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LOL LATEST TO THE PARTY maybe not though, if I can cram them quickly enough for the new movie! Per [personal profile] redbrickrose's example, I'm finally giving Twilight another chance in the form of audiobooks. Mostly whenever I try to read the paper books I get too annoyed because I have a huge stack of things I genuinely enjoy and want to read rather than just being morbidly fascinated by, why am I wasting my time on this, but I've worked my way through the back catalogs of a couple different podcasts now during work and I need something else to listen to in my car while I'm working.

I have all these super-complicated feelings about it as a phenomenon and as a book itself, the latter mostly involving how it's super-disappointing because I can totally see the seeds of some really brutal horror based in the way girls are socialized, with some hints of class stuff as well. Like, I've seen people saying "oh they're totally horror" but lol no, they are in fact romance, they just have some supernatural set dressing.

That said, here are two coherent thoughts:
  • If I thought it was supposed to be on purpose, the part where one of the only Austens Bella doesn't name-check is Northanger Abbey would be comedy gold. Perhaps she has a sneaking suspicion that Jane Austen doesn't have the highest opinion of gothic novels and melodramatic teenagers?
  • I kind of want to change my journal name to "traitor tears were there betraying me". I feel like it needs to be in all caps, although maybe that's just because I can't stop repeating it to myself and loling more and more each time. TRAITOR TEARS WERE THERE BETRAYING ME!!!!!!!! Deathless prose, trufax.
That said, I still enjoy them more than those Gail Carriger books, which Twilight actually reminds me of more than anything else. I saw those recced around and oh my lord, I hated them so much, I can't even. Just as much showing without telling and completely uncompelling romance, but Bella is somehow more likeable than the protagonist there, and this had far fewer offensive gay stereotypes, and I actually felt moved to continue to the next one, which I definitely didn't with Soulless.

Still jazzed that the new phenomenon is Hunger Games, though. TELL ME AGAIN HOW WOMEN CAN'T CARRY ACTION MOVIES, HOLLYWOOD. OH SORRY I CAN'T HEAR YOU OVER ALL THE MONEY HUNGER GAMES IS MAKING. Although I was actually kind of disappointed by Harrelson's Haymitch, which was a bummer because when I first read that casting I was cautiously optimistic! But IDK, he just came off as a dude who was having kind of a bad week, not a dude whose reward for surviving brutal combat was to send his friends' and neighbors' children off to die brutally for the next twenty-four years. It was a bummer. I'm jazzed that there seems to be a small but vocal set of Katniss/Cinna fans, though, I was totally shipping that when I first read the books and am pleased that other people have joined the party. Also [ profile] sink_or_swim told me that Naya Rivera wants to be Johanna? I ENDORSE THIS PRODUCT OR SERVICE, HOLY SHIT.

Also I got a Katniss action figure in NYC, at the Scholastic store. Then the next day, after [personal profile] cruisedirector requested that I look for one for her as well, we ended up at Forbidden Planet, where I got the very last one! It warmed the cockles of my shriveled little heart that there were stacks of Gale, slightly smaller stacks of Peeta, and almost no Katniss in both places.

Some stuff has actually happened in my offline life? Well, as I said, I went to NYC! Just for a couple of days, to visit [personal profile] fox1013 for the start of Passover. We watched all of Happy Endings, because apparently my current mission is to make everyone watch it. Apart from that there's really nothing. Possibly there will be more whining about my job search at some point; I was talking a little about it in another drafted post about what's happening non-fannishly, but then it turned into several paragraphs rather than a bullet point, so it might just have to be a post of its own, which you can more conveniently skip past.

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