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Title: all your lover's revenge
Rating: R
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Characters/Pairings: Zhao/Yue
Disclaimer: Not mine, for external use only, etc.
Words: ~1830
Notes: Set after "The Siege Of The North". Originally begun for [personal profile] oxoniensis's Porn Battle IX, off the prompt "Zhao/Yue, ocean spirit". Obviously I didn't finish it in time for that, but whatever.
Summary: ( Yue protects Zhao. Or at least that's what it looks like. )

IDK, mostly I just wanted to see if I could write that pairing as anything other than super-upsetting non-con. Then of course using a Lady Gaga lyric as the title was the only logical choice. I DO WHAT I WANT.
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Title: sweet rearrange of the day
Author: [ profile] cidercupcakes/[personal profile] sohotrightnow
Fandom: Eastwick
Pairing: Roxie/Joanna
Rating: R
Words: ~400
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Notes: WHY IS THERE NOT MORE EASTWICK LADYSLASH. IDK, a gin-and-woe-over-the-lack-of-Eastwick-ladyslash-induced ficlet. Title from Katie Herzig's "I Want To Belong To You".
Summary: ( Fooling around. )

Fake cut -- goes to the story on LJ. I just like having it all in one place. /o\
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Title: Dirt Under My Nails
Fandom: Supernatural
Words: ~2000
Characters/Pairing: John/Jo
Rating: R
Notes: Written for [community profile] kink_bingo, for the prompt "crossdressing (outerwear)". Set pre-series or S1, roughly. Title is from the poem "Botanica".
Summary: ( Parent-child pairs go missing. John's alone and Jo's alone, but together, they might have a chance. )

Fake cut; redirects to the story on LJ. Also, I'm so horrified at how hard I'm falling for this fandom. I MANAGED FOUR YEARS WITHOUT GIVING IN, WHY. I also have lulzy gen fic in mind, but we'll see if I ever actually get that written.
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Title: Predators
Rating: R
Fandoms: True Blood/Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Buffy/Sookie/Bill
Disclaimer: So totally not mine.
Notes: For Porn Battle VII, with the prompt word "thunderstorm".
Words: 658
Summary: Storms, pursuits, and sex. IDK, it's for a porn battle, what do you want from me here? )


Jul. 29th, 2008 10:19 pm
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Title: A Woman's Work
Rating: R
Fandom: The Dark Knight
Words: 1390
Disclaimer: Nolan, DC, WB, etc. No profit is being made off of this.
Character(s)/Pairing: Joker/Batman
Notes/Warnings: Written for the Batman Kink Meme, for the prompt "Batman/Joker femmeslash". Genderfuck, with both parties as women. Non-connish (molestation more than sex). Crossposted to a few different comms, so apologies if you get it several times.
Summary: 'I'm not going to kill you, don't worry, we girls gotta stick together. I mean, look what a mess the men made of this town. What would they do without us?' )
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I feel like this is sort of ridiculously over-the-top and pretentious given that it's threesome fic based on a comic book movie, but whatevs, I got something written, and I don't completely hate it, and that's the important thing, right? Right.

ALSO you should all go join [ profile] racheldawesfic now because it's gonna be awesome.

Title: No Loneliness (Like Theirs)
Author: [ profile] cidercupcakes
Fandom: The Dark Knight
Disclaimer: DC Comics, Warner Bros., Nolan, etc.
Rating: R
Pairing: Bruce Wayne/Rachel Dawes/Harvey Dent
Words: 2645
Notes: Spoilery for TDK, obviously. Title and summary from James Wright's poem "A Blessing".
Summary: They love each other./There is no loneliness like theirs. )
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I have other shit going on, in theory, but it's mostly "OH GOD WHY AM I NOT CLEANING MORE" and "OH GOD A WEEK AND A HALF UNTIL THE MONTGOMERY COUNTY EXAM" and "I'm up to my own weight + 60 pounds of gear on leg presses! \o/" so I'm sparing you. For now.

Title: Brown Liquor
Author: [ profile] cidercupcakes
Rating: R
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Live Free or Die Hard
Pairing: Buffy Summers/John McClane
Notes: Again, for the porn battle.
Disclaimer: Not mine, no profit is being made, for entertainment purposes and external use only, etc.
Summary: There was something in the way she talked, a casual something -- heroism if you felt generous, martyrdom if you didn't. )

It was suggested at a forum I hang out on that Buffy is one of those little black dress characters, like Methos, Krycek, and possibly Peter Petrelli, who can be crossed over into just about anything. I'm inclined to agree with this. Pretty much everyone from the Jossverse -- and maybe the Heroesverse, too -- can be classified thus, actually.


Jan. 13th, 2008 04:44 pm
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My father is coming home for a week or so on Thursday. I'm sort of panicking about all the cleaning I have to do. IN THE MEANTIME. I realized I forgot to post them and whatnot, so! My Secret Slasha story, which I've got a certain fondness for.

Title: Nothing the Same
Author: [ profile] cidercupcakes
Rating: R
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Buffy/Tara
Disclaimer: Whedon, etc. No profit is being made off this; for entertainment purposes only, etc.
Notes: Genderfuck, futurefic. The request was for Buffy/Tara with sex and a dark tone.
Summary: Buffy and Tara are running. )
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I was going through the fic and realized I'd forgotten to post this. \o/ Also, oh god, my [ profile] spn_xx story is turning out to be kind of, um, long. ACK.

Title: Blood and Sky
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica/Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Rating: R
Pairing: Buffy/Leoben(/Kara)
Disclaimer: Moore, Whedon, etc.
Notes: Written for [ profile] oxoniensis's annual porn battle. The lines at the beginning of each section are from various poems by Izumi Shikibu, and were all found at [ profile] breathe_poetry. Set during the missing year; AU for BtVS. I should probably also specify that all characters are over eighteen, just to be safe.

( They used to be human, just human girls. Then the Cylons changed them, made them into something more. )

Fake cut; goes to my fic comm.

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