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I'm working on preliminary plans for Crossover Bingo! It will probably be run over at [community profile] crossovers, since [personal profile] kate, the main mod, has said she doesn't mind the mod clutter it will generate, especially as it will generate more traffic for the comm.

Putting this together is tricky for me because I do not approach *_bingo challenges as trufax competitions at all; mostly I just look at them as a way to get a bunch of prompts at one go, so this is the first time I've actually looked really hard at the rewards side of things. I may not bother with the "if you don't post at least one story by [DATE] you won't be able to participate in the next round" thing, simply because I don't have the time/energy to try and monitor who's done what and who hasn't.

I'm thinking I'll allow people to choose one fandom as their "base" -- the thing that everything is crossed over with. Or they can choose a character if they want? Maybe a single character will be worth more points or something, that might be a good way to approach it. Possibly no base at all will be an option, but IDK.

Some items on the card will be specific fandoms/characters/concepts, probably, based specifically on each person's signup, for instance, "vehicle (the TARDIS)" or "superpowers (Slayer)". But I'm trying to come up with some more general prompts, as well, because that's a lot less work for me (and possibly other mods; I think I may need at least one other, but I'll put out a call for help after I've got a clearer picture in my head of what's going to happen). Here is the list I've come up with so far. )

For the moment, any other suggestions for generic elements I could include on there? I was going to include "pirates", but that's really a subset of "criminals", although I might compromise by making "criminals: pirates" an option. I JUST WANT PIRATES TO BE ON THERE, OKAY?
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Sliiiightly belated [ profile] picfor1000 entry. A tiny piece of the story I have been threatening to write for ages, the AU where the E-Street Band are all twenty-somethings now and get signed to FBR, and Pete sends them on tour with the Hushies and The Cab and Panic. [ profile] couldbeyourlife wrote delightful snippets (WHICH THE WORLD TOTALLY NEEDS, OKAY, I AM JUST SAYING), and basically someone had to do some more, and since it was my idea in the first place I guess it was only fair.

Title: Everybody Has a Friend
Author: [ profile] cidercupcakes
Words: 1000
Rating: PG-13, maybe, for language.
Pairings: None, really; slight hints at Bruce/Patti (LOL CANON) and Brendon/Bruce.
Fandom: Bandom/RPF (Patrick loves Bruce. You don't want to make Patrick sad by telling him the ESB don't count, do you? Of course not.)
Disclaimer: As should be pretty obvious, this is entirely fictional and is merely written out of love for all the adorable dorks involved, with no money being made.
Note: This story was written for the [ profile] picfor1000 challenge, with this as my assigned image. Also, as it might help explain a bit in the story: Bruce Springsteen got the nickname "the Boss" from his band, way back in the day. He reportedly hated the nickname, so, because they were boys, the band did the only natural thing, and used it at every possible opportunity until it caught on in the world at large. Bruce eventually resigned himself to it.
Summary: 'everybody make sure to call Bruce Boss a lot, he really likes that' went up on Pete's livejournal, below a picture of Bruce and Brendon passed out on top of each other. )
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Title: I'm only here for fun
Author: [ profile] cidercupcakes
Rating: PG
Fandom: House M.D.
Disclaimer: Shore, Singer, Fox, Universal, etc. I make no profit off of this.
Words: 357
Notes: House and Thirteen; mostly gen (nothing more than would make the show, at any rate). Title from Bruce Springsteen's "Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)".
Summary: A night out. )
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I have other shit going on, in theory, but it's mostly "OH GOD WHY AM I NOT CLEANING MORE" and "OH GOD A WEEK AND A HALF UNTIL THE MONTGOMERY COUNTY EXAM" and "I'm up to my own weight + 60 pounds of gear on leg presses! \o/" so I'm sparing you. For now.

Title: Brown Liquor
Author: [ profile] cidercupcakes
Rating: R
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Live Free or Die Hard
Pairing: Buffy Summers/John McClane
Notes: Again, for the porn battle.
Disclaimer: Not mine, no profit is being made, for entertainment purposes and external use only, etc.
Summary: There was something in the way she talked, a casual something -- heroism if you felt generous, martyrdom if you didn't. )

It was suggested at a forum I hang out on that Buffy is one of those little black dress characters, like Methos, Krycek, and possibly Peter Petrelli, who can be crossed over into just about anything. I'm inclined to agree with this. Pretty much everyone from the Jossverse -- and maybe the Heroesverse, too -- can be classified thus, actually.


Jan. 13th, 2008 04:44 pm
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My father is coming home for a week or so on Thursday. I'm sort of panicking about all the cleaning I have to do. IN THE MEANTIME. I realized I forgot to post them and whatnot, so! My Secret Slasha story, which I've got a certain fondness for.

Title: Nothing the Same
Author: [ profile] cidercupcakes
Rating: R
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Buffy/Tara
Disclaimer: Whedon, etc. No profit is being made off this; for entertainment purposes only, etc.
Notes: Genderfuck, futurefic. The request was for Buffy/Tara with sex and a dark tone.
Summary: Buffy and Tara are running. )
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Hi! I'm not dead. I'm just boring lately. Well, no more than usual, I guess, but for some reason I've been less inclined to inflict it on you in LJ form. Awesome.

Anyway, this is me waming up for the Porn Battle, because I saw Claire/Hiro prompts and guys, can you imagine how adorable that would be? This isn't really porny, but it's fun, so, okay, maybe I'll try some porn later.

