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Somehow I got to rereading some of my fic on Ao3 yesterday and it was...not bad? Like, hm, looking at it with a fresh eye, I might catch a minor error here or there, a little continuity thing, repeating a phrase too soon or dropping a word. But apart from little copy-editing stuff like that, it's...surprisingly not garbage? It's actually kind of enjoyable? Even a fic from literally almost half my life ago, I'm reading it and going "wow, this is actually a solid representation of this character's voice, well done '00s Jules!"

I've had a hard time with writing the past few years, where every word is like blood from a stone and every paragraph I look back and decide it's garbage and need to walk away for a bit lest I just delete it all. So it's nice to look back and go "hey, actually, I do know how to do this." It's also gratifying to realize that a lot of the stuff I'm most pleased with, that I most felt at the time like no one but me really cared about but that was enough, is also some of my most popular. Like, oh, hey, this self-indulgent little id trip of mine wasn't just me talking into a vacuum, other people enjoy these weird crossovers and rarepairs and polyships!

Anyway, I've also stuck with this space opera romance novel thing for months now, and am only partly through outlining it, and even at such a slow pace I'm still pretty excited about it. It's nice to feel enthusiastic about something I'm making again, even if it's much slower going than it's been in the past.


Apr. 21st, 2017 07:56 pm
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LOL so I'm to "The Witch" in my Buffy rewatch. Which I mention because it's the third episode and Xander has ALREADY gone full Nice Guy.

This is why I always kill Kaidan on Virmire, you sleep with someone in ME2 after he's told you to fuck off and in 3 he starts talking about how he ~forgives~ you for ~cheating~ on him. (Again, he told you to fuck off, so you moved on.)

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Soooo as mentioned a few times, I have gotten super into gaming in the last couple of years? Hilariously, it was my mother who got me into it. She bought a used X-Box when she and Dad were living in Australia, and got hooked on Mass Effect, and at one point, after she got back, she finally dragged me over to the couch, put a controller in my hand, and made me play, because she was so sure I'd like it. SHE WASN'T WRONG. Friggin' Bioware, man.

Anyway, here are my 'canon' characters for the Mass Effect and Dragon Age games. )

YEP. Tell me about your various Wardens/Hawkes/Inquisitors/Shepards/Ryders!
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(Alternately, if you're in more of a space opera mood, friendly reminder that Buffy Summers and James Vega are married and have two children IRL!)


Apr. 10th, 2017 11:38 am
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I'm not sure I actually remember my LJ password, so until I do I won't be deleting, at least, but in the meantime I will no longer be crossposting. I think most of you are already over at DW anyway, but if not, I'm sohotrightnow! I'm also on Tumblr as musicforswimming (although I almost never use it and pretty much just occasionally look at it long enough to build up my queue) and Twitter as juleshastweets.

EDIT: aaaaaaaaand crosspost failed because I haven't yet logged back in to LJ and accepted the new ToS. WELL OK THEN.
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This was lots of fun when I did it...lolololol oh geez, more than a year ago, let's do it again! Leave a comment and I'll post an image I have saved on my computer/phone with no explanation.
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So after a fair bit of trouble-shooting, I finally narrowed the issue down to the motherboard (well, most of the advice I saw for the issues I was having said that the culprit was, in order of likelihood, the power supply, the motherboard, or the processor, and it wasn't the power supply or the processor, so). I ended up ordering a new one, and then saying fuck it and upgrading to both a new motherboard and a new processor as well. When I went out to the local computer parts store for RAM, the dude was extremely impressed ("whoa, that's a beast"), which was kind of fun!

Anyway, yesterday afternoon I finally got everything all installed, and it booted after a couple of false starts and some messing around with various cables and clearing the CMOS.* I was so excited when it finally booted, after spending most of my spare time since Sunday trying to get it working, that I literally did a couple of victory laps up and down the stairs, bellowing "IT'S ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE", ngl. This was the first time I'd really done so much from scratch; the original incarnation of this computer, I had a lot of help with the initial build, and had made several upgrades of varying difficulty on my own to this and other PCs, but this was my first time flying solo for so much.

