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i. My laptop has completely stopped recognizing both the trackpad/mouse button and the keyboard. :( I may get an estimate on replacing the top case from a place in town, but at the moment I'm mostly back on my desktop. The logical thought process from there, of course, was that I had to completely scour and reorganize my room, so that's...happening. IDEK. Anyway, I am pretty sure I owe lots of comments and emails and whatnot, and I have a couple of Real Name Blog posts sitting in my head so hopefully I will manage to get on that shortly! Also apply for more jobs, I have a few sitting open in tabs that I need to get on. Blerg.

ii. Mom and I have been mainlining DS9, so that's fun times! This is, upon consideration, the first time I've watched it straight through since it was actually airing, and I was pretty little then so I mostly just remember a few scenes of things here and there. We finished S1 today, and are hoping to make decent progress before the parents move to Australia in...a week, oh lordy loo. That they leave the day before my birthday, so that means that's in about a week, too. OH LORDY LOO.

iii. My Yuletide story has basically sunk without a ripple, which is something of a bummer, but not a shock, because it's a bit of a Yuletide niche rather than one of the fandoms a lot of people will be mildly interested in reading because it's in the air at the moment (Downton, Once Upon A Time, etc), and a super niche story besides. And the recipient appears to have really liked it a lot, which is the important thing, plus I got an amaaaaaazing story which includes both flappers and ladies kissing, so, you know, I shouldn't get greedy.

iv. The other day on Twitter I said of something "I think there's a lesson here, but fuck if I intend to learn it." I suspect this actually sums up my entire life. Further evidence of this: the context included my realizing on returning home from the store that I'd been so distracted buying liquor and mixers that I forgot a couple of things I needed to finish off the ~final touch~ on my presents for my family (cookies; I needed things to decorate them with). Hmmm.

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