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Oh hey look, reveals happened on Rarepair fics! Man, this was a really difficult one to write, mostly because I have a hard time getting a grasp on either of these characters, and Darcy especially can just become a caricature so easily. But if nothing else, I really needed to finish it for the sake of her Twitter username alone, because I have to say, that was fucking genius on my part.

This Account Has Been Suspended
Avengers, PG, Darcy/Loki. With some implied Jane/Thor/Tony/Pepper, because of course there is.

The meteoric rise and, to use the metaphor a lot more appropriately and accurately, equally meteoric fall of Darcy's career as a romance novel critic. It's all Jane's fault, though. )
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From a prompt left by [personal profile] some_stars at the prompt post. Slowly working my way through the list, hooray!

he bade the game go on
Avengers (2012)/Thor (2011). Thor/Jane Foster/Tony Stark. Title from "Casey At The Bat". ~550 words. Contains a completely gratuitous reference to Alexander Ovechkin and, as a warning, Tony Stark makes a super-tasteless joke about the Sandusky case. IDEK, you guys, IDEK.

Thor has learned something of Midgardian sport in his time here, but he has his own favorite. )
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could it be a devil in me, Avengers, Thor/Tony Stark, ~900 words. Tony asks Thor to indulge him in a fantasy.

Written for the "consent play" square on a k_b card originally. I have a few snippets of a companion piece, where they actually start to play out the scenes, and possibly fail terribly and hilariously several times, but I cannot for the life of me get them right, and I thought this stood on its own pretty okay, and was tired of poking at it, scrapping it, and restarting it over and over, so here you go, and I will continue poking at the companion piece(s). Title from the Supremes, because girl groups are the best.

Warning: Like I said, it was for the "consent play" square on a bingo card originally. This is a pretty tame take on that -- namely, Thor's reaction to Tony asking him to do some consent play with him, with completely consensual sex ensuing -- but, you know, the overtones are there.

That Thor is nearly lost doubles the horror. )
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The PEN 15 Club, or Five Times Tony's Refusal To Keep Paper In The Tower Worked Out Well
~2100 words, for a "writing on the body" square at [community profile] kink_bingo. No spoilers for Avengers, unless you count the fact that there's a tower. No warnings, apart from the stupidest title ever, but it's too late for you to avoid that, sorry.

Jane and Tony like to argue. Thor and Pepper like to hang out. Tony and Pepper aren't sure how to bring up the possibility of group sex. )

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