Title: We Can Work It Out
Author: [ profile] cidercupcakes
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Heroes
Pairing: Claire/Hiro
Notes: AU, or alternately slight futurefic.
Disclaimer: Kring etc., not me; no profit is being made from this.
Summary: 'Um, Hiro,' she said, and they'd have to have this conversation eventually, so it may as well be now, right? 'You've -- you know. *You* know. You've -- before -- right?' )
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HAY SO REMEMBER WHEN ERICA AND I TALKED ABOUT THIS? And then there was a "share snippets of a bandom AU" meme somewhere in someone's journal and I actually wrote a little and people -- like, total strangers! why is this fandom so nice, guys? what the hell? and a lot of them like stories about girls! WHAT THE HELL? -- were all like ":D" over the idea and someone was even all "OMG Patti Scialfa in a bandom high school AU!"


I might've written some bandom fic.

Title: Profess Courage And Act Accordingly
Fandom: Bandom
Characters: Greta Salpeter, Victoria Asher, Patti Scialfa
Rating: PG
Notes: AU. SHUT UP [ profile] roz_mcclure YES EVERYONE IS A SLAYER IN MY WORLD. I mean, technically they're not Slayers because it's not the Jossverse, but there are vampires and they fight them. LOOK IT'S MY 1950S HIGH SCHOOL AU AND I WILL HAVE HOT GIRLS FROM BANDOM FIGHT VAMPIRES IF I WANT.
Words: 775
Disclaimer: Um. As indicated by the "hot girls fighting vampires" part, this is so totally not real. Enjoy!
Summary: Greta knew that Vicky and Patti were Bad News. )


Mostly I'm just happy that I actually wrote some fic. Maybe I can keep from writing that stupid fucking Bonosteen that won't get out of my head. GO AWAY BONO STOP OOZING ALL OVER BRUCE STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT.

Also, I'm sick of crossposting so I'll probably just be putting my fic here from now on. Awesome.
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Title: Acts of Contrition
Author: Georgiana C. Cupcakes ([ profile] cidercupcakes)
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: PG-13 for language and violence.
Characters: Mary, several OC's (implied Mary/OMC, but it's a minor plot point at best)
Words: 4124
Disclaimer: Mary and the universe in which this is set are Kripke's, and no profit is being made off of their use in this story.
Notes: Pre-series. Written for the [ profile] spn_xx challenge. Prompt is #33: "Hail Mary". Could be one of the boys learning the prayer, or reciting it, or thinking about the name in relation to their mother. Or, you know, could be anything else.
Summary: ( Mary knew demons long before she knew John Winchester. )

Fake cut; goes to the story at my fic journal. \o/
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I was going through the fic and realized I'd forgotten to post this. \o/ Also, oh god, my [ profile] spn_xx story is turning out to be kind of, um, long. ACK.

Title: Blood and Sky
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica/Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Rating: R
Pairing: Buffy/Leoben(/Kara)
Disclaimer: Moore, Whedon, etc.
Notes: Written for [ profile] oxoniensis's annual porn battle. The lines at the beginning of each section are from various poems by Izumi Shikibu, and were all found at [ profile] breathe_poetry. Set during the missing year; AU for BtVS. I should probably also specify that all characters are over eighteen, just to be safe.

( They used to be human, just human girls. Then the Cylons changed them, made them into something more. )

Fake cut; goes to my fic comm.
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Title: The Trials and Tribulations of Teddy Lupin, Chapter 36
Author: Georgiana C. Cupcakes ([ profile] cidercupcakes)
Rating: PG
Pairing: Teddy/Victoire
Notes: DH spoilers, obviously.
Disclaimer: Rowling, Bloomsbury/Scholastic, etc. retain all rights; this is merely for entertainment and entirely a labor of love off of which no profit is being made.

( Chapter Thirty-Six of the ongoing epic of MY TRAGIC LIFE is dedicated to that greatest of plagues, VICTOIRE WEASLEY. )

Cut is fake and goes to my fic journal. Hooray.
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Title: Which Today Is
Author: Georgiana C. Cupcakes ([ profile] cidercupcakes)
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural
Rating: PG
Warnings: Mild language.
Words: 2787
Notes: Buffy Summers/John Winchester. Post-"Chosen" for BtVS, mostly pre-series for SPN (with a bit of pre-series for BtVS as well...look, it's a time travel story, okay?).
Disclaimer: Kripke, Whedon, etc.

( One day at Headquarters, Buffy Summers walked through a doorway into twenty-odd years ago. )

Fake cut -- leads to the story at my fic journal.

I'm hesitant to post it to any of the SPN comms I know mostly because it's primarily Buffy's story. And I don't know where the kids are going with their Buffy fic these days. OH WELL.
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Title: The Living
Author: Georgiana C. Cupcakes ([ profile] cidercupcakes)
Fandom: The Hitcher (2007 remake)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Het, zombies, bad language.
Words: 4003
Notes: Many, many thanks to [ profile] cruisedirector for cheerleading, and also for letting me inflict a second-rate slasher movie on her in the first place.
Disclaimer: "Job has all his children killed and Michael Bay gets to keep making movies. There isn't a God."

( Just when she thought it was safe to get back in a car. )

Fake LJ cut -- leads to the entry at the fic journal.

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