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UGHHHHH I am so sorry about how long it's taken me to fill this in. Even now I'm like "but idk, I just want stories about these ladies!" Also I feel like I went a little nuts on the details when I first signed up and you may know more about me than you wish you did already? Er.

First off: thank you so so much for writing for me! I am super-jazzed to be getting a story from you period, especially given how rude I have been in not putting up my letter sooner. So seriously, anything you write will be wonderful, because everything I have requested is, I feel, a setup for greatness because it's going to be for ME, just for ME and it's a story I long to read.

Some general things I like
  • happy endings, or at least not entirely miserable ones -- some note of hope would be great, especially in the HP one
  • unresolved sexual tension and ~longing~ -- I loved Bates/Anna SO MUCH, writer, and then S2 made me dislike Bates more and more and just want it to happen because Anna wanted it to happen. I cannot overemphasize how much I adore Anna.
  • families and duty to family narratives (I'm an oldest sibling, I have SUCH duty-to-family buttons)
  • stories that are juicily, vibrantly of their settings (food, drinks, the smell of the air, the feel of the wind, lots of sensory details)
  • looks at everyday routines and what the parts characters like or dislike about those routines can indirectly reveal about them
  • romance
  • globe-trotting and road trips
  • kissing
  • biting during sex and casual kink
  • fake marriages/marriages of convenience
  • characters who are, depending on the circumstance, either the mother hen or the consigliere
  • stories with no sex whatsoever (if you don't feel up to porn)
  • stories with no romance whatsoever, just friendship (I'm pretty flexible!)
  • historical settings (this is probably tied to the vibrant details thing; in particular I'm a sucker for 1920s and 1780s-1820)
  • comedy
  • siege stories, bottle episodes, and the sense of being trapped (both literally and metaphorically)
  • anything set at the beach -- I'm an East Coast girl whose biggest fandom in the past few years has been Springsteen; boardwalks and beaches and highways are such a thing for me, I can't even
I hope that's enough to help you, or maybe get you un-stuck if you're having trouble, or reassure you that what you're writing is something I will enjoy? I can pretty much guarantee I'm going to enjoy it already, like I said, because you are writing a story that's JUST FOR ME and it is about one of THESE CHARACTERS and it's going to be lovely.

In which spirit, finally, the most important thing of all: thank you, and have fun!

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