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1. Your main fandom of the year?

I started to say I didn't know, but actually, possibly A Song of Ice and Fire, which I didn't think I liked when I first read it a few years ago, except then I reread it, and then I started reading analyses and theories from around the fandom, and now somehow I am on my fifth reread? And I have all these half-written posts about my own theories and analysis??? And I feel strongly enough about the books to talk shit about the show at every opportunity, even as I grudgingly admit that I probably wouldn't have read them if it weren't for the show?????? QUESTION MARKS??????????????

The rest is under the cut. )
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In non-miserable, non-job-hunt-related news!

TV: I got the first season of Nurse Jackie at the used bookstore and ugh, Edie Falco, shut your fucking face, you are a national treasure. I am completely unable to crush on her in this role on account of how there are several moments where I can't even deal with how reminiscent Jackie is of my mother (this was not helped by the elder daughter's emerging anxiety/depression issues). As with Korra, I actually feel like this is a character I've seen a million times as a man, and if Jackie were male I would frankly probably loathe this show, but with a woman, ugh, I just can't even. So many interesting women! With so many different kinds of relationships with each other! And man oh man, as with Max on Happy Endings, I really fucking appreciate that they have in Momo a gay man who is not a stereotype. A gay man of color, even! Amazing! Also, because there is no such thing as stating this too many times, Edie Falco is a national fucking treasure. How is she so magnificent, just, how. I realize she's got three Emmys already, but that is not nearly enough.

Movies/Books/RaPS/There Is Good In The World And It's Worth Fighting For, Mr. Frodo: Apparently Dreamworks is making a True Meaning of Smekday movie, and it is going to have Rihanna and Jim Parsons, and any world where that is allowed to happen can't be a really hopeless one. If you haven't read that book, do yourself a favor and read it immediately, because it is glorious and is about a little biracial girl who goes on a road trip to find her mother and saves the world from two different alien invasions with the help of her cat. It is so funny you will cry, and it will make you cry a little with non-laughter tears, and also the aliens are a metaphor for manifest destiny. Come on now. And once you've read it, come back here and talk to me about how great it is, and I can point you in the direction of a couple of fabulous fic recs from previous Yuletides.

...I wonder if it's too late to start a letter-writing campaign for Edie Falco as Tip's mother.
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Man, taking a couple of Benadryl at about 9:30 last night so that I slept pretty much clear through 'till 5:30 this morning was a great decision. This is not sarcasm; my sleep schedule is still kind of fucked (six months of leaving for work at 1:30 AM will do that, apparently, who'd'a thunk it) and also somewhere along the line I seem to have become a morning person?

Yesterday I mostly just lounged around drinking homemade sparkling lemonade and occasionally mixing it with wine. I read The Girls Of No Return, which on the one hand was a little disappointing because I had somehow gotten the impression that it was a thriller/horror type thing, and it wasn't, but on the other hand it hit me where I live in a lot of ways, so I walked away very fond of it. Also it, "forgiveness is a work in progress", plus the entire story of facing someone you wronged a year ago (well, in the protag's case, a little over a year), and reflection on what the thing you did says about you, and doing that at the end of summer/beginning of fall -- even then it might not have clicked for me except for the mention that the only day the girls really have off at the school is Saturday, because even Sundays they have abbreviated classes but Saturdays are all theirs. This is what I mean when I say that it hit me where I live in some subtle little ways: basically I reached the last couple of scenes and had this oh moment where I realized that even though no one's religion or religious holidays are ever mentioned, this is a Jewish book and a Yom Kippur book in particular.

Also I watched Lost In Austen, which is on Netflix streaming. That It was a lot of fun, but it sort of felt like it was an episode short. There were a lot of loose ends still hanging, I felt like. Also man did I have some issues with Georgiana and Caroline. :\ Largely fun, though. I just had an Austen reread a year ago, but I may have to do another, because &NORTHANGER ABBEY;

Today: more job apps (haven't heard anything one way or the other about the ones I interviewed for last week, but best not to put all my eggs in one basket), and possibly catching up on Korra. I've already been spoiled for this week's episode, but I'm a few eps behind, so I'm sure there's other stuff that's happened that I will enjoy.
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Okay, so as I've mentioned, I'm working on selling stuff to Tumblr to try and clear some clutter and get a little extra money. Books have been a massive challenge facing me, because lordy-loo does my family hoard books. But [personal profile] schmerica needed some help getting a ticket back home, and I'm not in completely dire financial straits just yet, but job-hunting is...what it is, so the long and short of it is that I would definitely breathe a little easier with a few extra dollars, besides clearing the extra space on my shelf. So here is a first attempt!

