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i. I am tentatively going public again, with the caveat that everything that was locked is staying locked, and most things that concern my non-fannish life will still be locked in the future.

ii. The latest round of RaceFail is making me really sad, because it's finally hit the part where it involves an author I had previously loved. Hell, I'd seen Thirteenth Child at the bookstore previously, and thought it sounded fantastic, because -- fairy tales! The American frontier! Bonus mammoths, for some reason! Holy shit, awesome! Except that the jacket copy didn't make it clear that the mammoths and other megafauna replaced the indigenous peoples of the Americas, and uh. Wow.

So now pretty much all of Patricia C. Wrede's books have been tainted for me, which is tragic, because you guys know how much I love Sorcery and Cecelia, and the Enchanted Forest Chronicles were my favorites in the world when I was in middle school. And my mother loves Bujold, so basically we're both just really bummed about the whole thing. It's just really disappointing.

iii. Possibly I am seeing Star Trek for a third time today or tomorrow. I took Mom to see it after my first viewing, because she had been apprehensive and sure that it would suck and also it was Mother's Day and she loves ST, so it seemed like the logical choice. She was like "Okay, yeah, that was pretty good," and was fairly :D about it, but the dominant reaction seemed to be perturbation at the fact that Spock, her lifelong Imaginary Boyfriend, is now young enough to be her son, and in general she just did not seem to share my commitment to sparkle motion.

(I mean, don't get me wrong, there were several things I didn't like about it, most to do with gender fail; slightly spoilery. ) But come on.)

So then yesterday before I left for work we were chatting, and had this conversation.

Mom: So...what time are you off today?
Me: About five, I think.
Mom: Doug's off his vancomycin drip now, you know!
Me: Oh, awesome!
Mom: So I was thinking maybe we could go do something after you're done with work, or tomorrow evening.
Me: Yeah, probably, what were you thinking?
Mom: Maybe...we could see a movie? :D? :D?

iv. On a completely shallow note, the number of prompts at [profile] st_xi_kink involving Gaila, Uhura's adorable Orion roommate, brings me a great deal of joy. Gaila: ADORABLE. Also, [personal profile] medie and I were talking about how we have little interest in Kirk/Spock and are generally really picky about which m/m pairings we get into period, except that with a lot of m/m pairings that we'd've passed on before, you turn at least one of the characters into a lady and suddenly we are on that like white on rice. She likes Katee Sackhoff for her girl!Kirk, I am leaning towards Agnes Bruckner. I am basically just a boring het/ladyslash fan, I guess.

* Nitpicking: spoilery footnote to the spoilery bit above. )

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