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So we've all heard that stupid fucking quote about how DC Comics can't possibly have sketchy race shit because they've got blue characters, that counts as diversity, but now, equally delightfully, we have Bill Willingham saying "I wanted to gun down those girls who kept asking about the memorial case [for Stephanie Brown]."



Feb. 8th, 2010 10:10 pm
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• My thread at that crankypants love meme is here.

+ It snowed last night, just enough that everything is pretty. I dashed down a couple of ~writerly thoughts~ by hand, but have not actually shaped them into anything attractive yet.

- I have to venture out and mail this thing for Ugh why do I sign up for this sort of thing, I never end up finding anything I want and I hate having to mail shit. ML;SH.

• Today, as LJ as my witness, I will actually write some shit. 1000 words of original, 500 of fic. Yes. I can do that.

Young Justice League cartoon!!!!! Okay, obviously I am jazzed about &Cissie; and &Superboy; (and oh my gosh that Cissie looks so badass) but NEEDS MOAR WONDER GIRL AND/OR EMPRESS. >:( >:( >:( Especially Empress, because unless Aqualad or someone is a character of color in the DCAU, man that is one white lineup. I'm given to understand there's some kind of embargo on Wonders at the moment, which explains the lack of Cassie, but I am cranky nonetheless.

+ Also I realized upon rewatching the trailer for The Losers another five times and finally being able to focus on something other than "ZOE SALDANA IS MAKING OUT WITH JEFFREY DEAN MORGAN, HOLLYWOOD LOVES ME SO MUCH" that while it's a complete and total sausage-fest, the cast is pretty much half characters of color! And the one woman is a woman of color, so that is pretty cool. Still, NEEDS MOAR LADIES. Also JDM going "ladies? :D?" in such a way that you can hear the fingerguns in his voice is pretty amazing.

- I have a headache starting to develop. It sort of feels like it might turn into a migraine. Okay, I'm going to suck down some tea, because that helps, and pop a couple ibuprofen, and then venture out into the world.

Say 'nerd'!

Aug. 7th, 2009 06:21 pm
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A couple of Top Fives!

From Gloss, my top five superheroes. )

From [ profile] doyle_sb4, top 5 women who aren't in the top 32 for Home Team. )

I have some more to do yet, but go ahead and ask for more! :D

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