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Hello Internet! I had a lovely Fangirl Afternoon yesterday, with me forcing Happy Endings onto several friends after talking it up to anyone who would stand still long enough for a few weeks. Plus I made burgers, although I haven't been able to do any proper grilling yet. SOON.

(Then I attempted to continue my bra shopping endeavors of the past couple of weeks, but this ended terribly, as I have come to expect. It would be super-exciting to find my band size in anything larger than an A cup, guys. SUPER-exciting.)

Also, important point! I have a paid Flickr account, because I've got tons of pictures on it and with a free account you can only view the 200 most recent, but I really need to justify paying for it as something other than a social storage tool. Specifically, I've got to start taking more pictures, especially since I've got not only my DSLR but my parents' Chanukah present of a handy little point-and-shoot that is a lot easier to just carry around in my purse than the DSLR (plus my iPhone, which as phone cameras go is fairly decent). So give me suggestions of things you'd like to see pictures of from my life! I love experimenting with textures -- fabrics, animal skins/furs/shells, etc. -- but every time I think "I should take more pictures" I promptly get overwhelmed and just end up getting a couple pictures of my cats with my iPhone. Admittedly, what's the Internet FOR if not pictures of cats, but I feel like I could stand to stretch out at least a tiny bit more. So: suggestions or requests, go!

Ugh I need caffeine. All the caffeine.
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Internet, I am concerned that when I say that I AM HAVING ALL OF THE FEELINGS, what you hear is "I'm having a lot of feelings". That's not what I'm saying.

What I am saying is that I AM HAVING ALL OF THE FEELINGS.

A lot of you have been hearing that Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band will be on tour in 2012. That is absolutely correct.(source)


That's not even the FIRST super-exciting thing that happened this weekend! AHHHH I had a whole ramble about my FEELINGS and how clearly the E Street Band is going to feature heavily in several of the major relationships/emotional turning points of my life and I need to get that into my head and roll with it, but it was a little too ridiculous even for me. Suffice it to say that [ profile] pearl_o has dubbed our forthcoming household "The House Where FEEEEEEEELINGS Go To Die" and she's not wrong.

Also also clearly the band are trolling me personally, since this is the first year in several where I made my peace with the fact that it was ~over~ and was trying to ~move on~ and didn't request it for Yuletide, and then hours after signups close, they announce that fuck no, NOTHING WILL EVER REALLY KILL THE E STREET BAND. Internet, seriously, I can't even. HEARTBREAK AND ELATION, ALL IN ONE. Basically that is what the E Street Band does to me though, IDK why I'm surprised.

In conclusion, FEELINGS
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[community profile] avatar_minis[community profile] avatar_minis[community profile] avatar_minis[community profile] avatar_minis[community profile] avatar_minis

Maybe the free-for-all was not the way to start? Mostly I was too lazy to try and set up a poll, but I also thought it could be a good way to open things up. IDK. Whatever, if nothing else I'll try again next month and run a poll. Or start with someone really minor, like Haru or something.

I should sign up myself; maybe that's what's holding people back. I'm not sure what I want to request, though! Maybe I should do an exemplary sign-up, though, just to get it started. UGH MODDING IS HARD.

It is already super-hot today. Apparently it is a day for lounging around the house in my underwear! Feelings about this: pretty good. Look, I have to put on a suit for my follow-up interview later; I already took a shower and if I put a suit on now I'm just going to get all sweaty and gross. W/E W/E I DO WHAT I WANT. As [ profile] inlovewithnight can attest; apparently she was horrified by various mental images I provided her with last night. You'd think she'd've learned better than to think I won't go there.
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I have very little to say lately. Sry, bbs. I have been awful about writing lately, too; maybe I will do a prompt-collection thing later.

Odds of actually getting this job: depressingly slim. Whatever, it can't hurt to dream, right?
The International Spy Museum, the only public museum in the U.S. solely dedicated to the tradecraft, history, and contemporary role of espionage, seeks a dynamic and creative individual to serve as member of the Exhibitions and Programs team.

[ profile] inlovewithnight had a long discussion yesterday about this picture of Gabe Saporta, and where it ultimately ended was with us talking about how we really want Gabe and Steve Van Zandt to be New Jersey's answer to Zuko and Iroh. Think about it. Also now I have some kind of ridiculous fic that I think I promised to write, where Gabe starts collecting small babies and Bruce Springsteen tries to set him straight and it backfires horribly. I'm actually kind of sad that it's too late to do Bandom Big Bang, because I could take this idea far.