Alas, my wireless antenna is not working, but to be honest it was a cheap thing I bought a couple of years ago and I'm amazed it's still holding together at this point, and since the new case is a lot more roomy than the old one and a good wireless card was less than $10 I just ordered one from Amazon. Hopefully once I get that installed the thing will stop complaining at me about missing drivers since I'll actually be able to download them, plus Mass Effect: Andromeda is now available to pre-load in preparation for its release on Tuesday.

* Place your bets on how quickly I lose the CMOS jumper, shown here next to my thumb for scale. The old mobo was much easier since the board had three pins and the jumper fits two, so jumping just required moving it over one, then back to where it normally sat, but this board just has the two you put the jumper on when you're clearing and then you're on your own trying to keep track of it the rest of the time. Fortunately clearing the CMOS isn't something that needs to be done often.
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Hello, hello! I had a pleasant weekend and hope you all did too.

Saturday was the returning registration for SDCC. But since Mom had scheduled lunch with Rita and Doug had work, I was in charge of logging us in on three different browsers and trying to get us tickets, which was a bit nerve-wracking. But I prevailed! I managed to get in on one of our accounts (mine, I think, actually) in time to get everything but Preview Night. So that brightened everyone's weekend, even Dad's, since he's always glad for an excuse to spend some time in San Diego, particularly if my aunt and uncle let us use their enormous condo a few blocks from the convention center again.

Sunday, I worked on upgrading my gaming computer, which was a mixed bag. The new processor went in fine, but I was also moving it to a new case, and that was far less successful. Currently nothing happens at all when I plug it in and turn it on -- no fans, no beeps, just absolute silence, as if it's not getting any power. I know for a fact that the power supply and motherboard are fine, because I'd just used the computer Sunday morning. It's possible one of them broke in the few hours between turning it off and moving everything to the new case, but that'd be a hell of a coincidence.

It's slightly more likely that I broke something in the transfer process, but I was careful, and didn't see anything obviously wrong. Cables and connections are always the worst part for me, so that seems like the most likely problem, but I've septuple-checked everything at this point. The next step is to put everything back in the old case so I can more easily match it all up to the photos I took before taking it all apart, to see if the problem still happens there, which might indicate motherboard or power supply failure/damage, but I just didn't have the energy for it by the time I'd finished all the other testing I could think of.

That said, I've been planning to get a new motherboard at some point in the not-too-distant future, since I'm approaching the limits of CPU/hard drive upgrade possibilities with my current one. Since I'm getting a larger-than-expected tax refund (#ThanksObama), and I found out on Friday that I'm getting a pretty great bonus and a 2% pay increase, the new motherboard may be more immediately achievable than I'd anticipated.

I'm surprisingly not-frustrated about the whole thing? It's annoying, particularly as I suspect I just messed up something extremely simple and once I figure it out it will be embarrassing, but one of my favorite ways to spend a weekend afternoon is sitting down to install a new piece of hardware, so it was still a pretty good day by my standards. The most annoying part at this point is just that I wanted to finish my complete replay of the Mass Effect trilogy before Andromeda comes out (A WEEK FROM TOMORROW!!!!!) and that's looking less and less likely.

(I know the whole point of MEA's being set six hundred years in the future and a couple million light-years away is that they can start fresh rather than having to account for each of the several different possible endings for the original trilogy, and that they've stated explicitly that Shepard's story is done, but I needed someplace to channel all my excitement while waiting, and now that I've started I want to finish, dammit!)

Also: ughhhhh stupid time change. Now it's all dark in the morning again and my sleep will be off while I adjust.
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OK soooo I missed a lot of the questions (they were all great! I definitely want to try to get more of them answered over time, lol ADHD what even is time management). One I really liked, though, and am still a couple of days late on but whatever, better late than never, was from [personal profile] sobota: Tell us something new you learnt this month.

Courtesy of [personal profile] newredshoes, who shared this on Twitter, I learned that Ava DuVernay was 33 when she first picked up a camera. As a recently-32-year-old who is trying to get back into writing, and trying to do new things in general, this was deeply gratifying for me, and something I'm considering writing on a post-it and keeping on the corkboard where I put encouraging things and notes from friends.
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I have some actual posts in progress but man oh man currently I am FREAKING OUT about this: NASA Telescope Reveals Largest Batch of Earth-Size, Habitable-Zone Planets Around Single Star

I texted this to my mother, who is currently in the basement. I'm on the second floor, at my desk, working. I just heard, up two flights of stairs and through a couple of closed doors, a dim shout of "OH MY FUCKING GOD!"

