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Some good things from the last week:

  1. My birthday was lovely! Mom and Rita and I went to National Harbor on Friday and stayed at the MGM. We briefly went to the casino, mostly just to say we did it, but I ended up with a net gain of $60, which I used to get us breakfast the next morning. We were not actually all that impressed by the hotel itself, but the Jim Gaffigan show, which we were there for, was fantastic. The next day, we got home while flurries were slowing down, and then the snow picked up again a little later! We still didn't get much, just enough that everything looked pretty for awhile without making the roads unusable, which is my favorite kind of snow.

  2. Last Monday, after my doctor's appointment, I saw [personal profile] cruisedirector, who I haven't seen in, literally, years. [personal profile] dementordelta also joined us for lunch, and it was just a really nice day all around. &FRIENDS;

  3. I haven't had MLK Day off in the past, but we merged with another company last year, and apparently they had it as a holiday, because I got this past Monday off, too! I didn't realize that I had it off, and would additionally get to sign off a bit early on Friday, until Thursday afternoon, so it was like a lovely little surprise for me.

  4. I've been rewatching Avatar: The Last Airbender, and omgggggg that show remains so amazing. Possibly another post where I just capslock my feels about it all over again to come soon.

  5. This weekend, we got some exciting news -- my sister's pregnancy is going well, both she and the baby are very healthy, and she's having a girl! She's due in late May (the day after our mother's birthday, in fact), and one of her friends and I are emailing to start planning a baby shower. I have no idea how one does that, but we'll figure something out.

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OK, so, in the midst of the horror that is the world right now, here are some things that have not been completely awful in the time that I was forgetting to post:

  1. My sister's wedding in May was lovely! Mannnnn we couldn't believe how lucky we got. It had been raining for most of the prior couple of weeks, and was raining when we arrived at the venue a few hours prior to the ceremony to set up, and then as we were getting hair and makeup done in a room overlooking the bay, we realized it had stopped raining, and by the time the ceremony took place it was bright and sunny and dry. Not twenty-four hours later it was raining again. It was un-friggin'-believable. And Rita was gorgeous, and everyone loved my toast at the rehearsal dinner, and it was just an A++++ event in general.

  2. Comic Con! I haven't been in a few years, but Mom, Doug and I managed to get passes for Thursday and Sunday this year. Mom had booked a hotel a little further out, because she wanted something right on a beach for Friday and Saturday, but when we mentioned we were going while chatting with relatives at the rehearsal dinner, one of Dad's sisters and her husband insisted that we use their condo, which is a few blocks from the convention center and ridiculously swanky. One of their kids also lives in the city, near the Naval base, so we had dinner with him and his family, which was also nice, and I got to see friends I haven't seen in way too long, and I spent a ton of money and had a total blast.

  3. In August we went to NYC for a few days, because I'd managed to get Hamilton tickets eight months prior for my Dad's birthday! We did some museums and had pizza and bagels and the show is so damn good, holy shit. Put it this way: the highest praise I generally hear my father give entertainment is "I thought it was pretty good." On very rare occasions -- like, I can count on both hands the number of times I've heard it, with fingers left over -- he might go as far as "I thought it was excellent." At dinner after the show, he said "That was one of the best plays I've ever seen." Mom and I gaped at each other while he went back to eating because we couldn't believe how emotional he was getting.

  4. Related to #1, RITA IS PREGNANT AHHHHHHHHHHH. She's closing in on 20 weeks now, I think? Her due date is in late May, the day before Mom's birthday. She and her husband both love Star Wars and I got the cutest dang baby blanket on Etsy. She has had to repeatedly tell her husband that if it's a boy she is absolutely not allowing Kylo, even as a middle name. We're all pretty jazzed.

So, yes. Things are not completely terrible. I am trying to make more of a point to remember that; I suspect it's a skill I'll need in the next four to eight years.


Jan. 27th, 2016 11:24 am
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Well that was almost a year without posting. I am reading! I just...haven't had much to say.