The Cabal saw How To Train Your Dragon last night! That was really delightful. [ profile] baked_goldfish and I decided that it was set in the same world as ATLA, just on some other continent, whatever the European analog in that world is. Other non-spoilery thoughts: I love that the dragons were really clearly cats, and also that Gerard Butler was gleefully playing a parody of every other character he plays, but especially Leonidas. And there was a trailer for The Last Airbender, which we all booed.
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Today I:
  • worked out, but the machine made a horrible grinding noise right at the end of the workout and now I am concerned
  • crafted a fucking gorgeous cover letter, only to realize as I went to send it that I'd already applied for the job a few weeks back
  • have been super-sluggish on account of how the time change always throws me off for a week or so afterwards
On the bright side, this weekend I had:
  • fangirl time
  • a delicious Shabbat dinner on Friday
  • extensive TV-viewing parties
  • tons of junk food
  • lots of alcohol
  • discussions about feelings, without causing the universe to collapse in on itself and everything to be horrible forever
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i. Johari window, Nohari window. A couple of flisters were doing this, and oh man, I don't think I've done it since...shit, since I was in London on the internship, I think. Wow.

ii. At about 1800 words on The Lambs. I'm currently going for about 600 words per day. At that rate, if I never have a magical day where I write several thousand words and things are easy and wonderful, I still have a first draft done by June, since 60k is my tentative goal. And 600 words is enough to not make me want to kill myself if it's a really bad day and whatever I come up with is terrible. Maybe I will step that up by a couple hundred words every now and then, we'll see.

iii. [ profile] austen spent the night last night! \o/ We drank and went out for Italian food and watched DVDs. Plus [ profile] inlivewithnight stopped by on her way back up from Richmond, which was also great! &fangirls;


v. Okay, I am going to try to write the thing I claimed for [ profile] het_idcrack tonight, or at least some of it. I found a nice little picture while trawling through Tumblr that gave me ideas, so that's good. I ended up grabbing one of the SPN prompts, which was originally requested as John/OFC, but the requester :D'ed when I asked if it was okay to do it as a crossover instead, so three guesses where I'm thinking about going with that. Then maybe I'll try my hand at something for [ profile] ladykink, because there are a lot of prompts there and not a whole lot of stories so far. GO, DUDES, GO.
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I need to get better about planning my days out. I got punched hard by a story idea -- something I've been tossing around for awhile, a post-apocalyptic gang thing, but that has started coming a whole lot clearer lately -- and there are a dozen different fics I want to write (this is getting terrible between [ profile] het_idcrack and [ profile] ladykink) and then suddenly the day is gone and I've gotten little to no writing done.

Okay, right now I have to do my readings and journal entry for Intro to Judaism. Tonight, Cabal. Tomorrow, I can get started writing some of this stuff before class. Yes.

Also I had lunch and ATLA-viewing-time with [ profile] cruisedirector. Who is always fun to watch things with because we are generally on the same page wrt terrible dirty jokes (mostly about Zhao), awesome ladies, and Zuko's ~FEELINGS~. And yesterday [ profile] smallcaps gave me a bunch of balloons for my LJ profile. YAY FRIENDS. This is making up for the fact that there are a few people I would really like to slap right now, and also the job search is starting to get frustrating again.
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Hey, look, I actually put up content over at [ profile] pavedmemorylane, the comm for the Buffy renaissance a bunch of us seemed to be having simultaneously. \o/ Today we are talking about the most kickass moments of the show, but possibly we'll be having a ship war post soon, which of course we are all taking very seriously.

Yeah, apart from that and hanging out with [ profile] inlovewithnight, not a whole lot going on today. Maybe I will go dick around in Photoshop and see if I can whip up some icons.

Just FYI

Oct. 16th, 2009 10:43 pm
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You can really, really easily fanwank JDM's character in "Provider" (Angel S3) into being John Winchester undercover. The dude is using the name Sam on a case in California, ffs. Clearly he hooked up with Buffy and then felt the need to check on Angel and make sure he was ~worthy~ of her.

Seriously, watch the episode and tell me you're not spending it going "Yeah, that's John Winchester."

Also me and [ profile] austen had quite a bit to drink. \o/
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i. It's surprising how quickly I've become dependent on Dreamwidth. They were down when I went to post this last night and I was so bewildered as to what I was going to do.

ii. [personal profile] inlovewithnight and I hung out yesterday, with one of the results being that I finally saw some Leverage! IDK, I liked the sound of it but somehow kept managing to miss it, so today was the first time I had really watched it. It was even more delightful than I had been led to believe. My main reaction is that I really don't think it is so unreasonable to want fic where the entire team gang-bangs Eliot. Plus a million ridiculous Parker/Hardison epics where they have tiny thief babies and carry them around while heisting. DON'T JUDGE ME.

(I think possibly I wife Eliot a little, IDK. I didn't want to wife the Christian Kane character, but. Okay, possibly I have a type in terms of the dudes I wife, and possibly that type is "burly, maybe kind of dim dude who likes to hit people". And/or, in the case of ladies, "girly-girl who likes to hit people".)

Basically it hits all the buttons for me that Burn Notice comes close to hitting but then just barely misses. So much :D I can't even.

iii. hey look it's a prompt-a-thon! I am tempted to post, but shy because I do not know any of the people there and found it while link-following on LJ. /o\

iv. I have this ridiculous idea for a comment meme, where we all make up pairings (obscure minor characters or crossovers; maybe just crossovers) and share fake ~memories~ of big shippy moments for them. Possibly I will try doing that sometime in the next couple of weeks, because I feel like it could deliver some lols. IDK, thoughts?

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