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So after a fair bit of trouble-shooting, I finally narrowed the issue down to the motherboard (well, most of the advice I saw for the issues I was having said that the culprit was, in order of likelihood, the power supply, the motherboard, or the processor, and it wasn't the power supply or the processor, so). I ended up ordering a new one, and then saying fuck it and upgrading to both a new motherboard and a new processor as well. When I went out to the local computer parts store for RAM, the dude was extremely impressed ("whoa, that's a beast"), which was kind of fun!

Anyway, yesterday afternoon I finally got everything all installed, and it booted after a couple of false starts and some messing around with various cables and clearing the CMOS.* I was so excited when it finally booted, after spending most of my spare time since Sunday trying to get it working, that I literally did a couple of victory laps up and down the stairs, bellowing "IT'S ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE", ngl. This was the first time I'd really done so much from scratch; the original incarnation of this computer, I had a lot of help with the initial build, and had made several upgrades of varying difficulty on my own to this and other PCs, but this was my first time flying solo for so much.

Alas, my wireless antenna is not working, but to be honest it was a cheap thing I bought a couple of years ago and I'm amazed it's still holding together at this point, and since the new case is a lot more roomy than the old one and a good wireless card was less than $10 I just ordered one from Amazon. Hopefully once I get that installed the thing will stop complaining at me about missing drivers since I'll actually be able to download them, plus Mass Effect: Andromeda is now available to pre-load in preparation for its release on Tuesday.

* Place your bets on how quickly I lose the CMOS jumper, shown here next to my thumb for scale. The old mobo was much easier since the board had three pins and the jumper fits two, so jumping just required moving it over one, then back to where it normally sat, but this board just has the two you put the jumper on when you're clearing and then you're on your own trying to keep track of it the rest of the time. Fortunately clearing the CMOS isn't something that needs to be done often.
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Hello, hello! I had a pleasant weekend and hope you all did too.

Saturday was the returning registration for SDCC. But since Mom had scheduled lunch with Rita and Doug had work, I was in charge of logging us in on three different browsers and trying to get us tickets, which was a bit nerve-wracking. But I prevailed! I managed to get in on one of our accounts (mine, I think, actually) in time to get everything but Preview Night. So that brightened everyone's weekend, even Dad's, since he's always glad for an excuse to spend some time in San Diego, particularly if my aunt and uncle let us use their enormous condo a few blocks from the convention center again.

Sunday, I worked on upgrading my gaming computer, which was a mixed bag. The new processor went in fine, but I was also moving it to a new case, and that was far less successful. Currently nothing happens at all when I plug it in and turn it on -- no fans, no beeps, just absolute silence, as if it's not getting any power. I know for a fact that the power supply and motherboard are fine, because I'd just used the computer Sunday morning. It's possible one of them broke in the few hours between turning it off and moving everything to the new case, but that'd be a hell of a coincidence.

It's slightly more likely that I broke something in the transfer process, but I was careful, and didn't see anything obviously wrong. Cables and connections are always the worst part for me, so that seems like the most likely problem, but I've septuple-checked everything at this point. The next step is to put everything back in the old case so I can more easily match it all up to the photos I took before taking it all apart, to see if the problem still happens there, which might indicate motherboard or power supply failure/damage, but I just didn't have the energy for it by the time I'd finished all the other testing I could think of.

That said, I've been planning to get a new motherboard at some point in the not-too-distant future, since I'm approaching the limits of CPU/hard drive upgrade possibilities with my current one. Since I'm getting a larger-than-expected tax refund (#ThanksObama), and I found out on Friday that I'm getting a pretty great bonus and a 2% pay increase, the new motherboard may be more immediately achievable than I'd anticipated.

I'm surprisingly not-frustrated about the whole thing? It's annoying, particularly as I suspect I just messed up something extremely simple and once I figure it out it will be embarrassing, but one of my favorite ways to spend a weekend afternoon is sitting down to install a new piece of hardware, so it was still a pretty good day by my standards. The most annoying part at this point is just that I wanted to finish my complete replay of the Mass Effect trilogy before Andromeda comes out (A WEEK FROM TOMORROW!!!!!) and that's looking less and less likely.

(I know the whole point of MEA's being set six hundred years in the future and a couple million light-years away is that they can start fresh rather than having to account for each of the several different possible endings for the original trilogy, and that they've stated explicitly that Shepard's story is done, but I needed someplace to channel all my excitement while waiting, and now that I've started I want to finish, dammit!)

Also: ughhhhh stupid time change. Now it's all dark in the morning again and my sleep will be off while I adjust.

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