Some highlights of my time not posting. )

Still trying to figure out how I'm going to make myself be better about updating DW, BUT I'M GONNA. What can I say, I dream big.
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  1. I think I'm getting sick, which is some malarkey. That's the only explanation for why I am basically feeling really hung over without having had the fun of drinking anything last night. Which, again, can we talk about what malarkey that is, because at the very least I want the fun of being drunk first.

  2. Sleepy Hollow is fun! I am deeply ashamed of myself every time I start loudly nitpicking the history because lolololol so very much the opposite of the point, but sometimes I can't help myself. I could do without the explicitly Christian mythology, though; I had not realized how exhausted I was with that. Although in this case it's more handwavable than with other things. It makes me miss Eastwick all over again, because I realized on my second viewing of that show that Darryl was the Jewish devil. I mean, in addition to the thousands of other reasons I miss that show. NEVER NOT MOURNING EASTWICK: THE JULES STORY

  3. My office is freezing. Always. I'm usually cold wherever I am, though, so I guess it's partly the office and partly me. At least now that it's starting to get cooler I don't have to decide between lugging a bunch of layers on my commute and/or sweltering outside and carrying less but freezing inside.

  4. I need to get the safety inspection done on my car. I'm also worried, however, because there was a fender bender involving one of the posts in the parking lot at my temple, and so the door doesn't open all the way, so I probably need to get that done first (according to the state DMV's site, they only check that the door will latch fully closed as it's supposed to and that it has handles inside and out, but with my luck there will probably be some frame damage, too). And last time I got the oil changed, the guy thought I might need a couple new tires soon, too, which, ughhhhh. :\ I am so friggin' tired of car stuff, Internet.

  5. My father was visiting last week! That was nice, but also stressful, because he and I have such different styles and his can push my combination annoyance-stress buttons pretty easily. FAMILY /o/

  6. I made marshmallows a week ago. They were glorious.
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Ughhhhhh I keep trying to start drabbles so I can try to get something actually produced for k_b before amnesty ends and I keep ending up with actual stories that I am probably never going to finish, this hobby is the worst. >:(

On the other hand I am pretty delighted with this new, post-IM3, Tony/Jane/Thor/Pepper story for "rough body play", where Pepper and Tony propose a sex surrogate system so that Thor and Pepper don't need to worry about hurting their partners.

And now all eyes are on her. Thanks, Tony, she wants to say, but she looks into her glass a little more, and takes another sip. With her free hand, she takes Thor's in her own again, gives it a squeeze, to let him know she's not upset. "It's not a bad idea," she says.

She thinks she deserves a snappy superhero title just for daring to look at Thor after she says it, but instead of the big aching blue eyes she's expecting, he's gazing at their hands, too, and when he looks up and meets her eyes, they're just as full of warm curiosity as if she were explaining another theory to him.

So she does.

"We have to be so careful," she says. "I'm guessing that now, with the Extremis formula still in progress, they do, too." That helps get the blushing she can feel under control, the reminder that they're not the only ones with that problem in this building. "In even more ways than we do," and now she feels safer, now that she's back to hypothesizing. This is her ground, like battles are Thor's and mechanics are Tony's and making everything go smoothly is Pepper's. "Pepper doesn't only have superhuman strength to deal with. The Tower's well protected against electricity, so your storm-related abilities aren't as big an issue as her temperature ones. If she gets too hot -- "

"Well, she's always been -- " Tony begins, presumably because it's been far too long since anyone paid attention to him, but Jane just laughs the way she almost never does when Tony feels the need to offer commentary while she's working things out.

It has a line where Jane has to tear herself away from Thor lest they spend the evening gazing into each other's eyes gooily and "giggling like stoned undergrads", which I kind of adore.

Progress has been further hampered by the fact that mother has developed an uncanny ability to Skype me literally seconds after I've opened a document to work on some porn. Seriously, uncanny is in fact the word I want. I'm on my fourth attempt this week and this is the first one where it hasn't happened. I can't be mad, though; they've got a new computer with a little camera on it, so this is the first time in a year-plus that I've actually seen her instead of just talking on the phone.