There is a used bookstore in town that I'll probably end up taking stuff to if this doesn't sell in a week, but I've got a fair amount of credit with them already, and their cash offerings will end up being a bit less than this (plus they don't take ARCs), so I'd rather do this first.

Shipping info and long-ass list of books under the cut )

I'll probably put this all up on my Selling Stuff Tumblr shortly, too, but at the moment, I wanted to start with DW. Links would be completely rad, but I am going to be putting up posts for comics, BPAL, and possibly DVDs in the next couple of days, so holding off until I get those up is cool too.

(So is not linking, too, obvs, just, you know, if you DO want to link and don't want to spam your own lists, know that there will be more. Man I'm bad at this. ANYHOO.)

Comment if you're interested in anything, and I'll let you know my PayPal email address!
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LOL LATEST TO THE PARTY maybe not though, if I can cram them quickly enough for the new movie! Per [personal profile] redbrickrose's example, I'm finally giving Twilight another chance in the form of audiobooks. Mostly whenever I try to read the paper books I get too annoyed because I have a huge stack of things I genuinely enjoy and want to read rather than just being morbidly fascinated by, why am I wasting my time on this, but I've worked my way through the back catalogs of a couple different podcasts now during work and I need something else to listen to in my car while I'm working.

I have all these super-complicated feelings about it as a phenomenon and as a book itself, the latter mostly involving how it's super-disappointing because I can totally see the seeds of some really brutal horror based in the way girls are socialized, with some hints of class stuff as well. Like, I've seen people saying "oh they're totally horror" but lol no, they are in fact romance, they just have some supernatural set dressing.

That said, here are two coherent thoughts:
  • If I thought it was supposed to be on purpose, the part where one of the only Austens Bella doesn't name-check is Northanger Abbey would be comedy gold. Perhaps she has a sneaking suspicion that Jane Austen doesn't have the highest opinion of gothic novels and melodramatic teenagers?
  • I kind of want to change my journal name to "traitor tears were there betraying me". I feel like it needs to be in all caps, although maybe that's just because I can't stop repeating it to myself and loling more and more each time. TRAITOR TEARS WERE THERE BETRAYING ME!!!!!!!! Deathless prose, trufax.
That said, I still enjoy them more than those Gail Carriger books, which Twilight actually reminds me of more than anything else. I saw those recced around and oh my lord, I hated them so much, I can't even. Just as much showing without telling and completely uncompelling romance, but Bella is somehow more likeable than the protagonist there, and this had far fewer offensive gay stereotypes, and I actually felt moved to continue to the next one, which I definitely didn't with Soulless.

Still jazzed that the new phenomenon is Hunger Games, though. TELL ME AGAIN HOW WOMEN CAN'T CARRY ACTION MOVIES, HOLLYWOOD. OH SORRY I CAN'T HEAR YOU OVER ALL THE MONEY HUNGER GAMES IS MAKING. Although I was actually kind of disappointed by Harrelson's Haymitch, which was a bummer because when I first read that casting I was cautiously optimistic! But IDK, he just came off as a dude who was having kind of a bad week, not a dude whose reward for surviving brutal combat was to send his friends' and neighbors' children off to die brutally for the next twenty-four years. It was a bummer. I'm jazzed that there seems to be a small but vocal set of Katniss/Cinna fans, though, I was totally shipping that when I first read the books and am pleased that other people have joined the party. Also [ profile] sink_or_swim told me that Naya Rivera wants to be Johanna? I ENDORSE THIS PRODUCT OR SERVICE, HOLY SHIT.

