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(Alternately, if you're in more of a space opera mood, friendly reminder that Buffy Summers and James Vega are married and have two children IRL!)
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This week's P&R was a bit boring, with the best part, naturally, being April and Andy. I really love the return of their Janet Snakehole & Burt Macklin, FBI roleplay, that's kind of the best. Also I got really projecty and had a lot of FEELINGS and got angry at Ben, it was ridiculous. /o\

But more importantly, last night when I had stopped drinking but in the six hours while I was sobering up to go to work, I spent some time yelling at Twitter about how this week's Community, which was largely...whatever, made me really really want fic where Troy is a Chameleon Arch'd Time Lord, and possibly even the Doctor himself. It started as a stupid joke about this last shot pre-credits gag, but then it just, um, got away from me. Spoilery for Troy's subplot of this week's episode, and a little bit for this season in general, but mostly just unspeakably ridiculous. )

Fortunately [personal profile] lizbee gamely chatted with me on Twitter about this, and the various things that needed to happen, like River enrolling (or taking a job as an archaeology professor?) because she's tired of waiting for Troy to figure it out and wants to take matters into her own hands, Britta vs. Daleks, and Jack Harkness falling in love with Shirley and being completely bewildered when the usual ~Harkness charm~ doesn't work on her, and so following her around the campus all starry-eyed. Also Annie/Amy(/Rory). Britta/River would be pretty great, too, upon consideration. Basically this is ridiculous and stupid and also may be my new personal canon, precisely because of how ridiculous it is.

ETA: Now I'm just picspamming )
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Here are my responses to that meme from the other day, where you all gave me fandoms and I told you what I would ship!

[personal profile] parentheses requested Buffy and Undercovers. TBH, I don't think I've seen enough Undercovers that I feel like I have a grasp on the characters where I could make that call? Instead, let me tell you all about the concept I have in my head for a BtVS/Losers crossover, where Buffy, Faith, Clay, and Aisha basically just spend a weekend locked in a hotel room together and every possible combination happens.

[personal profile] mumblemutter requested AtLA and Losers. For some reason I am thinking Clay/Ty Lee. I have no idea why, but that's what my gut is telling me, so that's what I'm going to go with. I floated the idea to Night and her immediate response was "that would be pretty great", so there we go.

[personal profile] lunarwolfik requested Leverage and BtVS. Hmmmm. This one took me awhile to think through, so I'm cutting it because it's far wordier than is necessary. )

[personal profile] crossedwires gave me Losers and Secret Six. I'm thinking Scandal/Aisha, probably. Again, I'm not entirely sure why, but that's the one that first pops into my head, and I think that might work the best, with both of them pragmatic and secretive and brittle and working their own agendas.

[personal profile] prairiedaun gave me Zombieland and Buffy. TBH, I sort of feel like you have a gold mine here, in that I can totally imagine anyone/anyone. I'm thinking Faith/Tallahassee, borne out of him hitting on Buffy, Buffy shooting him down, and Faith laughing really hard at him, then deciding she's bored and drunk, so what the hell. And then maybe another v-style threesome, with Faith sleeping with both of them.

[ profile] cruisedirector gave me Harry Potter and AtLA! Oh man, IDEK where to begin with that one. Zuko and OotP!Harry shouting at each other about their feelings would be amazing, but I'm picturing that more as gen. As would Dumbledore and Iroh doing anything together. Though I guess that doesn't have to be gen. For some reason, Dumbledore/Piandao pops into my head? Or Katara/Luna. Oooh, or Ursa/Narcissa(/Lucius).

[ profile] harborshore gave me Vampire Diaries/BtVS. I have only actually seen a couple of episodes of VD, because [ profile] pearl_o and [personal profile] fox1013's plan to get me watching was to show me the Lexi episode, on the assumption that I would love her; said plan backfired because I loved her so much that I was like "well, now I've got no reason to watch anymore" after the episode was over. BUT off of that, I'm like "Lexi/Spike/Drusilla would be HILARIOUS." With Lexi and Spike getting super-drunk and causing trouble all over the place, and then Lexi being very sweet to Dru.

