sohotrightnow: the top of a swimming young woman's torso. ([tv] don't feel like being alone)
Title: Build Me A House
Fandom: Firefly
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Fox, Whedon, etc., not me.
Notes: Pre-series, post-war; gen. Title from Bruce Springsteen's "Leah". Written for [ profile] waterdaughter in the [ profile] purimgifts festival.
Summary: Corporal Alleyne's old sergeant shows up with a business proposition for her. )

UGH YOU GUYS WHY IS ZOE SO GREAT. She's a difficult character to write much more than vignettes for, and even that is tricky because she's so laconic but she clearly feels so deeply and it's hard to find the right balance there, to try and hint at all that she carries with her even though she moves through the world so easily and certainly. She works so hard to make her home and her life her own and, guys, &ZOE;
sohotrightnow: the top of a swimming young woman's torso. ([bsg] to glimpse the sky and perish)
HEY FLIST, remember back before December, when I took requests for ficlets and then work was insane and I never got around to doing them? Guess who decided to stop being such a fucking perfectionist and just see what she could come up with in 15 minutes?

Still no promises on any of them, but fifteen minutes is an approachable goal for me, so there's a good chance there will be more forthcoming. Possibly I will take more prompts, even.

Title: Yes, we're tired.
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica/Firefly
Rating: PG
Notes: For [ profile] tacky_tramp, who requested any kind of BSG/Firefly crossover. Set during BSG's "33" and post-Serenity(-ish; it's an AU for Firefly). Very very slight undertones of Zoe/River, which I have quietly and guiltily shipped pretty much from the beginning, but mostly gen.
Disclaimer: Moore, Whedon, etc.
Words: 449
Summary: The events of '33' start to wear on Serenity's crew. )

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