Also I got a Katniss action figure in NYC, at the Scholastic store. Then the next day, after [personal profile] cruisedirector requested that I look for one for her as well, we ended up at Forbidden Planet, where I got the very last one! It warmed the cockles of my shriveled little heart that there were stacks of Gale, slightly smaller stacks of Peeta, and almost no Katniss in both places.

Some stuff has actually happened in my offline life? Well, as I said, I went to NYC! Just for a couple of days, to visit [personal profile] fox1013 for the start of Passover. We watched all of Happy Endings, because apparently my current mission is to make everyone watch it. Apart from that there's really nothing. Possibly there will be more whining about my job search at some point; I was talking a little about it in another drafted post about what's happening non-fannishly, but then it turned into several paragraphs rather than a bullet point, so it might just have to be a post of its own, which you can more conveniently skip past.
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Three good pop-culture things! Well, four, but one is left over from yesterday and I'm just still jazzed about it.
  1. This is almost a week late at this point, but seriously, extremely minor P&R spoiler ) ETA: Okay call me a tinhat but upon consideration I actually choose to believe that someone on the writing staff was in fact doing a little Clarence Clemons tribute with that whole plot.
  2. Speaking of Springsteen, I can count on one hand the number of NCIS episodes I've seen, but this picture of Pauley Perrette with Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa at the Grammys is pretty great.
    Q: on a scale of "noticeably" to "completely and totally", how baked is Bruce?

    A: 11.
  3. Community is coming baaaaaaack! I'd read a couple of good "everyone chill the fuck out" posts from around the pop culture blogosphere when it last aired, pointing out that it would probably be back by summer at latest once more than a couple of the mid-season replacements flopped, because blah blah blah network inside baseball. But I was also determined not to get my hopes up, and of course there was the danger, if it took too much time, that everyone would move on to other things. And even then my best hope was that it would be back in the summer, so the fact that it's going to be back in just under a month is FABULOUS. :D
  4. I've read some pretty great books lately, with a pretty solid good-to-disappointing ratio! ACROSS THE UNIVERSE was the rare super-disappointing exception for the last week or so, although I suspect all the hype I'd heard didn't help, since I was expecting a lot more than if I'd just gone in planning on a passable YA sci-fi read. I started Kate Elliott's SPIRITWALKER trilogy, though, and that's been super-fun and I may end up putting it on my Yuletide request list, because I ship basically everyone with everyone else and would love some fun silly adventures, particularly sexy ones. I really liked GIRL OF FIRE AND THORNS, too; it had a couple of issues but it's probably going on my list of favorite high fantasy works, quite possibly beating out LOTR simply because I liked it so much more.
Feel free to talk to me about any of these things (or others: me and [personal profile] schmerica are still working through DS9, for one thing!) in the comments, because I have been at a bit of a loose ends, fannishly, lately, and feeling like I have nothing to really contribute to the fannish conversation.
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Three good things!
  1. I have a Cara Cara orange. Om nom nom.
  2. I read Crossing The Tracks, which after three deeply disappointing reads was more than worth it, oh my goodness. Women and friendships and family and mourning and survival and ahhhh, feelings. So many feelings. Currently reading the second Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place book, which a few chapters in is as lovely as the first.
  3. I have finally seen the Downton Abbey Christmas special! I just want Anna and Mary to run off to New York together, why can't I have that. I'll just go have a millionth re-read of my the story I got for Yuletide, I suppose (EVERYONE GO READ IT, IT'S SO GRAAAAAAAATE). Oh Anna, your wonderful little FAAAAAAACE. Also minor and very silly spoiler )
Really, I'm a little behind, but whatever, I have a bit of a headache and can't be bothered. Possibly I'll just try for as often as possible, and aim for every day of a month when I'm not going back and forth between night and day shift.
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like I was super-defensive of her right from the beginning just because so many characters didn't like her and I am contrary like that and also everyone loved Arya and not only am I contrary in general but I really hate the devaluing of femininity plus Arya was just way too fucking precious for my tastes before shit got real and she had things to do. But man oh man, the end of the first book, when she proves that she is a freaking Stark underneath it all, OH SANSA BB MY HEART.

