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ASS. When Max canceled his DC show, which was scheduled for like a week or so before Conan's new show was supposed to start, me and [personal profile] inlovewithnight were all hopeful, but then this came out, so basically that's double stamps for you this week, Max. Also, can we look at how they never actually get Max to comment in that article, but instead they have Little Steven sounding vaguely confused about why he's there himself?
Me: Why the fuck is Steve the person they get to comment on this?
Night: I think they just have two E Street Band phone numbers at Rolling Stone, and Bruce wasn't picking up.
Me: Maybe they've got pictures of Steve --
Night [despondent]: Please don't pursue that line of thought any further.
[her tone cracks me up]
Me: Oh my god, your voice.
Night: I know you, and I have to go to bed soon, and I don't want the images you're going to put in my head following me.
I'm trying to think of something snappy to defend myself with, but eh, let's face it, she's totally right.
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I am currently agonizing over the [community profile] polybigbang story. I know it's going to be an open polygon rather than closed, as in A/B and B/C rather than A/B/C, but there may be a D in there too, which I am currently trying to work out. TL;DR, plotting and navel-gazing. ) I think I'm just kind of self-conscious and worried that I'm just doing the crossover because it's me and that's what I do? IDK. If that's what I'm really worried about, I could just do some non-crossover fic and call it a day. The world could always use more Jo Harvelle porn.

Semi-relatedly, I am fighting this ridiculous desire for lots of Dean/Cassie domestic fic. What.

I also found this convo Night and I had about Buffy/John that I saved, because it delighted me. I am trying to figure out why I randomly throw in italics when I'm writing lulzy dialog for Castiel. I think in my head Castiel is basically the raccoons and cephalopods from Dinosaur Comics.


Dean Winchester I'm going to watch you sleep tonight

I'll be like

"hello, Dean Winchester"

Cut because this is more so I have it saved, and let's face it, these convos are never interesting to anyone but the people who have them. )

I explained "TL;DR" to my mother the other day and apparently she's started using it at work. I'm so proud.

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