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I have some RL stuff that I'm trying to get organized, BUT WHO CARES I FINALLY SAW HARRY POTTER! I didn't really like this one as much as 7.1, because I am one of the people who actually really liked the camping bits (I really freaking love sort of claustrophobic, quiet, us-against-the-world stories where it's a group you can count on one hand) but it was definitely satisfying!More thoughts. )

IDK. Those are my main thoughts. I think I'm refusing to accept that it's ~*~*~OVER~*~*~, mostly. HOGWARTS WILL ALWAYS BE THERE TO WELCOME YOU HOME, LEAVE ME ALONE IT'S RAINING ON MY FACE.
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i. What the hell, I put my name in over at the holiday love meme.

ii. UGHHHHH I HAVE MISSED SO MANY BIRTHDAYS. [personal profile] cruisedirector! [personal profile] fox1013! [profile] pearl_o! ILU so much, bbs, happy birthday to all of you. I'm sure I have missed and will miss more, so really, happy birthday to all of you.

iii. [personal profile] inlovewithnight and I have been tearing through HIMYM from the beginning! It's good times. Basically I ship various combinations of all of the characters. But especially Lily/Robin and, for some reason, this time around, Ted/Barney. IL when Ted trolls Barney so much, you guys, I can't even tell you. "SCREAMING IS FUN!!!!"

iv. I've been re-reading the HP books straight through -- finished OotP last night and got through the first few chapters of HBP on the commute this morning. There is so much fic I want this time around. Mostly, though, people need to give me recs for Ginny/Luna, because holy shit I am shipping it so hard this time through. I'd been vaguely into Harry/Luna on previous reads, and especially in the movies, but this time I'm like ALL OF THE GINNY/LUNA PLEASE.

Also, I think most of you know this already, but anyone who says anything bad about Ginny gets defriended, no question. THINK I'M KIDDING? GO AHEAD AND TRY IT. It is ridiculous how defensive I am of Ginny, ugh. /o\ SHE IS JUST SO GREAT. The "I forgot"/"lucky you" moment in OotP is probably one of my top moments in the entire fucking series for any character. She is pretty and kind of mean and ughhhh the way her trauma is always there in the background, I JUST LOVE HER SO MUCH.

I'm even kind of fond of capslock!Harry this time through. HE JUST HAS SO MANY ~FEELINGS~; I want fic about him and Zuko hanging out and yelling about their ~FEELINGS~ and how nobody understands them. Also I kind of want epic Lavendar/Parvati (or just Lavendar and Parvati gen, but slash would be even better) fic about them having ridiculous, hilarious adventures. And Bill and Fleur banging everyone in the Order (who isn't related to them, obvs). Also tons of fics about Tonks and Moody. Basically I just want lots and lots of comedy fic. Come on, Internet.
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Title: The Trials and Tribulations of Teddy Lupin, Chapter 36
Author: Georgiana C. Cupcakes ([ profile] cidercupcakes)
Rating: PG
Pairing: Teddy/Victoire
Notes: DH spoilers, obviously.
Disclaimer: Rowling, Bloomsbury/Scholastic, etc. retain all rights; this is merely for entertainment and entirely a labor of love off of which no profit is being made.

( Chapter Thirty-Six of the ongoing epic of MY TRAGIC LIFE is dedicated to that greatest of plagues, VICTOIRE WEASLEY. )

Cut is fake and goes to my fic journal. Hooray.

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