ALSO I SHIP SANSA/ALL SORTS OF LADIES FOR DAYS. 4DAYYYYYYZ. Like, first I was all about Cersei/Sansa, but now I am up to Sansa's first chapter of...idk, whatever the third book is, Feast for Crows, is that the one? I have it as an ebook, I can't see the title really quickly. NEHOW, I am only into Sansa's first chapter of that and I want a lot of Sansa/Margaery now.

Anyway I thought I would throw this out there, I LOVE SANSA A LOT, HANDS UP IF YOU AGREE. Also I have heard a lot of people throwing their support behind Sansa/Littlefinger, but I would really like a lot of fic about Sansa being super-gay. Like, the idfic in my head, also part of my hatred for the Kushiel's books works in here b/c I can never pass up a chance to complain about those )

Possibly this is all just so much idfic that I am mentally drafting something with the serial numbers filed off and the things that annoy me (pretty much everything except the ladies, especially Stark ladies) gone, WHAT.

ALSO: I admit that pretty much every fandom I end up in, I want like five million Springsteen vids, but 4REALZ, PEOPLE, HOW MUCH DOES THERE NEED TO BE A SANSA VID TO "CANDY'S ROOM".

Basically I really love girly-girls who are kind of bratty and obnoxious but are steel wolf's fangs at the core and are trying their fucking best and will top the shit out of you, and I like it even more when they're gay. I KNOW EVERYONE IS REALLY SHOCKED BY THIS DEVELOPMENT.

(Also I am not really super-invested in spoilers for the next couple of books, b/c I have heard a few already, and they were actually what motivated me to continue the series on account of trainwreck syndrome, but I would rather NOT be spoiled any more than I already have been, so if you could just at least give a heads-up in the subject line when there are spoilers for the fourth & fifth books, and a lot of the third, that would be cool, thank you!)

Anyway. Hello Internet. I am around! IDK. Sometimes I want to post and then the pressure gets too much for me. But yeah, I'm around, and I still really love girly-girls who are wolves at the core, doubly so when they're gay, so you know that much is the same. Also I think I have an ear infection, I knew all that blood the other night wasn't a good sign.
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Hello, Internet! I am in Athens. This is my third day, it's very nice. Suffice it to say of the trip itself that it turned out my travel anxiety was completely justified, and every time I fly with United they manage to top themselves in the crappiness of the experience, and also there is one dude who works for Lufthansa at Heathrow who is COMPLETELY AWFUL and will be snide and lecturey when you are having a panic attack in front of him. The only reason that airline isn't going on my list too is that a bunch of the other people who work for them were super-nice. I should've gotten that dude's name and called to complain. Maybe I will anyway and just say "here's the time I was there, he was the only man working at the Heathrow ticketing desk and was training someone else and HE WAS AWFUL, and I didn't get his name BECAUSE I WAS HAVING A PANIC ATTACK AND I WAS AFRAID IF I ASKED FOR IT HE WOULD BE EVEN MORE AWFUL, but the lady who checked my bag was super-nice and I didn't get her name either but she was working there at the same time".

But during my slog over here I read the second of George R. R. Martin's doorstops! As before, I mostly just care about Stark ladies. Cut more for tl;dr than for spoilers, because how long have the books been out now? ) Basically I really want lesbian high fantasy melodrama, maybe I should just file the serial numbers off and write that myself.

Also, Arrested Westeros (visual spoilers for the show, I guess?) is every conversation me and Night have had about these books and what we wish they were/the show was. Although I still think the "I love all my children equally/I don't care for GOB" one would work even better with Cat re: Jon than Cersei.

Anyhoo, the folks next door have started blasting techno, so I am going to go wander a bit. Yesterday I shopped, I got the most amazing halter top, and some nice body spray from Fresh Line. Also I went to a fabulous restaurant for dinner, and the maitre d' gave me a judgey look when I said I was eating alone, but the waiters were fabulous and we chatted and they practiced their English on me and I practiced my terrible Greek on them and they gave me a shot of ouzo on the house afterwards. \o/ W/e w/e, maitre d', clearly you are just jealous because no one likes you, so you don't eat alone by choice, and the waitstaff already like me more than they like you. Today I am probably going to check out the National Gardens, that will be nice. Alas, I forgot the USB cable for my camera, so pictures will have to wait until I get home.
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So yesterday [personal profile] inlovewithnight and I made margaritas and watched the first episode of GoT!

