoes, etc., but I was too lazy. /o\

I think #1, though, is probably a pair of jeans I got at the thrift store a year or so ago. They're denim trousers from Express, the Editor style, but they fit SO MUCH BETTER than any version of those I've ever tried on in the store, and I don't see them on their website or anything, so I guess maybe they're a couple of years old at this point? They are so great. I love them. The fabric is really soft and smooth, and if it were just a more consistent solid blue you wouldn't be able to tell it was denim at all; they would just look like regular trousers. I come home from work and they're the first thing I put on. Well, no, it's about even whether I'll put them on first or take my bra off first, it varies. Plus, since they were from one of my favorite thrift stores in town, on one of their discount days, they cost me less than $5, which you can't beat with a stick. I'm at work, so I can't check, but I think there's less of that stretch crap to them -- you guys I hate stretch jeans so much, SO MUCH, stretch + low rise is the worst combination ever, they are impossible for me to keep up -- and they just hang so nicely. I love them. I LOVE THEM.


Sep. 17th, 2013 10:11 am
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Please remember, when you feel the need to rail against ~Washington~, that there's a lot more to this city than the politicians you love to hate.
...writing about how awful Washington is can be easier than trying to dispel the myth that we're all boomtowners feeding off of the federal trough. Still, it's always going to bother me when otherwise intelligent scribes so blithely paint all of D.C. with the worst of what Washington has to offer. (DCist)
All of the people murdered yesterday lived within an hour's drive of me; some of them lived within ten minutes'. One of them lived within walking distance. I went to school with her kids. A few of the victims' names have yet to be released and I am currently waiting to find out whether some other neighbor or friend or person from my shul is dead, as well.

This did put my other major annoyances of the day (finding a friggin' brown recluse spider in my bathroom, feeling sort of feverish and sick) into perspective. So that's...something. And, I mean. At least it wasn't twenty-seven people, most of them young children, this time? BUZZFEED PRESENTS: 10 LEAST TERRIBLE MASS SHOOTINGS, by [personal profile] sohotrightnow!

If anyone feels so moved, here is the donation page for Mayors Against Illegal Guns' grassroots campaign branch; here is the donation page for the Brady Campaign. Be good to each other.

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