(With her hairstyle -- and the dry heat helping her keep her hair flat -- and her new glasses she looks like Meryl in The Devil Wears Prada, and given how much she and I look like each other, I am now super-jazzed about how I'm going to look in thirty years.)

Also, I rewatched Avengers for the first time in ages last night. Still delightful, still want Loki to JUST SHUT UP UGHHHHHH. "I remember you tossing me into an abyss." YOU LET GO WHILE HE WAS BEGGING YOU NOT TO, YOU JACKASS. On the one hand, as [personal profile] fox1013 pointed out on Twitter, gaslighting is basically Loki's canonical superpower, but on the other hand, with mind control being such a thing, I sort of find myself wondering if there's not going to be a big twist where Loki may have been under some other influence himself? I should admit that I don't want this as an exculpatory thing so much as because I think it would be really, really funny if Brilliant Superior Loki were actually being played like a fiddle the whole time. Apparently fandoms being trolled is my fandom now; see also the amount of time this week I spent cackling at [ profile] redweddingtears.
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i. My Kindle screen has been freezing more and more frequently the past few weeks, and now, when I have a bunch of Yuletide fic to roll around in, it seems to have stopped working altogether. NATURALLY. >:(

ii. The mix my sister made me (we've done homemade/used presents the past couple of years) goes, at one point, from Ke$ha to Panic! At The Disco to David Bowie to Miranda Lambert. A++++++++++

iii. I collected enough cash from relatives that between it and my paycheck for this week I am not only able to pay off the rest of the dental work, but in fact coming out a little ahead! The sense of relief and general contentment with the world that this brings is the best possible present, Internet, I can't even. Close second: see below.

iv. My Yuletide story is still fucking amazing and has turned my "this could be really neat" feelings about Anna/Mary to ones verging on OTP levels. Maybe I will try and write the story that's been in my head for a few weeks, about Mary listening in the next room when Anna gets her ~wedding night~, before the year ends. In case you missed it in the initial flurry of Yuletide squee: somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond and I am still not convinced that one of you didn't write it, and even have a shortlist of suspects, because it is so freaking perfect. EVERYTHING IS LOST GENERATION AND NOTHING HURTS. I am currently working through some other fic, because there seems to be a goodly amount of excellent Downton stuff produced, but basically I think this story may have spoiled me. I'm sure you all got very nice stories, too, but they are not going to compare to Mary running off to New York in the 1920s and falling in love with Anna.

v. My recipient appears to have really liked the story I wrote, and I got another piece of feedback for it that basically is the best kind of feedback I can ever get, complimenting me on the things I actually do pride myself on in my generally adequate-but-not-particularly-special writing. (This is not fishing for compliments! I am down with being fun if not brilliant, and as I said, there are a couple of things I really do take pride in, which is why it's always so awesome when comments touch on them.) So I am considering it a general win, from the writing side of things, not least because my Yuletide story took my word count for the year to levels I really did not have any hope of reaching. Plus my hits-to-kudos-and-comments ratio is actually surprisingly high even for Yuletide, so while both those numbers are all fairly low because it's a pretty niche story even for Yuletide, the people who are reading it seem to be enjoying it a fair bit. \o/

vi. Have watched neither Who nor Downton specials yet, though I think On Demand has Who, at least, so I'll get on that later today.

vii. You know, most of the time I am fairly traditionally feminine, and I tend to get pretty annoyed at a lot of the gender essentialism that can show up in the butch/femme identity politics discussions, and then there are the days when I am patiently explaining power tools to my father and I'm like "God, I'm gay".

viii. Okay now 4real, I am going to get the hardcore cleaning of my room I was planning on done. 4real.
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[Poll #1358222]ii. Watchmen meetup: at the moment, I'm thinking Saturday at the Hoffman, either the 3:15 with lunch beforehand or dinner afterwards or the 7:00 with dinner before. Preferences?