Okay, so, first of all I'm not that attached to the book -- I've only read the first one so far, and I'll probably read the rest of them eventually but it's not a pressing need. And I also don't generally get too fussed about changes from books, and indeed often I'll even enjoy them.* B/c you know what, film and books are two different media, and what works on a page isn't necessarily going to work on-screen. Not only is shit going to get changed, shit has to get changed! But mostly I'm frustrated that the changes from the book seem to involve stripping women of their personality and agency.

A few people have talked about the problems with how Dany was handled already, but CAN WE TALK ABOUT WHAT THE HELL THEY DID WITH CAT???? Spoilers for show and book, obvs. )

But okay it is only the first episode so it is probably too early to really start giving it up as a lost cause, because maybe they will improve things later. And again, I am willing to put up with a lot for Sean Bean playing honorable, stoic, doomed, and bearded, so I will probably watch more, although probably not sober. Also my roommate wants screencaps because she wants to spam Tumblr with Sean Bean's various hilarious facial expressions. My work is done here.

* Yes let me once again take this opportunity to talk about Arwen in the FotR movie, and my unending resentment that Jackson bowed to neckbeard pressure and didn't make her as awesome as she was supposed to be in the following two movies. NECKBEARDS WHY DO YOU HAVE TO RUIN EVERYTHING?????
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Here, instead of yet more whinging, let's all talk about this brilliant concept, which I have been giggling over now and then for weeks now: Hamlet played as Arrested Development-style comedy. The dream is featuring Jessica Walter and Jeffrey Tambor as Gertrude and Claudius (and possibly Hamlet Sr.), respectively, and/or for someone to play a ukelele riff between scenes, just as a nod to AD as inspiration, but oh man. Where basically everyone is completely aware of the fact that Claudius killed Hamlet Sr. and Hamlet is totally bringing them all down and making things really awkward by refusing to let it go, GOD HAMLET THIS IS WHY NO ONE LIKES YOU. Like, I'm sure Hamlet as comedy has been done, but that's not the point, the point is how much fun it is to chat about/think about.

ETA: AND NOW YOU'VE KILLED YOUR GIRLFRIEND'S DAD, ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? GOD WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU HAMLET?!?!?!?? Like, honestly, part of the fun is just yelling shit like that.

Further, which me and [personal profile] inlovewithnight were talking about around the time we went to see the new Tempest: Macbeth with Mac as a woman. Which, again, I'm sure has been done, but the point was more how much delight we got out of thinking/talking about it in terms of what you could say about how the deck is stacked against women who try to gain power. That would probably not be a comedy, it would be even more depressing because lol patriarchy, but it would be awesome.

Also, I'm still bummed at how few people I've met who will agree with me on how fucking hilarious Titus Andronicus is. COME ON.
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Chag sameach! For some reason I am feeling talky this week, I guess.

Fannish stuff: [personal profile] inlovewithnight did a great post in response to [personal profile] happydork's recent posts re: writing the stories we say we want to read, fandom and the logic of collective action, or, as she puts it, "the issue of 'we have this discussion over and over, why is it so difficult to make anything come of it?'".
The short version: if behavior X is predicted to give a high COMMUNITY benefit, but INDIVIDUALS will benefit more immediately from behavior Y, individuals will tend to choose Y, and assume that someone else will pick up the slack of X and/or that X wasn't really all that important anyway. (See also: the American social-welfare system or lack thereof; nuclear proliferation.)

The logic of collective action is: don't have it. Someone else out there will take care of the collective good, and I need to take care of me.
Really, really interesting.

