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the past few days

My annual review was at 3 PM Thursday. I'd been telling myself for a few days now that I shouldn't be so anxious about it because if I were (as anxiety tends to tell one is the case) doing every single thing wrong and bringing the company down in flames around me, they would not just wait for months to tell me so. Hell, my boss's biggest criticism last year was that she thought that I'd been too harsh in my self-evaluation.

Then I realized that actually, even if it all did go as badly as my anxiety was trying to convince me it would, it still wouldn't be the thing I was dreading most about the week, or even the following 24 hours.

As it happened, it went pretty well! My boss agreed with my own self-assessment, no nasty surprises whatsoever, except that again she thought I hadn't really given myself enough credit for some things.

I also got a call on Thursday morning from my Representative's local office letting me know that he wouldn't be attending the Inauguration. I had called about it a few days prior, encouraging him to join the other Reps who weren't going, and forgot to leave my number in the message, but at this point they're on a first-name basis with me there, so were able to find my number in their records and call me to let me know, which was cool.

Friday was...Friday. My Torah study group arranged a virtual minyan to say the Kaddish together at noon, which was surprisingly therapeutic. I stayed off Twitter for most of the day, but was delighted to come back to video of some hero punching a Nazi downtown, not to mention the Internet's many glorious variations on it. (I am okay with having a Nazi exception in my non-violence principles and am comfortable with the fact that this might make me a hypocrite. If you're troubled by this, fine, but please just defriend or scroll past rather than arguing with me about it in the comments.)

Saturday, Mom and I went to the march downtown! It was exhausting and I still hate crowds but this one was worth it. We were actually able to see the stage, distantly! Then we stopped off for late lunch/early dinner on the way home and had some wine, and went home and crashed. Some notes:
  • Many of the speakers were fantastic -- Ashley Judd was lovely, Tammy Duckworth was awesome, and I SAW ANGELA FUCKING DAVIS, AHHHH -- but Sophie Cruz was the only one that made me weep.

  • At one point on the Metro ride in everyone started singing "This Land is Your Land".

  • We had to make a path through the crowd during one of the speeches because a police officer was helping a woman who had gone into labor through to the nearest EMT, and a woman near us said "Officer, I'm a pediatrician, do you want me to come with you?" The officer, surprised and delighted, said "Sure!" It was just a surprising, wonderful little detail that would seem too perfect to have happened if I hadn't actually seen it.

  • Another woman nearby had the most adorable baby who was incredibly easy-going? Like, she slept through most of the speeches, woke up a little before Mom and I left, and was in a great mood.

  • We'd been trying to make it downtown in time for the Wonkette meetup. We did not manage this, but at one point Rebecca (the owner/EIC) and her family went right past us and I said hi, which she informed me counts as having succeeded anyway.
Sunday was quiet, recuperating and having dinner with my sister in celebration of her birthday. Pizza and cake and ice cream and family, yay!

Today, as it has been for most of the past few days, it's gloomy and rainy, but there's a lot more wind, which is an exciting way of mixing it up.
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Hooray for plenty of good things happening!

I am okay with having a Nazi exception in my non-violence principles

Hell yes.
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Everyone should be okay with the punching of Nazis, zero exceptions.