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confession: I still haven't finished all the DAI DLC; I've been slowly treating myself to each one

Soooo as mentioned a few times, I have gotten super into gaming in the last couple of years? Hilariously, it was my mother who got me into it. She bought a used X-Box when she and Dad were living in Australia, and got hooked on Mass Effect, and at one point, after she got back, she finally dragged me over to the couch, put a controller in my hand, and made me play, because she was so sure I'd like it. SHE WASN'T WRONG. Friggin' Bioware, man.

Anyway, here are my "canon" characters, the ones I keep returning to. I know the whole point is that you can choose for yourself which way the story will go, but every time I set out to play something new, I end up returning to these ladies. (Don't even get me started on when I set out to do a jerk/evil playthrough of something; this is why I don't get the people on Westworld who come to the park to be awful, I can't even be awful when it's just pixels on my screen, I can't even imagine if I could actually touch the characters in question and breathe the same air as them.)

[Edit, forgot to mention this after reminding myself ninety times]
Note: I mod my games six ways from Sunday, whch I mostly use for armors/hair/cosmetic changes and multiple romances, but if you don't recognize something beside that, mods are probably why.[/Edit]

Dragon Age: Origins

Cate Tabris (of whom I can't seem to find my screencaps). City Elf, Rogue. Really doesn't trust humans (Duncan was the first she came close to trusting/respecting). The ones she travels with grew on her, even Morrigan. Especially Morrigan, actually; they kind of got each other's prickliness. Slept with Alistair a few times, but broke it off when she found out his status, then along came Zevran; slept with him a few times and then they both started developing feelings???????? And were weirded out and kind of scared but ended up staying together (and also having lots of threesomes). Spared Loghain, and oddly came to like him quicker than any of the other humans, except maybe Morrigan.

Dragon Age II

Carmen Hawke. Dual-wield rogue, sarcastic. Varric and Aveline are the best friends she's ever had; however, Kirkwall city guards report not-infrequent cries of "HAWKE, VARRIC, YOU LITTLE SHITS" from Aveline's office. Romances Isabela. Bethany ended up in the Circle. Sides with mages; kills Anders as an act of mercy.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Antonia Trevelyan. Mage. Her maternal grandmother was Rivaini, so her family had a fairly positive attitude toward her magic, and the Templars at her Circle were fairly lax, particularly after her family made a very generous donation. In fact, she had a huge crush on one of them -- which was snuffed out when her best friend failed the Harrowing. Sleeps with Bull a few times, but backs off once he and Dorian hook up; falls ridiculously in love with Josephine and Cullen. Has a huge romance novel habit and was delighted to find out Cassandra did as well. She and Vivienne also become rather fond of each other; Vivienne is a bit of a mother-hen about her.

Mass Effect: Original Trilogy

Hava Shepard. Vanguard, colonist, war hero. Mostly paragon. Sacrificed Kaidan on Virmire. (She took it pretty hard, but I was like "HE HAS THE SAME STRAIN OF DOUCHEITIS AS XANDER HARRIS AND THE ONLY WAY TO MAKE SURE HIS CASE DOESN'T PROGRESS AS FAR AS XANDER'S IS A NUKE.") Jewish; the main tension between her and Mordin comes on that account, from her horror of the genophage. Tali and Grunt remind her of her lost siblings, and she got a little choked up when Wrex told her in ME3 that she'd been a sister to him. (Oh, also, found Wrex's family armor and talked him down on Virmire; I was in fact shocked to learn that he could die there after I'd played a few times through and my mom mentioned it.) Mayyyyyyyy have spent some time during the Citadel party trying to sell Garrus and Zaeed on a threesome.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Ana Ryder. Mostly uses Vanguard profile. (I JUST REALLY LOVE "CHARGE", YOU USE SPACE MAGIC BIOTICS TO MAKE YOUR ENTIRE BODY INTO A PROJECTILE AND IF THAT DOESN'T KILL THEM YOU CAN BLAST THEM IN THE FACE WITH YOUR SHOTGUN, IT IS THE BESSSSSSSSST.) Super into Keri, the Asari journalist on the Nexus. Also has crushes on pretty much everyone else on her crew. I am dreading the moment when she has to pick one and am desperately hoping fandom will come through with a multiple romance mod before then, but I'm leaning toward Suvi. I am constantly reminding myself that blue hair color is a pain in the ass to maintain, because I want that hair SO DANG MUCH.

YEP. Tell me about your various Wardens/Hawkes/Inquisitors/Shepards/Ryders!

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