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Hey, so, if you're in the WTNV fandom, you may know of my dear friend [ profile] branwyn-says. She was planning to move from her current home next month, and is desperately in need of a job, since she may shortly be homeless otherwise. She's also uninsured and dealing with massive dental issues. And then, a few days ago, one of her soon-to-be-ex-neighbors raped her (if you find yourself scrolling through her tumblr, be warned that the post in which she talks about that is on the second page, and is fairly graphic).

If you can kick in even a couple of dollars to help her move, and get herself situated so she doesn't end up living in her car again when she does move out, that would be incredibly helpful. She's also welcoming distractions, and you can get an idea of what she's into by reading her tumblr -- where the button to donate via paypal is also located!

Alternately, if you know of any resources in North Carolina -- she's in the Raleigh area right now, but was tentatively planning to move to Charlotte, having a possible job offer there -- that would be great (if you're not comfortable leaving them in her ask, you can let me know in the comments, which I'll screen). Leads on potential roommates and/or jobs would be great, as well; she has a strong English background, and experience working as a carer/health aide. I don't know that she's set on Charlotte, but it's the best job possibility she's got at the moment. Hell, if you have experience navigating social services in NC, or can help her find someone who does -- Medicaid, unemployment, women's shelters -- that would be helpful, too.

As she said in a post about her current job/living situation, a week or so ago (this was before she was raped, though she's dealing with PTSD already from some other stuff in her upbringing, and it's mentioned in the post):
So…what I’m asking is, not really for money (although it would be disingenuous to pretend I couldn’t use it, and I have put the donate button back up on my main blog page). But what I could really use is for the Tumblr braintrust to try and…help me see my way through this more clearly. At this point, I’m so screwed in the head that I can’t even navigate the services that help the mentally ill find jobs (not that there are like, a lot of those.)
So, yeah. Please, if you can -- a few dollars, some tips, a job lead, any of those would be helpful. Hell, if you can just link to this post, or if you're on tumblr, reblog one of her posts on her situation and boost the signal, that would be really great.

Thanks. ♥


Aug. 22nd, 2011 12:55 pm
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My dear friend [ profile] bnharrison is in pretty dire financial straits right now -- in point of fact, she's living in her car. While she assures the Internet that she's in a fairly safe place for this, and she's handling the whole situation with her usual grace and good humor, and I have every confidence in her ability to take care of herself, obviously this is causing me some, shall we say, consternation.

Her agent is working hard at shopping around her first novel (a YA work called Find Me Here), and she makes and has previously sold some beautiful dolls, but at the moment her supplies are in storage and obviously selling a novel is a long and stressful process even when you're not homeless. She has a job, but it's as the work comes to her and right now there's not much coming. She's made a post containing her paypal information here; if anyone can kick even a few dollars her way, I'd definitely sleep easier.
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i. I am sad and hurting and angry, partly as moderate SAD and partly, IDK, ~FEELINGS~, no doubt compounded by the moderate SAD. Fucking feelings, I'm over them, let me tell you Internets. But that is sort of a low-level background thing a lot of the time these days, so instead of me whining about it, have something completely unrelated: [personal profile] sink_or_swim, one of my best friends in the world and someone who has been there for me in some really tough times, needs some help right now with emergency vet bills. I can absolutely vouch for her, having encountered the pet in question multiple times, and I know things are tight for everyone right now and even if you can't spare the money for her I know she'd appreciate the good thoughts.

ii. I seem to have picked up a new hobby of sending [personal profile] inlovewithnight pictures of Little Steven with Anchorman quotes as captions. He owns many leather-bound books and his apartment smells like rich mahogany.

iii. My mother has adopted a new kitten! I glimpsed him briefly last night; he is still pretty timid and mostly hides. He's a tiny, tiny little guy -- maybe eight weeks old, gray, with only half a tail. SUCH A CUTIE. Apparently whatever room Fry is in, the little guy is probably in as well, tucked away in whatever tiny improbable space he can squeeze himself into while Fry curls up somewhere and naps. THEY'RE BUDDIES, AHHHH.

iv. Like three people commented after Torah study on how I hadn't said anything today. IDK why I am so amused by the fact that my silence is remarkable.

v. Hand-kissing promptathon! I am about to go to bed, but five billion points to anyone who writes me Bruce/Steve handkissing. I didn't get my prompts into the porn battle on time. ;______;