TV: Non-spoilery, just kind of long. Short version: EVERYONE WATCH UNDERCOVERS. )

Books: I also seem to be on an Indian (well, generally more Indian-American, though I'm trying to figure out how to get my hands on You Are Here) chick-lit kick; after For Matrimonial Purposes I'm now on The Hindi-Bindi club. Which opened with loving descriptions of proceeding from the Victoria's Secret in Georgetown Park out through Georgetown and driving over to Potomac, Maryland from there, and even if the narrative voices aren't as engaging as Anju there are some great turns of phrase and engaging stories, such that I was even willing to break my "no stories that regularly cycle through a lot of first-person narrators" rule (IDK, I just get confused and lose interest). I may also need fic about this incident (a character whose family had to flee their home in Lahore after the Partition):
Biji had an intricately carved walnut jewelry box Bauji gifted her on a family holiday in Kashmir. She emptied it, selling her wedding jewelry to finance our new start. Bauji spent the next decade filling it back up again.

I remember watching Gone With the Wind with my girlfriends in college. How I related to Scarlett O'Hara! I loved the end when, after surviving the Civil War, she lifts a handful of the earth and vows never to go hungry again.
I WANT FIC ABOUT THAT MOVIE NIGHT SO MUCH. And beyond; possibly I will end up requesting "Saroj goes through a Gone With the Wind phase" fic, because I really really love stories about how people relate to other stories when they're done well (see also my Wednesday Wars reaction, although it looks like that's flocked/filtered so I won't link to it, but trust me, I LOVED IT). H-BC is very Joy Luck Club, but honestly I like it a lot more than I liked that.

Writing: I've been terrible about it lately; I think I'm going to start shooting for writing every day. I signed up over at [community profile] origfic_bingo, and I'm going to get going on my [ profile] help_pakistan fic, but I've had a bunch of fantastic original ideas starting to finally gel, I think, after several frustrating months of percolation, so I'm going to start trying to work on those as well, or at least get more ideas written down. Possibly I will talk more about this, maybe not. IDK. Again, scarceness might well continue while I'm trying to focus my energy on this.
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i. Apparently we're discussing how we need to write more non-cis white dudes again! I'm hopeful that we'll actually get a chance to make progress on that front this time; it was so sad how we all talked about it six months ago and then everyone got kidnapped and held hostage and forced at gunpoint to write Sherlock and Eames/Arthur fic. They all wanted so much to write about more diverse characters! It was tragic, and required such a monumental effort to coerce them all into writing more cis white dudes; I'm appalled that the FBI hasn't tracked down those responsible yet.

ii. I just reread For Matrimonial Purposes THAT BOOOOOOK. All the reviews of it on Amazon give me a comical level of rage because nobody gets anything about this book. "She needs a man to be complete!" NO FUCK YOU IT IS REALLY REALLY CLEAR THAT THIS IS ABOUT HER CULTURE AND HER FAMILY AND NEGOTIATING CULTURAL/FAMILIAL DUTY AND OH ALSO HER DESIRE TO HAVE A ROMANTIC/SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP, ESPECIALLY AS THAT TIES INTO HER NEGOTIATION OF FAMILIAL/CULTURAL DUTY ISSUES. "She's obsessed with shoes and her fashion job and has a ridiculously high standard of living!" OF COURSE, IT IS FUCKING CHICK LIT, LEARN THE CONVENTIONS OF THE FUCKING GENRE. IDEK, I just adore Anju so much. She's probably right up there with Mia Thermopolis and Buffy Summers as one of my favorite protagonists. Disclaimer: I honestly am not even able to be objective about it because I love it so much. Also I am an Ign'ant White American so maybe it is actually awful on race issues? I felt like it was really interesting and respectful (although heterocentric, obvs, because lol chick-lit, and some interesting things going on with regards to class), but again, not only am I an Ign'ant White American, it also hits a bunch of my narrative/character buttons really really hard, so I am totally not able to be objective.

There is a distinct possibility I will request Anju & Mia Thermopolis interacting as my optional fourth request for Yuletide. Also also if anyone wanted to write me Anju (and Rohan maybe, why not) as Companions to the Doctor, I would be totally into that.

iii. I keep meaning to write a post about the whole High Holy Days thing and some things I ~dealt with~, and then I don't ever finish or post it. Someday, kids. Someday.
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Reminder: I'm making a few different offers over at [ profile] help_pakistan: a 500-word ficlet, a 1500-word fic, and three cookie-ficlet combo packs.

