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Hello, hello! It has been a pretty good couple of weeks.

+ I had my annual evaluation results call with my boss, and based on a few comments when we'd discussed my self-evaluation I had been feeling fairly optimistic. Her only criticism of my self-eval was that she thought I'd been a little too hard on myself and should get more comfortable calling attention to my accomplishments, so I knew I was doing pretty well. We were also given a range to expect our bonuses/salary increases to fall within, and it was about what I'd expected -- a little more is always nice, but I am lucky enough to be pretty financially stable right now so I was fine with not getting anything significant.

WELL. When my boss said I had been understating my achievements, that wasn't just a platitude, apparently, because both my salary increase and my bonus were significantly higher than what I'd figured was the absolute highest end of possible. Like, significantly more than even the highest end of the range everyone was told to anticipate. She sent me the documentation breaking everything down, and we had a call to go over it right before my lunch break, and when I got off the call and went to lunch I opened a bottle of champagne that I had in the fridge.

+ As for what I am going to use my bonus for, I'm having LASIK later this month! In exactly ten days, actually. I've been sort of toying with the idea for a year or so, and when I found out about this windfall I figured I might as well get evaluated, especially since my vision insurance will get me 15% off. I wasn't actually optimistic -- Dad had an evaluation a few years back and was told that his corneas (corneae?) are too thin, and that not only is he not a candidate, but he needs to be extra conscientious about annual checkups because he may need a transplant before too much longer. During the evaluation the doctor initially remarked that I had a few thin spots, but went on to say that it was nothing too severe, and that I'm an excellent candidate. I'M SO JAZZED, INTERNET. SO JAZZED.

+ I've started keeping a dream journal again. I kept one really faithfully all through high school and well into college, and then got out of the habit, but the other night I had a weird one that I wanted to write down, and later that day I read this, in which it was suggested as an approach to dealing with writer's block.
It's useful to escape from external and internal judgment—by writing, for instance, in a dream diary, which you know will never be read—even if it's only for a brief period. Such escapes allow writers to find comfort in the face of uncertainty; they give writers' minds the freedom to imagine, even if the things they imagine seem ludicrous, unimportant, and unrelated to any writing project. [...] That dream could become the source for a story. And, at a minimum, it serves as a reminder that, no matter how blocked you may be, you still have the capacity to imagine something new—no matter how small and silly it may seem.
Interestingly, it also took all of three nights for me to get to the point where I realize I'm dreaming while it's happening, which is generally the first step toward lucid dreaming, which I've only done a couple of times but was pretty rad both times. One of those realizations came last night, while dream!me was being pulled over for speeding, at which point I was like "oh dip, I'm still asleep!" and woke up feeling ridiculously, hilariously pleased with myself, as if I had actually gotten away with something IRL. The note I jotted down in my journal before rolling over and falling asleep again was just "lol that's one way to get out of a ticket".

+ The weather has been friggin' lovely lately. It got up around 80F last week, and now it's cooled off and is a bit closer to normal for this time of year, although still a little warmer. And for the most part it's been sunny, too. A+ work, nature, keep it up.
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I'll be honest, the main reason I'm here again so soon is that I had a dreadful dream where I checked DW, Tumblr, and Twitter and on every single site, my reading list/feed/dash was just filled with people talking about how unpleasant they find me. So I wanted to double-check just to be sure.

But as I was waking up the first thing I was aware of was one of the cats curled up against me, I assume due to the unseasonable chill in the air the past couple of days, so let's call the morning a wash so far.
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i. I'm not dead (it's been a week since I last posted, so I thought you might be wondering, because we all know how hard it is to shut me up normally)!

ii. Holy shit it is September.

iii. There really isn't a whole lot going on, and I haven't been feeling particularly connected to fandom lately, and have mostly been doing writing over at the non-fannish blog I'd started with a couple of friends, since two of us are social media professionals -- well, one of us is, but while I don't officially do that yet, I've become the de facto social media coordinator for Generic Publisher and I'm probably going to push in the future to transition that to my official title, since I think it's where I'm contributing the most and where I have the potential to make the biggest difference -- and it seemed like it might be helpful to actually have a social media presence. I would link it, but it's under our real names, and while I don't mind one-way traffic from my fannish journal to my real name, the co-bloggers might not be comfortable with the same. But if you're interested, let me know and I'll point you towards it!