vi. Now I am going to go to bed! I might also get a couple of chapters of the original think I'm working on storyboarded! And I will not cry myself to sleep! \o/ I dream big, motherfuckers, I dream big.
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Here are some things that have been awesome this weekend (not a complete list):
  • I slept so much last night. I got home from drinks with a friend around eight and I was just out like a light, waking up briefly around four and then going back to sleep again and finally getting up around nine.
  • I saw The Runaways on Friday, and it was so excellent, oh my gosh. It is a coming-of-age rock-and-roll story, but it is about women, and thus I find it 100% more interesting (when they make the inevitable Springsteen biopic, I might be more fond of that, but it would have to work really hard). I felt like the cuts were kind of choppy at a couple of points, but that's pretty much my only complaint; the acting was fantastic and the cinematography was great (I am going to need so many icons from this movie, I can't even tell you). And of course the soundtrack was A+++++.
  • After temple yesterday, Mom and I went to Rosslyn for lunch, where we met up with [ profile] redbrickrose and had a really nice hour and a half.
  • Yesterday evening I met up with a friend I haven't seen in ages and had missed like crazy, one of my flatmates from when I was living in London. I took a chance and emailed her to say "hey, sorry I dropped off the radar, I had a rough couple of years, but I'd really like to start hanging out more often" and she emailed me back and was super-excited and we had beers and burgers. Such is the strength of our friendship that I braved Tysons for her, even! I still hate Tysons, but hanging out with A. made up for it. Then I came home and fell asleep (see top of list).
Ugh, I miss writing fic, though, or writing at all. Maybe I will try to get some drabbles written this week. Also, folks who signed up at [community profile] avatar_minis, I'm sorry about the delay in getting assigments out; I will get that done today, and of course the due date will be pushed back accordingly (so anyone else who might've wanted to give it a try, you've got another couple of hours to sign up).
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Pesach sameach! [ profile] fox1013 and I found KfP booze and gelatin (or something gelatin-like, at any rate), so we're going to try our hands at making Passover Jell-o Shots! And I have introduced her to ATLA. Really, that's what it's all about. We're already up to "The Swamp".

I may have a more extensive update later? My computer really does not like Amy's wireless, for some reason. Also there's Avatar to focus on. IT'S JUST SO GOOD YOU GUYS. I got the DVDs in the beginning of January and I've already watched the entire show three times through, plus scattered other episodes many times.

Saturday I saw Shutter Island with [ profile] inlovewithnight and [ profile] redbrickrose. Non-spoilery thoughts. )

Tomorrow we're going to try for bookstores! Or possibly we're just going to sit around and watch more Avatar. And Thursday I have another job interview lined up! \o/

OH BEFORE I FORGET. I was talking to Night, and thinking about setting up something along the lines of [ profile] femslash_minis, but for Avatar. No specific type; gen, het, slash, and whatever else would all be fine, and we'd just do a different character each session. I might try running it on AO3. So would there be interest? Look out for that, I guess? Okay. I got nothing else.
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OKAY SO FIRST OF ALL, because I forgot for most of the day, Round Two of the Home Team Matches is up here!

Second of all, okay, so when [personal profile] ishie wrote me her amazing Buffy/John story that everyone should read, there was a line in it, and whenever I reread that story I find myself invariably sealclapping at that line, when John observes that Buffy is "maybe just barely tall enough to reach the pedals when she drives". Why did this delight me so much?
Scully: How come you always get to drive? Because you're the guy? Because you're the big macho man?
Mulder: I was just never sure your little feet could reach the pedals.
You would think my ridiculously gleeful reaction whenever I hit that line would clue me into the fact that maybe I was, okay, still kind of affectionate towards the show it references. And yet somehow it has been years since I last watched a single episode, and even longer since I watched more than one or two in passing.

Until last night.

Last night, I stayed at [personal profile] austen's! It was very good times; however, it wasn't all fun and games and alcohol (...lots of alcohol). I was there on business, because her fannish education had apparently been sorely lacking. That is to say, she had never seen The X-Files. So I nobly took it upon myself to educate her. Half a dozen episodes later -- if that -- she was on the Home Team post, voting for, in her own words, "the woman [who] has mastered the art of refusing-to-deal-with-your-bullshit in a single glance", aka Dana Katherine Scully.

The unfortunate side effect was that I HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE ALL OVER AGAIN ♥_♥.

UGH GUYS &MULDER; and &SCULLY; and &SKINNER; and &THE LONE GUNMEN; and &KRYCEK; and I'D FORGOTTEN ABOUT LITTLE PENDRELL AND THE CIGARETTE SMOKING MAN. Guys, in "Bad Blood", Mulder is a total ass even in his version of events; he is a pretentious douche who monologues at everyone and gives the pizza kid a two-cent tip. Oh my god, having to advise [personal profile] austen not to bother trying to make any sense of the mytharc because it is not going to happen. :D :D :D

Like, I can't even. I started watching when I was in, I think, fourth grade. When I was in sixth grade, I heard about this phenomenon out on ~the Internet~ (which we had just gotten) where people were writing their own stories about Mulder and Scully, sometimes where they got together. And I've always been aware of what a formative influence X-Files was on me, fannishly, but I think I might've, idk, underestimated the possibility of it still having that kind of an effect on me. Which is weird, because goodness knows plenty of other things from that time still have a huge effect on me (see Bruce Springsteen's music). Like, even then, the stories that interested me the most were the crazy crossovers.



