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Title: The Lights Begin To Twinkle
Fandom: Peter Pan (2003 film)
Rating: R/M
Words: ~11,600
Pairings: Wendy Darling/James Hook, Wendy Darling/OMC, Slightly/OFC, John Darling/OFC
Warnings: Some discussion of combat-related PTSD. Oblique references to character deaths.

Notes: Written for [ profile] yuletide, as a gift for [ profile] sweetsorcery. I drew on some of the histories of the Lost Boys from the book, although I threw out as much as I kept; re: the warning, the book was published in 1911 and Mrs. Darling's costumes in the film are pretty Edwardian, so I went with 1910 as the date of the story, and then realized, logically, that World War I would be a factor in the Darlings' future. Title is from Tennyson's "Ulysses".

Original character names: Miranda, Lady Finch, is Slightly's wife; Beatrice is John's, and Milly and George are their children; Rick (obvs) is Wendy's boyfriend.

Also, this has little to no bearing on the story at all, but in my head, the club that Slightly belongs to is the Drones, and if I ever gain any confidence in my ability to write a Wodehousian voice, I may one day attempt the story in my head where Slightly decides he's going to pair Wendy and Bertie off. Just putting that out there.

Summary: It's been years since the Adventure, and Wendy's had a number of other adventures in the meantime, and as a consequence of certain of them, she doesn't quite remember a few things. Nor do her brothers...and nor does the man she meets one day. This is the story of how they all begin to recognize one another.

So yeah, between this and the story I received, my Yuletide experience for this year can in fact be summed up as "everything is Lost Generation and nothing hurts". FLAPPERS, HOORAY.

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