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here's some money, go see a Star War

So, [personal profile] musesfool asked, for today (there are still days open, if you want to ask a question/request my feels on something!), "any general or specific hopes for Star Wars Episode VIII?"


OK let's get the terrible out of the way fist: I'm hoping they find a meaningful way, whether in VIII or IX, to write Leia out. Also, I'm not really all that invested in Kylo Ren one way or the other, but I am invested in Leia, so I'm sad that, since I assume his ~redemption~ arc will conclude in IX, we won't get a Leia-Ben reunion. Although given that Leia never got to make any kind of peace with Anakin, the way Luke did (kind of, at least a little), that may be an appropriate bookend, heartbreaking though it is.

Ughhhhh less depressingly: MOAR REY. I'm feeling pretty optimistic on this score, actually. One of the things I was really pleased about with the Rogue One marketing was how they seemed to take the lesson of TFA (apparently Disney was startled by the demand for Rey merchandise and found themselves facing backlash for not producing much as part of the initial wave), and were not at all shy about making Jyn central to the marketing. In essence, Disney appeared to realize that whatever they may have lost from the neckbeards who boycotted because the ~~~skeletons~~~ had taken over Star Wars (translation: there were a couple of non-white dudes and a white woman in it now, and two of them got to use a lightsaber), they more than made up for from people who were excited about this development.

(Disney is comparable in this regard to Bioware, actually, but that's another story.)

More specifically, I really want some background on Rey -- it's interesting seeing what seems to be a disconnect between male viewers, who were the ones mostly calling Mary Sue on her Force abilities, and female viewers, who IME were more likely to interpret her as having some kind of deeply-buried past training, not just being a magical space princess who became good at it overnight (as opposed to, you know, Luke, or Chosen One Anakin, but that's another story). That's entirely anecdata on my part, however. I don't need them to give me the full details of how she ended up on Jakku, but I hope that we at least get a few more breadcrumbs on the trail.

I generally come down on the side of her being a Skywalker. I've seen arguments for how it could be more meaningful if she weren't, if she were just some random person (and, I assume, survivor of Kylo's turning on Luke), and I buy that. But since the main series is so very much a family saga, I feel like having her turn out to not be a Skywalker makes her more likely to just be there to serve Kylo/Ben's story. I want this trilogy to be at least as much about her and/or Finn as it is Kylo/Ben.

(Also I kind of hope for my own sake that she turns out to be Luke's daughter, because otherwise sry2say I will probably end up shipping it. I mean, no judgment if they are father and daughter and you end up shipping it anyway, but I'm generally not really into incest ships.)

Then I was gonna say "Oh, and more Poe," and then I was gonna add "AND more Finn" so...I JUST REALLY LOVE THE NEW TRIO. To be honest, some scenes with all three of the new trio would be cool -- we got a lot of Finn-Rey and Finn-Poe in TFA, but I'd love to see all three of them together, and/or some Rey-Poe interaction. I definitely enjoyed the Shattered Empire comic and the backstory for Poe's parents, so some little nod to that would be neat, and/or interaction between him and Leia, because according to some supplemental material she was his childhood hero, and we got Leia-Finn and Leia-Poe interactions in TFA, so I'd like to round it out.

Also: MAAAAAAAAAAZ. Another Maz appearance would be A++++++++++.

TL;DR MORE OF EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER???? I just love them all so dang much.

Additionally, it would be cool if we got some stuff about Padme, as well. The Anakin connection was obviously stressed pretty heavily, which makes sense, but I'd love a little more about Padme as part of Luke and Leia/Ben(/Rey)'s heritage. The Leia comic had some really lovely moments on Naboo, where she passes a stained-glass window of past queens on the street and has a vision of one of them turning to look at her, for instance -- just a small detail like that would be great.

More trivally, production-wise, I'd love it if we got some city scenes. The landscapes in TFA are gorgeous, but it'd be cool to mix it up a bit, too.

PHEW, I think that's all I can think of for now. How about you guys? What are you hoping for from ~~~THE LAST JEDI~~~?

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