DC, I am fond of you: Last week was Restaurant Week, and [personal profile] redbrickrose and I went to Acadiana, which was amaaaaaazing, and while it's a bit pricey for regular visits, you can totally make a meal out of the much-cheaper appetizers (seriously, I got soup, and figured it'd be a little cup with four spoonfuls in it, but instead got a full-size bowl, and was so full I wasn't able to eat more than half my entree) or split an entree, and then you have room for dessert, too, which is good, because the desserts are freaking magical. Plus they have great Happy Hour deals, and seeing as it's about three blocks from [personal profile] redbrickrose's apartment I suspect we will be taking advantage of those deals not infrequently.

But even more excitingly, this week is Beer Week! The two of us went to a place near Nats Stadium, Justin's, which was doing a deal where for $10 you got a pint of beer and a slice of pie. The beer was delicious and the pie was delicious, but the combination I got -- a very hoppy beer and banana cream pie -- was terrible, which was tragic. Ah well, it was in the name of science. The science of finding out what beers go with what kind of pies. And now I can all share my wisdom with you: don't mix banana cream pie and hoppy beer. You're welcome. They also have good Happy Hour deals, too, so that's another one I suspect I'll be spending more time at in the future; it was a really nice little place with excellent food and really good beer.

If I don't laugh I will be filled with rage: In more local news, the Tea Party is in town this weekend. The warnings they have issued their members about what Metro lines to stay off of are amazing (why are they taking the Metro at all, anyway? Isn't using public transportation basically funding further socialist nonsense like infrastructure?). Yes, you all need to stay off the Green Line and out of Southeast; I totally felt like I was in horrible danger wandering around last night and surrounded by scary office buildings and apartment buildings, in a bar full of middle-class professionals having a drink after work, young couples out for dinner and Beer Week specials, and bros killing time before heading over to the stadium for the Nats-Cubs game. It was like being in a war zone. The three beers I had were to get over the trauma.

Books: I read Mockingjay! Cut for length and spoilers. )

Less serious conversion news: I filled out my Leave Request form for Rosh Hashanah today! I am kind of considering photocopying the form to keep in my folder of other conversion stuff, the first time I took a holiday off for religious reason.
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The following items have been shipped to you by

Mockingjay (The Final Book of The Hunger Games)
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Oddly apropos: closing my copy of Flapper: A Madcap Story of Sex, Style, Celebrity, and the Women Who Made America Modern on the bits about the Fitzgeralds' courtship because my train had arrived at King Street Station, then, for the walk to the office, picking a random playlist on my iPod and being instantly serenaded with "Hot Mess", "I'm Going Down", and "Poker Face".

(IIRC, I saw two different YA novels with flappers on the cover being promoted at ALA, including a new series by Anna Godbersen. Are flappers going to be the next Big Thing in YA? Perhaps the next big cultural thing in general? Perhaps replacing vampires? Because there are no words for how down with that I am.)

(Also, F. Scott was such a tool. I'd always felt sad for Zelda, but this book only added to the effect. DUMP HIM ZELDA, DUMP HIM. And maybe get some Lexapro. And somebody teach her about polyamory! WHERE IS THE DOCTOR WHEN YOU NEED HIM, HE COULD DO THAT SHIT.)

My internet is still out at home. PSA: Comcast is terrible. Also I was trying to resist doing this meme, but I am feeling really insecure about my writing at the moment and okay, whatever.

the that's my favorite! meme
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i. A kinkmeme for ~Disney Animated Classics~. Which is to say, any 2-D major motion pictures and their assorted sequels. Basically anything in the Princess franchise. Possibly allowing non-Disney ones so that the Anastasia fans have somewhere to go. I have sort of wanted to do this for aaaaages. I even have a title! It would be called "Ow! My childhood!" Great idea, or GREATEST idea?

ii. Chicken. I have this really tasty-looking lunch featuring a new kind of yogurt that I am excited about! Also cucumbers! And pretzels! But all of a sudden I'm just like "you know what would be great? Roasted chicken." Thanks a lot, stomach, where the hell am I supposed to get roasted chicken?

