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who knows why I thought a show where Nazis run America seemed timely?

Mom, Doug and I got hooked on The Man in the High Castle last week, so we spent a good deal of the holiday weekend finishing the first season and starting the second. My utterly trivial, largely non-spoilery thoughts thus far:

- Juliana and Joe were completely uninteresting to me for most of the first season, but I've started warming to Juliana, at least. Joe is just -- such a cipher, I feel like? They've started to do more character development for him in s2, at least, but mostly I'm rolling my eyes at his daddy issues and wondering how it is that every woman he meets wants to make out with him. He's not even particularly hot! And it's not his personality, because this is his personality:

- On the subject of making out, however, I am painfully into s2's cast addition of Callum Keith Rennie as ruthless resistance cell leader.

- It's also amazing how in other contexts I am 100% into Rufus Sewell, and then as soon as he's in character my attraction is gone. It's like a light switch.



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I can't imagine why that might be. It's like Nazis aren't hot or something?????

- I'm pleased to announce a casting update for my imaginary reboot of DS9: in addition to Naomie Harris as Beth Sisko, Rufus Sewell will be playing Gul Dukat, due in no small part to his mastery of :) face.

- On the DS9 note, I have a lot of trouble remembering Childan's name because I keep calling him "Quark" in my head.

- Speaking of Childan, the Kasouras are definitely swingers, and when they invited him to dinner, it was with an eye toward inviting him to have sex with one and/or both of them, right? Right. Glad we had this discussion.

N E WAY it is a pretty decent binge watch for a long weekend, if anyone was wondering!

I'm afraid to look it up on Tumblr, although I suppose I should just be grateful that the dreamy gifsets will be of fictional Nazis, which puts Tumblr a step up from the actual press, which is writing sympathetic profiles and glamorizing puff pieces about real ones. lololololol oh god I'm not sure my liver is up to my spending the next 4+ years drunk but there's only one way to find out.
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[personal profile] cyprinella 2016-12-27 05:09 pm (UTC)(link)
It's so fucking painful to walk into Metro stations and cars covered in ads for this show. IT'S NOT THAT FICTIONAL THESE DAYS. >>>:(

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I really liked the first season! I hated the book enough not to get far in it. Dunno if I can do the second season yet :| but it's so weird how Rufus Sewell is immediately 7000% less attractive the second he comes onscreen in this show? WHYEVER COULD THAT BE. Also I liked Joe until the ~reveal~ and then he was boring garbage shock shock.

It doesn't seem to have much of a presence on Tumblr, at least??