sohotrightnow: ([atla] you added a rainbow)
Jules ([personal profile] sohotrightnow) wrote2017-03-02 07:33 am
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Something new from February

OK soooo I missed a lot of the questions (they were all great! I definitely want to try to get more of them answered over time, lol ADHD what even is time management). One I really liked, though, and am still a couple of days late on but whatever, better late than never, was from [personal profile] sobota: Tell us something new you learnt this month.

Courtesy of [personal profile] newredshoes, who shared this on Twitter, I learned that Ava DuVernay was 33 when she first picked up a camera. As a recently-32-year-old who is trying to get back into writing, and trying to do new things in general, this was deeply gratifying for me, and something I'm considering writing on a post-it and keeping on the corkboard where I put encouraging things and notes from friends.

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