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Whyyyyyyyyy isn't there all of the Tony/Jane. Like, set during the interval between Thor and Avengers. I mean, I could totally go for an AU where Jane has Selvig's role in the Avengers movie, but I would also completely settle for Jane/Tony sexy adventures. Possibly they build a TARDIS and challenge the Doctor to races.

And, you know, also lots of Thor/Tony, but I think I've complained to y'all about the lack of that plenty of times already. I like to keep it fresh.

(Ugh why won't this half-finished fic just write itself already???)
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Apparently the "top ten on AO3 by hit count" meme is making the rounds again! I had people on my flist sadfacing because of their hitcounts being under the thousands and thousands that other people make and, uh, my #1 is still under 1000, so everyone hush please.

Also I got dealt a really fucking awful financial blow and I'm not sure what I'm going to do, so...that's a thing.

IDK. Hi, Internet. Give me some prompts? Fandoms...ugh, IDK, that's the tricky thing. Thor, Buffy, Hunger Games, Downton Abbey, E Street Band, Avatar (TLA or TLoK), Harry Potter, Deep Space Nine. Let's go with those for sure, and crossovers among them/crossover pairings I've written previously, obvs.

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