iv. Holy shit it is September.

v. Most interesting thing happening lately, fannishly, is probably either the teaser-clip that's been released from the upcoming Darkness anniversary set (WORDS ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!!!) or the dream I had last night where Cobra Starship, various 70s-era E Street Band members, and [personal profile] redbrickrose and I all went to some kind of Hogwarts-esque school together. Victoria, [personal profile] redbrickrose, and I were roommates. There were a lot of make-out parties. It was pretty rad.

vi. A lot of my energy at the moment is actually going towards religious stuff -- I met with Rabbi L. last week and she said she thought that at our post-High Holy Days meeting it'll be time to sit down and figure out a hard timeline for the Official Conversion Things -- the paperwork and the beit din and the mikveh. I have a couple of different posts, about connecting to the community and how moving to a part of the DC area with a huge Jewish population has helped, and about the High Holy Days, coming up, but I will save those for the conversion filter and spare you dudes who aren't interested (if you ARE interested, of course, just let me know that you want in on the conversion filter).

vii. Holy shit it is September.
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i. Note to self: no more Sopranos right before bed.

This message brought to you by a weird-ass dream where aliens invaded and my band of refugees ended up having to team up with Tony's crew for safety. What even.

ii. Work stuff. )

iii. Apparently May 1st will be Blog About Disablism Day! I don't know, I've been wanting for awhile to do a post about mental illness, but I still am not sure exactly what thoughts I'm trying to pull together for that hypothetical post. Mostly what it comes down to at the moment is that I am still really, really angry and hurt over WarningFail (no, fuck you, I refuse to call it a wank for much the same reasons that we stopped calling RaceFail a wank).

iv. I'm sort of thinking about moving more of my activities over to DW? I don't really know what else there would be to move there, though; I already crosspost and AO3 is pretty much my permanent home for my fic. I think I just like the look of my journal there better and want to read everything from it instead of from LJ. Whatever, I'm shallow. Anyway, in case anyone didn't know, I'm [personal profile] sohotrightnow there, so feel free to add me there, but I'll definitely continue crossposting for the foreseeable future.

v. I still need to get better about time management. I haven't written shit in so long and I hate it, plus I feel like I'm just not in the fannish groove at the moment, as a side effect of the "not having a lot of time to do more than read my flist once a day" thing. :\ Plus hopefully I will move further in soon, and that will shorten my commute and put me closer to my friends; just getting to them takes a ton of time because I'm so far out. And after the Intro to Judaism class ends that will free up an entire day of the week! But right now it is super-busy and that is not awesome.

Other than that, though, I'm feeling pretty okay, so really it could be worse. And soon I will get a paycheck and that will be super-great!
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i. Buffy scenes that, it turns out, can still make me cry:
  • The end of "Becoming Part II"
  • The 'Class Protector' scene in "The Prom".
ii. I've been making a bunch of icons lately! I made some stock icons for [ profile] austen and [ profile] inlovewithnight as part of the Fall Fandom Free-For-All, and then I made a ton of fandom ones, mostly Buffy and Eastwick with a couple each of SPN and Zombieland.

iii. Other folks doing [community profile] polybigbang, have you gotten a posting date yet? I turned mine in a little over a week ago and haven't heard anything yet, but if no one else has posting dates then I won't worry.

iv. Maybe today I will try and write something. IDK. I'm feeling kind of sad and anxious for no apparent reason, it's good times.

v. I had a dream last night set in the SPN universe. I was a hunter, and I was investigating all these disappearances by little kids in some small city in California, and then the Winchesters showed up and we were butting heads a lot and trying to beat each other at the case. Like, I was simultaneously me-the-character and a viewer, so as a viewer I knew we were both on the same side, but as a character/participant in the dream I was suspicious of them, like they were of me, and we kept trying to catch each other and give each other fake leads. And then about halfway through John showed up, except he and I were working together and he didn't want me to tell them that he was around, but because Sam and Dean are idiots, they of course ran into trouble and we had to save them, and there was a big ~reveal~ when they piled into my SUV and saw that he was driving. IDEK. Possibly my renewed interest in BtVS is going to mean a resurgence of the dreams where I fight monsters, and this is evidence that my Buffy/John shipping has gotten out of hand.

As fandom dreams go, though, the ones where my subconscious decides I'm Buffy are a lot less troubling than the ones where my subconscious decides I'm the Comedian.

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