Literally said the first blessing here when I saw the story, because wow. WOW.
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So I just wanted to make myself a nice Rey icon or two but the next thing I knew I had made 87 TFA icons? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Daisy Ridley just has the most wonderfully expressive face, I can't even.

A few samples:

The rest are under here! )

Help yourselves, if you want any! Just credit [personal profile] sohotrightnow.
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So, [personal profile] musesfool asked, for today (there are still days open, if you want to ask a question/request my feels on something!), "any general or specific hopes for Star Wars Episode VIII?"


PHEW, I think that's all I can think of for now. How about you guys? What are you hoping for from ~~~THE LAST JEDI~~~?
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I didn't think to do this until January was nearly over so let's try the topics meme this month instead! Pick a day in February and a subject, and I'll see if I can come up with something to say. (Here's my fic and my Tumblr, if you want an idea of I am/have been into fannishly. Non-fandom stuff is welcome, too, of course!)

8. [personal profile] musesfool -- hopes, general or specific, for Episode VIII
9. [personal profile] philippos42 -- music from my childhood
10. [personal profile] rebecca_selene -- favorite place I've traveled to/visited
12. [personal profile] philippos42 -- romance
14. [personal profile] maidenjedi -- dream crossover pairing and perfect first date for them
15. [personal profile] sobota -- Where will you be in five years?
17. [personal profile] summerstorm -- fanfic in general
20. [personal profile] sobota -- What country would you live in if you had unlimited resources?
28. [personal profile] sobota -- Tell us something new you learnt this month.
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My annual review was at 3 PM Thursday. I'd been telling myself for a few days now that I shouldn't be so anxious about it because if I were (as anxiety tends to tell one is the case) doing every single thing wrong and bringing the company down in flames around me, they would not just wait for months to tell me so. Hell, my boss's biggest criticism last year was that she thought that I'd been too harsh in my self-evaluation.

Then I realized that actually, even if it all did go as badly as my anxiety was trying to convince me it would, it still wouldn't be the thing I was dreading most about the week, or even the following 24 hours.

As it happened, it went pretty well! My boss agreed with my own self-assessment, no nasty surprises whatsoever, except that again she thought I hadn't really given myself enough credit for some things.

I also got a call on Thursday morning from my Representative's local office letting me know that he wouldn't be attending the Inauguration. I had called about it a few days prior, encouraging him to join the other Reps who weren't going, and forgot to leave my number in the message, but at this point they're on a first-name basis with me there, so were able to find my number in their records and call me to let me know, which was cool.

Friday was...Friday. My Torah study group arranged a virtual minyan to say the Kaddish together at noon, which was surprisingly therapeutic. I stayed off Twitter for most of the day, but was delighted to come back to video of some hero punching a Nazi downtown, not to mention the Internet's many glorious variations on it. (I am okay with having a Nazi exception in my non-violence principles and am comfortable with the fact that this might make me a hypocrite. If you're troubled by this, fine, but please just defriend or scroll past rather than arguing with me about it in the comments.)

Saturday, Mom and I went to the march downtown! It was exhausting and I still hate crowds but this one was worth it. We were actually able to see the stage, distantly! Then we stopped off for late lunch/early dinner on the way home and had some wine, and went home and crashed. Some notes:
  • Many of the speakers were fantastic -- Ashley Judd was lovely, Tammy Duckworth was awesome, and I SAW ANGELA FUCKING DAVIS, AHHHH -- but Sophie Cruz was the only one that made me weep.

  • At one point on the Metro ride in everyone started singing "This Land is Your Land".

  • We had to make a path through the crowd during one of the speeches because a police officer was helping a woman who had gone into labor through to the nearest EMT, and a woman near us said "Officer, I'm a pediatrician, do you want me to come with you?" The officer, surprised and delighted, said "Sure!" It was just a surprising, wonderful little detail that would seem too perfect to have happened if I hadn't actually seen it.