Only negative is that now I want to scrap what I've got of Poly Big Bang and write Mulder/Scully/Buffy/John or Buffy/John/Krycek. NOT ACCEPTABLE.
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Drive-by linking to a friend's post: [ profile] spiderwebb was a coworker (well, is, but then we got to know each other and now I consider her primarily a friend), and turned out to be one of those rare cases where someone I worked with was actually awesome enough that I wanted to hang out with her outside of work, which is always excellent. For this year's [ profile] ibarw, she shared some stories from her life, and discussed some of her feelings of alienation as a biracial woman, and it hit me really hard and left me with a lot of thoughts, so I thought I'd pass the link along in case it gets lost in the rest of the posts for IBARW. i have tried to raise my daughter as accepting as other cultures as possible and introduced her to a wide range of people and experiences, but still there was a day when she was 5 that she turned to me and said "you should be white like me and nana, cos white is better, right?"
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A bunch of new people have friended me! Hi, new people! If the Home Team Matches and yammering about female characters are what drew you in, don't worry, because I complain about fannish misogyny a lot. It's kind of a hobby. I complain about things in general a lot, actually, and make fun of things even when I enjoy them, so consider yourselves warned. Also I capslock a lot. Sorry about that.

On the subject of Home Team, I am so happy at how it's going, and how every time I turn around it has grown another hundred comments or so. ♥♥♥ Thank you so much to everyone who's linking. Also, I would basically love it if a woman from SPN at least made it into the tournament, so here are the threads for &Mary;, Jo, Ruby, and Bela. My other favorites: Zoe Washburne, Buffy Summers, and Number Six (BSG).

Also Ginny Weasley -- I love Ginny, not gonna lie. No, she's not particularly well-written, but, um. Have you read the books? No one is particularly well-written (I love them, and I love JKR, and while I think she is an excellent storyteller I think she is at best a mediocre writer), and pretty much no one is portrayed in any terms other than those in which Harry thinks of them.1 The moment I fell in love with her was in OotP, when Harry was locking himself away and angsting that he might ~hurt someone~, he might be ~possessed~, and when his friends called him on it, she pointed out that oh, right, he knew someone who'd been possessed by Voldemort and could tell him whether he was or not, and if he hadn't been too busy wallowing in self-pity and ~carrying the burden alone~ to talk to anyone they could've put his mind at ease ages before. The "I forgot"/"Lucky you" moment basically won me over to her then and there.

[ profile] inlovewithnight and I had dinner last night, which was delightful. We horrified each other with terrible mental images. Well, mostly I did this to her. Sorry about that.

1. This is also why I raise my eyebrows at people who talk about how [Female Character X] on SPN is badly-written or -acted and that's the only reason no one likes her, because, you know, it's Supernatural, the writing and acting are not exactly Oscar-caliber.
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[Poll #1358222]ii. Watchmen meetup: at the moment, I'm thinking Saturday at the Hoffman, either the 3:15 with lunch beforehand or dinner afterwards or the 7:00 with dinner before. Preferences?

iii. Dad: FYI, [JULES'S MOM], Jules's car is blocking you in, just so you know before you leave for work.
Mom: Why are you bringing me problems and not solutions?
Dad: I'm not, I'm just saying.
Mom: You are! Well, I got problems of my own! We're all dying and one day the sun will go black!
[Me and Doug go from snickering at them to laughing hysterically.]
Mom: wonder you guys are so messed up.

iv. On the phone with [ profile] sink_or_swim, discussing my going to see Watchmen.
D: I honestly think you'll probably be okay. That scene is nothing like what happened to you.
Me: No, and I've got plenty of warning. I know it's there, I know how it goes, I know it's intense. Last time I had a triggery incident, I wasn't expecting it, so it was like "LOL HI SURPRISE RAPE".
D: Plus it's Jeffrey Dean Morgan.
Me: Yeah, IDK who looked at him and thought "y halo thar Comedian" because he's pretty much the least threatening dude ever.

vi. It's a snow day, and I'm having cake for breakfast. OH YEAH. Actually, I'm not affected by the snow; I was scheduled to have today off anyway. But I went out and took some pretty pictures and now I have cake while my hands thaw. :D

vii. This weekend, as they seem to do at least once a month, TNT ran LotR, and oh, man. Oh Theoden, why so totally badass? Oh Gandalf, why so fabulous? And oh, Boromir, you are now and forever my Middle-earth boyfriend. &hearthands;
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Dear LJ, I am currently watching Merlin at long last, thanks to [ profile] cruisedirector. We also have chicken soup and chocolate.

Re: Merlin, Basically I love how everyone is kind of dumb, but the boys are especially dumb. With Morgana being the smartest of anyone, and also clearly pegging every single one of the dudes. :D I contemplated d/l-ing it, or asking her to burn it for me, but I feel like it wouldn't be nearly as hilarious without anyone else to watch it and lol with me.

Basically this is a major improvement over yesterday thus far.
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I have a [ profile] roz_mcclure -- and a lot of gin -- and you don't.

Well, maybe the gin.

ETA: I tried reading my flist, but you're all too smart for me right now. :D I LIKE GIN RICKEYS.

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