[ profile] pearl_o gave me E Street Band and AtLA, and oh maaaaan. Another one that is ridiculously long and mostly gen. )

That was fun! Feel free to give me more fandom combinations so I can tell you ridiculous pairing (or gen!) ideas for them. I am trying to procrastinate on picking up in preparation for my family coming over this evening. Cleaning, ugh.
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So [ profile] estarmuerta did one of those memes where you make a list of characters and then answer a bunch of questions by describing/writing a snippet of the fic that results from the scenario. I started to do it, and here is the thing, when I do those, I'll scatter characters from the same fandom around, and in this one, the numbering was such that I ended up with a bunch of prompts for characters from the same fandom. One was even for a threesome, but the places the characters occupied on the list meant it was Patti/Bruce/Steve. So I was mildly entertained, but there were not as many lols as I hoped for.

Except then one of the prompts was "baby fic", and the numbers for it yielded Buffy Summers and Steven Van Zandt", and basically I was stuck on "CHOKING WITH HORRIFIED LOLS, ASK AGAIN LATER". That said, I have this idea that I've been threatening to write for years now, where, like, a few members of the band are part of a couple of bastard lines of Watchers that lapsed, so they're familiar with the ~story~ but didn't have to work as Watchers and got to go have their own lives, except then after "Chosen" there are a few thousand new Slayers who need guidance/training and the Council's in pieces, so they get called up. It initially involved Patti being a Watcher, and Bruce being confused about why all these teenage girls with superpowers are living in the barn but just rolling with it and making them lots of pancakes, and then me and [ profile] baked_goldfish somehow came up with the idea of Steven Van Zandt, Demon Hunter, so I'm incorporating THAT as well.

Which is not to say that they would actually HAVE a baby, because oh Holy Mother of LOL NO, but I'm picturing a story where someone, like, leaves a baby Slayer on the doorstep of a Council building while Buffy and Steve are in charge, and there are hijinks while they try to figure out what the fuck to do about it.
"Well, you're the Watcher!" Buffy said. "You're supposed to know stuff! Maybe it's a prophecy baby or something? Find some books, look it up."

"Oh, yeah, I'll get right on that. You know me, I'm fuckin' great with the Babylonian."

"Sumerian," Dawn called from the next room. Steve narrowed his eyes in the direction her voice had come from, and even opened his mouth, except then Dawn added, "Or Akkadian, I guess. It would depend on the text."

"NOT HELPING," both of them yelled, and Buffy figured that at least they were agreeing on something.
...oh god why do I keep adding to this snippet? /o\
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I was backreading some of my old entries and found this one, which seemed timely.
So I was reading this discussion of the ur-story, particularly with regards to Spuffy fic, and it was a little crunchy morning meta to mull over, you know, great. And then I hit this comment...

Somehow the idea of Kirk as a father is far more appalling than the idea of Buffy as a mother. *g*

I'm sure you all can see where my mind took this idea. Try and tell me the world is not in desperate need of Buffy Summers/James Kirk babyfic (that it is crack goes without saying, I should hope). JUST TRY. It would basically be the Wentz/Simpson "You can't download a baby" video, but with more space monsters.

And if you do not see anything AMAZING about that premise, I really don't think we have anything more to say to each other.
Also I'm just stating for the record that as of S8, time travel is now canon in the Buffyverse.

In other news, Uhura is pretty much my new favorite. She's right up there with Buffy, Zoe, John, and Mary at this point. I always loved her, but the movie just gave her that much more depth, and Zoe Saldana (the entire cast, really, but I am very ♥_♥ over Uhura) was just incredible. She was just such a complex and interesting character, and she was tough and quick with a quip without being reduced to Sassy Black Girl. I wish spoiler )

Like, I don't find the spoilery 'ship ) But it was played so well and so understated that I ended up liking it anyway, especially since they seemed so genuinely important to one another. And I totally loved that they let her keep her awesome earrings, and the first name Nichols picked out for her. Ugh, guys, she was just so awesome.

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