iii. Dad: FYI, [JULES'S MOM], Jules's car is blocking you in, just so you know before you leave for work.
Mom: Why are you bringing me problems and not solutions?
Dad: I'm not, I'm just saying.
Mom: You are! Well, I got problems of my own! We're all dying and one day the sun will go black!
[Me and Doug go from snickering at them to laughing hysterically.]
Mom: wonder you guys are so messed up.

iv. On the phone with [ profile] sink_or_swim, discussing my going to see Watchmen.
D: I honestly think you'll probably be okay. That scene is nothing like what happened to you.
Me: No, and I've got plenty of warning. I know it's there, I know how it goes, I know it's intense. Last time I had a triggery incident, I wasn't expecting it, so it was like "LOL HI SURPRISE RAPE".
D: Plus it's Jeffrey Dean Morgan.
Me: Yeah, IDK who looked at him and thought "y halo thar Comedian" because he's pretty much the least threatening dude ever.

vi. It's a snow day, and I'm having cake for breakfast. OH YEAH. Actually, I'm not affected by the snow; I was scheduled to have today off anyway. But I went out and took some pretty pictures and now I have cake while my hands thaw. :D

vii. This weekend, as they seem to do at least once a month, TNT ran LotR, and oh, man. Oh Theoden, why so totally badass? Oh Gandalf, why so fabulous? And oh, Boromir, you are now and forever my Middle-earth boyfriend. &hearthands;
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More Yuletide Recs, while I wait for dinner!

Whom You Leave Shackled By Love is A Great And Terrible Beauty fic, Felicity-centric, weaving her story in more closely with Gemma's tight narrative. The voices are perfect, and okay, we all know I'm a sucker for Fee anyway, and she gets a happy ending at last, and oh, Fee, baby.

Joie de Vivre is another G&TB story, with Fee coming to visit Gemma in New York five years after The Sweet Far Thing. It starts with Felicity in drag, and gets more delightful from there. Just the right mix of light-hearted fun and srs bzns to be a perfect epilogue to the trilogy.

Reunion is another post-TSFT story, a Yuletide Madness ficlet in which Gemma goes to Paris, and she and Felicity decide that they've mourned enough. A wonderful little firework of a story.

This is how the fire starts. This is how we burn. is the story of how Felicity met Ithal, and also a story about Felicity-the-huntress, Felicity who only wants, for once in her life, to be powerful.

Try/Fail? - False Binary is WALL-E fic, about EVE and her evolution as an individual. It's complicated and elegant and one of the few fics where I've felt like I needed to read it multiple times to really appreciate it, rather than just wanting to read it multiple times because I liked it.

Weather continues very fine is Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, Arabella Strange's life afterwards, and is wonderful. The tone of a period piece is incredibly hard to pull off, and this author manages to, and not only that, but to pull of the voice of the book's narrator besides, which takes even more skill. And it's Arabella Strange, who is awesome, and deserves far more in the way of her own stories.

All Day and All of the Night is Space Cases, and let me just take a second to :D :D :D over the fact that someone wrote Space Cases fic, period. But this is lots of fun besides, with the same gentle silliness of the show.

Kill Claudio, Part I and Part II, is Much Ado About Nothing fic, with a murder mystery, and everyone having to trick each other to find out whodunit, and dirty jokes and stupid Shakespearean puns, and, guys, wow. Just, wow. Also there's kind of threesomey subtext? :D

In other news, I have to go to work tomorrow, first thing in the morning. I'm just hoping enough people will still be on vacation that traffic won't be as bad as usual. I'm off Saturday, though, and then Wednesday I go up to Jersey for New Year's with [ profile] ryoko and company. \o/ On that note, Mom got a sewing machine, and has said she can mend the little hole in the lining of the gorgeous antique gown I got in Australia, so I can wear that for New Year's. I'll have to figure out something to do with my hair -- maybe a simple French twist or chignon, or victory curls.

Also, my sister seems to have gotten hooked on Dinosaur Comics. She also got me a cupcake cookbook. :D

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