  • Another woman nearby had the most adorable baby who was incredibly easy-going? Like, she slept through most of the speeches, woke up a little before Mom and I left, and was in a great mood.

  • We'd been trying to make it downtown in time for the Wonkette meetup. We did not manage this, but at one point Rebecca (the owner/EIC) and her family went right past us and I said hi, which she informed me counts as having succeeded anyway.
Sunday was quiet, recuperating and having dinner with my sister in celebration of her birthday. Pizza and cake and ice cream and family, yay!

Today, as it has been for most of the past few days, it's gloomy and rainy, but there's a lot more wind, which is an exciting way of mixing it up.
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Some good things from the last week:

  1. My birthday was lovely! Mom and Rita and I went to National Harbor on Friday and stayed at the MGM. We briefly went to the casino, mostly just to say we did it, but I ended up with a net gain of $60, which I used to get us breakfast the next morning. We were not actually all that impressed by the hotel itself, but the Jim Gaffigan show, which we were there for, was fantastic. The next day, we got home while flurries were slowing down, and then the snow picked up again a little later! We still didn't get much, just enough that everything looked pretty for awhile without making the roads unusable, which is my favorite kind of snow.

  2. Last Monday, after my doctor's appointment, I saw [personal profile] cruisedirector, who I haven't seen in, literally, years. [personal profile] dementordelta also joined us for lunch, and it was just a really nice day all around. &FRIENDS;

  3. I haven't had MLK Day off in the past, but we merged with another company last year, and apparently they had it as a holiday, because I got this past Monday off, too! I didn't realize that I had it off, and would additionally get to sign off a bit early on Friday, until Thursday afternoon, so it was like a lovely little surprise for me.

  4. I've been rewatching Avatar: The Last Airbender, and omgggggg that show remains so amazing. Possibly another post where I just capslock my feels about it all over again to come soon.

  5. This weekend, we got some exciting news -- my sister's pregnancy is going well, both she and the baby are very healthy, and she's having a girl! She's due in late May (the day after our mother's birthday, in fact), and one of her friends and I are emailing to start planning a baby shower. I have no idea how one does that, but we'll figure something out.

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Grab the nearest book, flip to page 117, the second sentence is your life in 2017.
"Such a view leads, scientifically, to absurdity, emotionally, to fatalism, and therapeutically, to impotence." (Oliver Sacks, Migraine)
brb can't stop laughing about the serendipity
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Taking off early today because it's my birthday weekend, and Mom, my sister, and I are going to National Harbor for the night, since Jim Gaffigan is playing the MGM and I got tickets. And then I'm taking Monday off, because I have a pap smear in the morning and screw going back to work after that.

But even more excitingly, I woke up at a quarter to four this morning, and I ain't even mad because I think I have a plot for this space opera/romance thing that's been floating around in my head for months now, which is SO FRIGGIN' EXCITING. I keep having to stop in the middle of outlining to clap my hands and giggle with glee. It's gonna be exactly my kind of fun trash and I'm so jazzed.

TBH the only problem I'm having is that I want the main couple -- why yes, they are in fact a thinly-disguised version of a crossover pairing I have loved for ages (but never actually posted fic about), WHY YES ONE OF THEM IS BUFFY HOW DID YOU EVER GUESS? -- to also sleep with every other character who isn't an immediate family member. Will I just go with it and have the main couple, in the course of punching everything leading a rebellion against the evil kleptocracy, sleep with everyone who crosses their path? MAYBE~~~ At the very least I suspect I know how I'll be dealing with days when I'm stuck or don't want to write the actual plotty bits.

Anyhoo. Hello, Internet! I hope you have a great weekend, if I don't talk to you again before it's over.
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Hello there, people from [personal profile] st_aurafina's friending meme! Let's see, basic intro-type stuff.

I'm in my early 30s, bisexual, cis and female. I'm a Reform Jew, and converted several years back. I live in the greater Washington D.C. area, where I was born and raised. I work for a large firm doing various web site stuff (I'm not being vague about it because it's particularly sensitive but because, while I like it just fine, it's not particularly interesting and I'm very much a believer in leaving work at work).