iii. Following a conversation with [personal profile] inlovewithnight yesterday, Zhao/Azula babyfic. I don't know how it would even work, but it would be amazing. They would have the hottest, evilest babies ever. And the two of them being parents would be beautiful. They would be confused at first, and then all of a sudden they would just get SUPER INTO IT, because they are the GREATEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD and that means this is the GREATEST BABY IN THE WORLD and obviously they are great parents, what do you mean there are too many stuffed animals? LOOK IF SHE DOESN'T WANT THEM SHE CAN USE THEM FOR TARGET PRACTICE. Comedy gold. And then their child would rebel by running off and joining up with the Earth Kingdom Hippies.

iv. Books to read! I got some good recs yesterday from you guys, thank you! But here is more of me yammering about books, and also me having an absurd plotbunny. )

You're all totally proud to have me as a friend, don't even front.

* Oh man, the amount of time [personal profile] mimesere and I spent at the urban fantasy panel we went to at CCI making fun of the person who got up just to tell the authors how much they wanted to see more books about dudes, I can't even. Y'all know who is really underrepresented in literature? Men.
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Since it fell by the wayside during my busy-ness of the last couple months, I'm doing a second attempt at Round Two over at [community profile] avatar_minis! Katara's the focus, because she is great. Signups are here, and I'm waiting for a mod okay to mention it at [community profile] white_lotus, but everyone else, please feel free to push it at your journals in the meantime. Hopefully Round Three will not be so long in coming after this one.

Also, let's talk about romance novels, Internet! I really love the idea of them, but as with any new genre, I have no idea where to start. Fortunately, I have you guys! So, does anyone have recs for things that won't be horribly offensive?*

I really like historicals, especially when they're combined with genre elements -- Patricia Rice's Much Ado About Magic, for instance, was super-delightful, being basically Sorcery and Cecelia with more sex. As I recall, anyway; I read it a few years ago and it's possible I'd be unimpressed now.

Bonus points for heroines who have previous sexual experience and aren't shamed for it (by the text, anyway; if people around them are ~shocked~, whatever)/ashamed of it.

* Note: if you find the mere idea of romance novels horribly offensive, fair enough, but please do not comment just to tell me that, because it's really not helpful.
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i. Pentagon to detail new 'don't ask, don't tell' steps -- guys, they're gonna come up with a plan to take steps to lay groundwork for repealing it! And then present that to Congress/the White House! We queers should be grateful, WHY AREN'T YOU MORE GRATEFUL.

ii. I'm rereading A Curse Dark As Gold, and ugh I love it so much. Charlotte is seriously one of my favorite characters ever -- this wonderful, strong, brittle young woman who's so fiercely protective of her own. And the setting, England around the time of the Industrial Revolution, is so well-developed and fantastic, filled with folk traditions and this creepy, wonderful ghost story. I wanted to nominate this for Yuletide, but honestly there's nothing to do with it, fic-wise. Maybe ridiculous AUs? I admit, I would totally read an AU where Charlotte was, IDK, running a little diner in the mid-Atlantic or something. Or maybe I should just write that myself and change the names! After all, like the man said, good writers borrow but great writers steal. :D? :D?

iii. A few people have commented on me and Night's Buffy/John ficlets for Porn Battle with something along the lines of "wow, I am really intrigued by this pairing!" STEP INTO MY WEB, INTERNETS. >:D

iv. I've been watching this round of the whole women-and-slash discussion when it's caused ripples on my flist, but not much, because mostly [ profile] impertinence summed up my feelings pretty well: y'all, we've been talking about this for a long fucking time. It's just bumming me out at this point, because for a few weeks we'll pat ourselves on the back for comitting! to! change! and then, you know, go back to writing about white dudes.

Like, I was actually really reluctant to do Home Team because I knew for a fact that was how it would end, with all of us feeling smug for Caring About Female Characters and not actually having to do anything like write more fic that's not about white dudes. I was sort of thinking about not doing it again this summer, but I may have an alternative plan for it instead, so we'll see. I also had some thoughts about an aspect of one of [ profile] bookshop's posts that made me blink a bit in confusion, but this is long enough already and I have a couple of errands to run, so that'll have to wait for later.

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