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I hit skip=60 in my backread, this is amazing

Hi, hi. It has been a quiet week or so since I last posted, but I am trying to get back into the habit of posting regularly. IDK why I have so much trouble making the same kind of stupid one-off comments that I make to twitter and occasionally Tumblr, and used to make here. Clearly what we all need is for me to get drunk while watching Netflix more often.

On that topic, I rewatched some Buffy this weekend and while I do not feel quite as strongly about it as I used to, omggggg Buffy Summers is still my forever girl. "Anne" is just. Oh man. I've also been occasionally mixing it up and drunkenly rewatching AtLA, which is also an excellent choice, it turns out.

A couple of new years things:
  • For aaaaages I have wanted to take a ballet class, but no place in less than an hour's drive offered classes for adults. But the arts center that opened in a former prison started offering them last year, so I finally took the plunge and signed up for the next one. It starts next week! I am super-excited. I don't know why I find ballet so fascinating -- most other dance leaves me pretty cold, although I took one on classical Indian dance in college and that was wonderful in much the same way that ballet gets to me, the precision of every movement. So I'm really looking forward to this.

  • I've started lifting at the gym, with a goal of deadlifting my body weight by the end of the year, which I think is the most realistic.

  • I'm aiming to write 75,000 words by the end of the year, fic and original. I have this one Star Wars fic that I started months ago, and would like to get posted by the time Episode VIII comes out, which seems like the most realistic goal given the way writing is currently going for me. I also have a fun idea for a romance novel brewing -- I have gotten really into romance novels in the past year or so? -- and would like to at least get a partial draft of that done.
Yep! Ugh I used to be so much less self-conscious about talking to you, Internet, what happened? I need to work on that. In the meantime, have a Mass Effect 3 icon featuring my Shepard, Sofia.
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The day that I reach a skip when I filter on journals only will be such a momentous day!

Ballet class sounds like so much fun. I have a fascination with it too. I think a part of the appeal of ballet is how much damn work it is. As someone who seriously loves sports and all of the stories that go into that whole thing, I find ballet to be similar when it comes to evoking a lot of those emotions. Also, we definitely all saw some version of The Nutcracker growing up, right?

If I ever get the nerve to go back to the gym, my lifting goal would be to get to the point when I pick up the damn cat litter it's a breeze.
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Huh, I knew they had yoga but didn't realize they had branched out to dance. That's cool. I took ballet for a year when I was like 6 because my favorite older cousin danced, but threw it over for horses as soon as I could. :D

I'm starting a weights class next week myself. I will be swole.
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It's a really impressive sport when you really look at it. Definitely tougher than baseball!

Yeah, that was part of my consideration. Also, if I'm paying for it and have a set day and time, I'm a lot more likely to go. See also the 4 mile hikes with Zille that have dropped off as the weather has gotten crap.
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I definitely miss ballet, too. It's a bit farther down on my list of sports to try/take back up, but it's there. I look forward to reading about your adventures with it!