I'm currently living in my childhood home, where I moved while my father was stationed overseas for a couple of years so he and Mom needed someone to house-sit. Once they got back, I wanted to finish paying off a credit card I'd had to put a couple of root canals on. It's been a year or so, but now I pay the Verizon bill and a share of the grocery costs, which, even with the premium cable package, still works out to much less than I'd be paying in rent without, like, eight other roommates anywhere else in the area. (Also, not gonna lie, since entering the workforce in autumn of 2008 means I don't really have much faith in my 401(k) to be there when it's actually time for me to retire, and heaven knows what the Trump administration + GOP Congress will do to the social safety net, I like being able to sock away some other savings.) We have four cats, all of whom are delightful. I'm the oldest of three children, and my siblings are also still local; my younger sister was married last year and she and my brother-in-law are now expecting their first child, which I'm very excited about. My younger brother has severe hemophilia, so you might hear me venting about health care policy and health insurance, as it's always been something of pretty personal importance to my family.

I've been in online fandom of some kind since I was...hahahaha oh man, I think I must've been 11? My introduction to fanfic was on, to give you an idea. My mother has been a Trekkie since the very first episode of TOS, and Star Trek conventions are among my earliest memories. I'm very multifannish, but things generally need to contain a few characters who aren't white dudes to hold my attention for any amount of time. I'm a sucker for space opera, and have developed a romance novel habit in the past couple of years (mostly historicals and sci-fi/fantasy; contemporary tends to leave me cold). A few years ago, my mother made me play Mass Effect, and now I have a gaming PC that I built myself??? I'm still not totally sure how that happened.

My fic is here, and I'm trying to get back into the habit of writing this year.

I like to binge-watch things on Netflix while embroidering and doing my nails, preferably with a glass of something alcoholic close at hand. Green is my favorite color, Bruce Springsteen gives me lots of feelings, and I love terrible puns and bad jokes.

(Edited to add a little more personal detail!)
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Hi, hi. It has been a quiet week or so since I last posted, but I am trying to get back into the habit of posting regularly. IDK why I have so much trouble making the same kind of stupid one-off comments that I make to twitter and occasionally Tumblr, and used to make here. Clearly what we all need is for me to get drunk while watching Netflix more often.

On that topic, I rewatched some Buffy this weekend and while I do not feel quite as strongly about it as I used to, omggggg Buffy Summers is still my forever girl. "Anne" is just. Oh man. I've also been occasionally mixing it up and drunkenly rewatching AtLA, which is also an excellent choice, it turns out.

A couple of new years things:
  • For aaaaages I have wanted to take a ballet class, but no place in less than an hour's drive offered classes for adults. But the arts center that opened in a former prison started offering them last year, so I finally took the plunge and signed up for the next one. It starts next week! I am super-excited. I don't know why I find ballet so fascinating -- most other dance leaves me pretty cold, although I took one on classical Indian dance in college and that was wonderful in much the same way that ballet gets to me, the precision of every movement. So I'm really looking forward to this.

  • I've started lifting at the gym, with a goal of deadlifting my body weight by the end of the year, which I think is the most realistic.

  • I'm aiming to write 75,000 words by the end of the year, fic and original. I have this one Star Wars fic that I started months ago, and would like to get posted by the time Episode VIII comes out, which seems like the most realistic goal given the way writing is currently going for me. I also have a fun idea for a romance novel brewing -- I have gotten really into romance novels in the past year or so? -- and would like to at least get a partial draft of that done.
Yep! Ugh I used to be so much less self-conscious about talking to you, Internet, what happened? I need to work on that. In the meantime, have a Mass Effect 3 icon featuring my Shepard, Sofia.
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Mom, Doug and I got hooked on The Man in the High Castle last week, so we spent a good deal of the holiday weekend finishing the first season and starting the second. My utterly trivial thoughts thus far )

N E WAY it is a pretty decent binge watch for a long weekend, if anyone was wondering!

I'm afraid to look it up on Tumblr, although I suppose I should just be grateful that the dreamy gifsets will be of fictional Nazis, which puts Tumblr a step up from the actual press, which is writing sympathetic profiles and glamorizing puff pieces about real ones. lololololol oh god I'm not sure my liver is up to my spending the next 4+ years drunk but there's only one way to find out.

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