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Jules ([personal profile] sohotrightnow) wrote2010-06-25 05:40 pm

Are you fucking KIDDING me?

TRIGGER WARNING. Randomepiphany noticed people were upset by her use of the word rape! She has made an edit to clarify her thoughts.

I do not trigger easily at things on the Internet, but this seriously came close for me, though fortunately I managed to divert it into BLINDING RAGE instead.

Dear [ profile] randomepiphany,

I suggest you step away from the computer. I suggest you do this in order to do some fucking research. Maybe you could volunteer for a rape/sexual assault/sexual violence advocacy group or hotline. No, actually, don't do this, because clearly you have no idea what actual rape trauma is like, so best to do something that will keep you from interacting with genuinely traumatized people, who need a lot more respect and empathy than you are obviously capable of. Go for a walk and get some perspective, maybe, and then do some actual research. The point is, grow the fuck up and stop coopting my actual experience and trauma to characterize people being critical of your fanfiction on the Internet.

If nothing else, have the balls to unlock comments on your posts, because honey, fandom was downright nice to you in its original reaction to your story, but at this point you deserve nothing more than to be told, in detail, precisely what a self-involved, ignorant child you are.

You want to come into my journal and defend yourself? Please fucking do. Consider this an open invitation. I suspect it will be a bit like beating my head against a brick wall, on account of how you are obviously determined to make a martyr of yourself, but what the heck, sometimes I like beating my head against walls.

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In trying to demonstrate that she didn't deserve to be mobbed and run out of fandom on a rail (which wasn't even actually happening), she has demonstrated that she deserves to be mobbed and run out of fandom on a rail. Which will hopefully happen now.

Sent you a PM on an unrelated subject last night, but obviously I understand if you have other things on your mind right now. Ugh.

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The thoughtlessness required to CONTINUE AGGRAVATING THE SITUATION is astounding here.
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Is it bad that my reaction to that was to laugh out loud?
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Mine, too. She was so over the top I couldn't believe she had just said that. I mean, it's true that people can be psychologically abused without anyone ever touching them, but...that's still not comparable to a relatively small group of people criticising (fairly politely) your writing!
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We have moved from Viggo's slightly dumbfounded WTF straight into Sean's openmouthed WTSIT.
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Okay, now I seriously, seriously cannot even. I cannot comprehend, except to scream YOU ARE NOT A UNIQUE AND BEAUTIFUL PRETENTIOUS SNOWFLAKE.

you are writing RPS, not the great American novel. nor are you Bret Easton Ellis, who is also a douchewaffle.
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Pretension would actually suit her better than this, because you know what professional authors do? GET CRITICIZED. PUBLICLY. VOCIFEROUSLY. OFTEN.

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My words are WEAPONS; theirs don't count.

Er, even if our words are weapons, they are defensive in nature. If we're going to go with this analogy, RE's story was a punch to the face; any "weapon" or "attack" from fandom after that was a punch back, not an initial volley. This of course doesn't even take into account the fact that the majority of comments were discussing the story, not "mobbing" or "attacking" RE as a person. So they weren't even defensive attacks so much as they were people going, "Ow, my nose."

And honestly, if we're going to go with the words/weapons analogy, her "beta" who didn't even want to be her beta had been standing there for, what, six months, trying to hold her back, saying, "Maybe it's not such a bright idea to punch people in the face like this."

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My bad. Here, have this instead (they also have one that's just Bruce and his fake fur collar, but that's not on the website for some reason).
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It seems like every faily author's reaction is worse than the last. I can't even imagine what the next terrible Big Bang author will say.
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AUGH. It wouldn't surprise me at this point.
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Instead of tortoises, it's fail all the way down.
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Oh my god I love you. I need a laugh in the midst of all this.
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What a piece of shit toast. I just. Wow.
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It's like she's determined to be the failiest of them all.
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I just can't even.
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And then she has the audacity to talk about how ten years ago she would have fucking offed herself. Hey if you want sympathy for the brutalization that happened to you? HOW ABOUT YOU HAVE SYMPATHY FOR OTHER PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN BRUTALIZED IN A DIFFERENT WAY YOU JACKASS?

God fuck her.
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You should learn the violin just for the purposes of playing it for her. Oh my God.

How have you not kicked her apart?

[personal profile] sink_or_swim 2010-06-26 05:02 am (UTC)(link)
You sure you weren't just saving children? Not the British children, of course. But children.
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This is the email I sent her, subject line of "Okay."

"I would think that, as a woman who survived appalling amounts of brutality and bullying as a child, you would have more compassion for those who have been brutalized in a different manner.

I'm just saying."

Because I seriously couldn't stay silent. Ugh.

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Compose the saddest polka.
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DO THIS and then email her the .mp3


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I lol'd. It would go one-two-three-BAWWW, one-two-three-BAWWW.
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Just kill it with fire. Gods, I want to take this woman and SHAKE HER. HARD. FOR A VERY LONG TIME.
Dammit, she made me all capslocky...
Incoherent rage doesn't even start to cover it.
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It seems she's deleted the entry. I wonder if it's been preserved.